5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the grilling dad

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Father’s day that is. What dad doesn’t mind the extra attention and admiration? Father’s day was always a special day when I was a kid. It meant that all my extended family would come down to my parents acreage for the day. We would spend the day playing games, eating barbecue and the grand finale was after dinner when the whole family would play baseball in the front yard.

Now that I’m a father, we host this special day. I typically smoke a brisket and make homemade mac & cheese with potato salad. I think this year I’m going to switch it up a bit and try making burgers from scratch. Actually grind my own burger with chuck and short rib blend. That recipe will be coming soon.

Looking for a great gift idea this Father's Day?  Look no further; Angry BBQ has put together a top 5 list for Grilling Dad's!

Jannah and I decided to put a list of 5 items that would be ideal father’s day gifts for the Dad that is into grilling. We decided to pick items that are really handy and will not break the bank (except for the first item). Maybe some of these items can be an upgrade to what Dad is currently using or maybe it will be an item that takes Dads barbecue world to a new level.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #1: Pellet Smoker

If Dad doesn’t have a pellet grill / pellet smoker yet, it is time he got one. We recently did a full post on the Best Pellet Grills and this Traeger won our top spot. It is not the most expensive but it’s a great unit that comes with new tech, is reliable and has all the features a guy would want. Check out our full review on the Traeger Pro 575 41″ here.

Traeger Pro 575
Top Features:

  • Uses a PID-Plus temperature control with Wifi support
  • A minimum temperature of 165 degrees
  • Uses two grates at different elevations

Father’s Day Gift Idea #2: Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Having a really good instant read meat thermometer will put a big smile on Dad’s face. When I first started grilling, I didn’t even have a meat thermometer. I eventually got my first digital meat thermometer and it was a real piece of garbage. I would poke it into my steak or chicken thigh and would have to wait for 15-20 seconds to get a reading out of it. Having your hand over a hot grill for 15-20 seconds to check the temp on one piece of meat usually means your hand is half cooked as well. We reviewed this instant read meat thermometer and it’s a keeper. Less than 3 seconds is all it takes for a reading and it’s within 0.9 Fahrenheit. Check out our full review of meat thermometers here.

Best Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Lavatool Javelin Pro Duo

Father’s Day Gift Idea #3: Portable Grill

Now these come in handy. Summer of 2018, our family vacation was exploring the Rocky Mountains. We went through a lot of Montana and British Columbia. Instead of stopping at restaurants constantly, we utilized the open park areas to do some quick barbecue. In all honesty we ate better than what most of the restaurants would have fed us. I packed some New York strip loins, sausage, burgers, bacon, eggs, you name it, and packed it in our cooler and set off. It was easy to pack this thing in the back of my F-150 and the small propane cylinders are sold everywhere so we never ran out of propane. Check out our full post on the Best Portable Grills. Below is our top pick. This Weber is in a class of it’s own.

Best Portable Gas Grill

Weber Q 2200

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: Charcoal Grill

Now there’s a good chance Dad does not have a charcoal grill. I didn’t get my first charcoal grill until I was 30. I always used gas grills because that’s what my friends and family had. It wasn’t until I actually got into grilling that I learnt about the unique flavors these coal burners give off and how much it can add to the flavor of your food. Once you have a charcoal grill you cannot believe you went so long without one. They’re actually quite affordable, easy to use and not that bad to clean. It’s easy to cook low and slow and adding wood to smoke is simple. If Dad doesn’t have a charcoal grill, get him this Weber for Father’s Day now. You’ll be happy you did because his barbecue will go to another level. Here’s our full review of our top charcoal grills.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #5: Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

Technology keeps moving ahead quickly in the world of barbecue accessories. Look at the latest meat thermometers as an example. They’re coming with bluetooth, wifi, phone apps etc. Our latest review of the top meat thermometers gives a great overview of what you can get today. Out top rated wireless digital meat thermometer doesn’t have wifi or bluetooth but it still won because of how great it works and the value you get for the money. This wireless unit has a range of over 500 feet, comes with two temp probes, built in temp presets and back lit display for easy viewing. Having one of these for a long cook on a brisket or a turkey will make Dad’s life a lot easier.

Best Grill Thermometer Overall

Maverick XR – 40

Maverick wireless meat thermometer set

Well I think that about sums it up. 5 great gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day. You can really spoil him with the Pellet Grill or save a couple bucks and get him a nice meat thermometer to make sure he doesn’t burn your next barbecue meal which might be this Father’s day. Do yourself and your Dad a favor and get him something he will be happy with. Happy Father’s Day from Angry BBQ.

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