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Why did we name our site the Angry BBQ? Here are three good reasons.  1. It’s catchy!  2. Mike is known for his temper.  3. BBQ/Grilling/Smoking used to be an incredibly frustrating process for us; but after years of trial and error and a couple ruined briskets; it has morphed into a passion. Hopefully, after spending some time on our site your next BBQ experience will not be an angry one!

We are Mike and Jannah Haas.  We’ve been married for 15 years now and through that time we’ve had our share of good and bad BBQ.  One of our favorite past-times while on holidays is to indulge in great food and drink. When we return home, we do our best to re-create these culinary experiences.  Mike, in particular, has had the opportunity (through work) to travel across most of the United States and Canada.  Through those travels he has developed a passion for not just the food  but also the process of creating great BBQ.  Combined we have over 40 years of BBQ experience; each beginning in our teen years.  As a newly wed couple, we purchased our first smoker and the rest is history.

Our Mission is to help BBQ enthusiasts find the best Recipes, Amazing Guides/How-to's, and Great Gear to turn your BBQ from ordinary to extraordinary.

All content on our site is either written or edited by us to ensure we meet the highest quality standards. We do use freelance writers to help put articles together from time to time but nothing is put online without a green light from us. We believe in giving credit where credit is due and therefore, information on our writers may be found on the contributors page.

All recipes and tips have been tested, modified, and perfected to our personal standards. Typically, we try to experiment with the equipment on our site with our own hands. Our closest friends and family are BBQ fanatics; therefore, we are always exchanging recipes, tips, and comparing accessories and gear!  However, it’s not always possible to get our BBQ stained hands on everything, so we also rely on extensive online feedback from real customers of these items.  

Mike smoking brisket on his birthday!

Why Spend Time with AngryBBQ?

  • Learn how to not overcook your meat.
  • Learn how to smoke the perfect brisket
  • Find out what gear you actually need to grill and smoke
  • Stay up to date on the lastest grills, smokers, and accessories

Mike and Jannah Haas