All New Traeger Timberline Series

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New Traeger Timberline XL Review

In April of 2022, Traeger launched a completely updated Timberline pellet grill series with almost no similarities to the previous Timberline models (which are still being made and are now known as Timberline Gen 1). It is quite obvious what Traeger’s intentions are with the new Timberline, they want to be the only grilling/smoking appliance you’ll need on your backyard deck or patio.

The most notable features of the new Timberline and Timberline XL are the induction cook top located on the left side of the grill, touch screen controller, new easy clean ash and grease keg (bucket), Pop And Lock P.A.L attachment accessories and storage. That’s a long list of new features and enhancements for the Timberline.

We will explain all these new features and enhancements and give our opinion on them.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for a high end Pellet Grill that can smoke and sear, Camp Chef just launched an all new Apex Pellet Grill that includes a Gas kit. Best of both worlds. Read our take on it.

byb2-table__image880 sq/in Grill Space880 sq/in Grill SpaceTraeger Timberline
  • Induction Side Element
  • 2 Meater Temp Probes
  • Touchscreen Display
byb2-table__image1320 sq/in Grill Space1320 sq/in Grill SpaceTraeger Timberline XL
  • Induction Side Element
  • 2 Meater Temp Probes
  • Touchscreen Display

New Traeger Timberline Models

Traeger launched two new Timberlines. The Timberline and Timberline XL. Grill size is the only real difference between these two. The Timberline offers 880 sq/inches of grilling space and the Timberline XL offers 1320 sq/inches of grilling space. If you’ve read my other pellet grill reviews, I always recommend going for the larger size grill. You never have too much grill space, it is always not enough, especially when you start smoking briskets, turkeys etc.

New Timberline Features and Enhancements

As I mentioned above, the new Timberline comes with plenty of new features and enhancements. Here are my thoughts on each key upgrade from the previous Timberline series.

Induction Cook Top

This is probably the most notable upgrade on the Timberline grill series. Adding an induction cook top shows that Traeger wants this to be the only gear you need in your backyard. Most competitors in the gas or pellet grill market that offer a side burner are usually fed by gas and use a typical gas burner with a cast top or they use Infrared. I haven’t seen any grill company offer an induction cook top on any gas or pellet grill, yet. Traeger is the first to offer this that I am aware of.

New Traeger Timberline XL Open
Induction Cook Top on Left

If you’re not familiar with induction cook tops, you can research it here. They are the future of cooking and have been in use for well over 10 years. I used to own an induction stove top, but after my last house move, I’m back to a gas for my indoor stove. Inductions are amazing and offer precise temperature control. They can boil water much faster than any gas or basic electric stove tops. The only downside is you may need new cookware. Induction will only work with cookware that is metallic/magnetic. Aluminum, copper and pyrex/glass will not work on induction cook tops. The cookware will need either a cast, or magnetic stainless steel bottom to work with induction. Also keep in mind the cookware bottom has to be flat to work properly, so Wok’s might be a problem.

Moving on, the induction cook top on the Timberline helps Traeger with searing. I’ve been outspoken about pellet grills not being able to reach searing temperatures. Now you can simply pan fry your steak or chops on the induction cook top. Ex. Reverse sear by smoking on low for 30-60 minutes with the pellet grill and then final sear on the induction cook top.

Traeger just made their pellet grills much more versatile. However, not everyone will want to use two different surfaces to sear their food. Yoder pellet grills are capable of searing temperatures within the pellet grilling area itself. They are still the only pellet grill that can do this extremely well.

You can use the induction cook top in so many other ways, but the main advantage is getting searing heat from your Traeger. Overall, this is a great feature to have and kudos to Traeger being the first to offer induction cook tops on backyard grills.

Centerpiece Of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Traeger Timberline XL Built In

If you are keen on building a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, Traeger has made it possible for the Timberline and Timberline XL to be the focal point seamlessly. You can purchase a kit to make the grill completely stationary. The kit replaces the casters with four leveling feet so you can ensure the Timberline is completely level regardless of any slight imperfections in the patio.

It also comes with a steel kickplate to cover the gap in the front of the grill. The kickplate does have openings to allow for airflow and ventilation.

The induction cooktop can also be removed from the main body of the Timberline and built into the countertop next to the grill.

Traeger Timberline Built-In Kit

Touchscreen Display Controller

New Traeger Timberline Touchscreen Display

Traeger’s controller on the Pro, Ironwood, and Gen 1 Timberline series grills was very user-friendly, but Traeger didn’t ignore the controller on the new Timberlines. Now the controller is touchscreen, mimicking using your smartphone. It’s also in full color. While that doesn’t make it easier to use, it is a nicer experience while using it.

The controller automatically detects the two included MEATER probes while also having two additional spots for wired probes as well.

Meater Wireless Meat Probes

If you haven’t heard, Traeger purchased the Meater company back in July of 2021. This was a strategic acquisition for Traeger. Meater was a leader with accurate wireless temperature measurement devices. Now that Traeger owns the Meater company, they can incorporate their measurement devices right into the Traeger grill platform.

The new Timberline grill includes two wireless Meater temperature probes that link to the Traeger controller and WiFire App. The probes are very accurate and extremely convenient when they are free of all wiring. Great move by Traeger.

Easy Ash Cleanout and Grease Keg

Traeger remedied their shortcomings in these two areas. Companies like Camp Chef engineered an easy ash cleanout system where a removeable catch tray/cup was attached to the bottom of the fire pot. You could quickly remove this catch tray and dump the ash. With Traeger pellet grills, you would need to routinely remove the grill grates and diffuser plate to gain access to the firepot. You would need to vacuum the ash out of the firepot. Not a great design when the competition has simplified the cleanout process for years.

Thankfully Traeger designed their own easy ash cleanout in conjunction with the grease catch bucket. Traeger named it the EZ Clean Grease and Ash Keg. Both grease and ash are fed into the catch keg which is located in the center of the grill, below the cook box.

I like this new design because I am not a fan of grease buckets located on the side of the grill. I have accidentally dumped the grease bucket when installing or removing the grill cover. Grease is not easy to clean up, especially when you have the grill sitting on patio bricks or stamped concrete. This is a great improvement from Traeger and I hope to see this system incorporated into their Pro and Ironwood models.

Easy Pellet Cleanout

Traeger Pellet Hopper Cleanout

While you may notice the side shelving underneath the hopper, those shelves can be removed and the included StayDRY pellet bin put under the hopper. That allows for easy cleanout of the hopper, whether you’re storing your grill or wanting to change flavors of wood pellets. No need to worry about spilling pellets all over the grill or patio.

Traeger P.A.L. Pop and Lock Grill Attachment Accessories

This is where Traeger took some inspiration from the Yoder grill company which is known for an abundant amount of grill accessories that compliment their grills. I would say Traeger was also inspired by the Polaris company and their Side By Side (SxS) Ranger/RZR utility vehicles that can accommodate a vast amount of Pop and Lock accessories. Traeger took these two ideas and made them work on their grill, offering accessories that can take your grilling experience to a new level.

The system is quite simple. Traeger added a rail to the front of the grill. The rail is the frame/support for all the accessories to be “Popped and Locked” on to.

Let’s take a look at their current P.A.L. grill accessories that are available today. I’m sure they will continue to add to this list over time.

P.A.L. Rail System And Accessories

The system is quite simple. Traeger added a rail to the front and right sides of the grill. The rail is where all the accessories “Pop And Lock” on for modular storage as needed. So what accessories does Traeger have to utilize this system? Let’s take a look.

P.A.L. Timberline Storage Bin

Traeger Timberline Storage Bin

Have you ever just wanted a handy bin within reach to hold all your rubs and sauces when you need them? This bin snaps on and can hold all those condiments and rubs. A hidden benefit? The perforated bottom ensures that spills won’t cause every jar and bottle will be coated in sticky sauce.

P.A.L Front Folding Shelf

Traeger Timberline Folding Front Shelf

This might be the most important P.A.L. accessory. The one consistent issue across Traeger’s pellet grills is the lack of shelving. Even though the Gen 1 Timberlines had some shelving, it was never enough. Whether you wanted a spot to set dishes down or to have a staging area for meat, you had to figure out other solutions. Now Traeger has provided a solution for the new Timberlines. The best part is that it can fold down when you don’t need it.

P.A.L. Timberline Roll Rack

Traeger Timberline Roll Rack

No matter how accomplished a backyard pitmaster is, paper towels are a must. This rack can hold a roll of paper towels so you can easily clean up spills and your hands without taking up shelf space. The Roll Rack isn’t just for paper towels, though. Its adjustable size allows you to put butcher paper, aluminum foil, or any other rolls you might need. If you spend a lot of time smoking big cuts of meat like briskets or pork butts, having that butcher paper or aluminum foil ready to be rolled out will make your life so much easier.

P.A.L. Accessory Hooks

Traeger Timberline Accessory Hooks

You need a place to hang your tongs or spatula when they aren’t in your hand. You can position these hooks wherever is most convenient to you. Some grills may have their tool hooks to the side of the grill, but if you want them right in front, you can do that.

New Traeger Timberline Warranty

Traeger typically offers 3 years of warranty on all their grills including the Gen 1 Timberline. With the new Timberline, Traeger is now offering 10 year warranty. Now the 10 years is a limited warranty and not comprehensive, but it is still a best in class warranty for the pellet grill market.

Traeger Timberline and Timberline XL Warranty

My Overall Thoughts on the New Timberline Series

Overall the grill receives many checkmarks, especially for the backyard fanatic that only wants to have one grill/smoker on their property. Traeger made a valiant effort to make the new Timberline the be all end all pellet grill/smoker so that you could sell your old gas grill and become a pellet fuel freak. The Timberline XL is massive and can smoke a lot of food for a large party or even as a small caterer. The induction side burner can be used for anything but most importantly it provides high searing temps that most pellet grills cannot achieve.

I believe the only thing holding the new Timberline and Timberline XL from becoming a massive hit is the price point. The Timberline XL rings in at $3799.99. That is not chump change. To put that into perspective, the Yoder YS640s with the competition cart is priced around $2700. The Yoder weighs an additional 200 lbs. and is made in the USA. I think Traeger will have to do some soul searching on their price point as they are priced substantially more than the other premium grill manufacturers.

Those are my current thoughts. I would like to get my hands on one to do a full review and get a better idea of what the new Timberline can do. Keep checking in and I’ll add a link to my full review.

byb2-table__image880 sq/in Grill Space880 sq/in Grill SpaceTraeger Timberline
  • Induction Side Element
  • 2 Meater Temp Probes
  • Touchscreen Display
byb2-table__image1320 sq/in Grill Space1320 sq/in Grill SpaceTraeger Timberline XL
  • Induction Side Element
  • 2 Meater Temp Probes
  • Touchscreen Display

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4 thoughts on “All New Traeger Timberline Series”

  1. I sell grills for a living. Including Yoders and Traegers. The new Traegers will out smoke the Yoders hands down. No comparison. And this year’s Yoder comp cart price is over $3100..Both good grills. And Traeger doesn’t do open flame which some want.

    1. Hi Weldon and thanks for your input. I find most pellet grills lack in the smoking department vs. Offsets. When you say the Traeger will outsmoke a Yoder. What do you mean exactly? I’ve owned Traegers and I currently use a Yoder YS640s and I feel their smoking abilities are very similar. Yoder definitely wins as a grill with high heat output. Just my thoughts.

  2. I bought 3 MEATER UNITS 2 year ago
    One for me, my son and my daughter. I used mine a lot as I grill all year winter included. My MEATER unit stopped working your support team basically said too bad if I did not have exact date purchased. Very unhappy.
    Note I have never misused the unit
    I have the top of the line Napoleon BBQ. Was looking at your line for a pellet unit for smoking and worry about warranty
    Napoleon warranties almost all the stainless steel parts and most hardware for life. Plus it does have a small built in smoker
    Best regards

    1. Hi Brent, Sorry to hear your situation with the Meater thermometers. I suggest you keep trying to talk to Traeger or Meater support team. Angry BBQ is not a reseller of these products.
      Thank you

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