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All-New Weber Genesis: Quick Take Review

Grill-manufacturing giant Weber just announced what is, in their words, their “biggest gas grilling innovation in 15 years”—the new and improved 2022 Genesis. The Genesis series of gas grills has invariably been one of the most popular lines of gas grills among BBQ enthusiasts across the globe, consistently yielding fantastic …


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New Weber Genesis Grills

Grill-manufacturing giant Weber just announced what is, in their words, their “biggest gas grilling innovation in 15 years”—the new and improved 2022 Genesis. The Genesis series of gas grills has invariably been one of the most popular lines of gas grills among BBQ enthusiasts across the globe, consistently yielding fantastic results. Moreover, the Genesis upgrades are an exciting development for the culinary industry.

Promising to revolutionize the art of grilling, Weber has made a number of upgrades to the Genesis lineup, both cosmetic and functional. Let us take a look at the features that the 2022 Genesis has on offer and how it is different from its predecessor. Needless to say, it is interesting times at the Weber Grill Company.

What is New on the Genesis?

From the all-new 2022 Genesis series, it is clear that Weber has really factored in even the tiniest shortcomings in the older models and rectified them to maximize functionality and efficiency.

Weber Crafted Outdoor Kitchen Collection

One of the most exciting updates to the Genesis model line is the versatility of the new grills. Weber created the new Crafted Outdoor Kitchen collection. This means that the grates, instead of having a 50/50 split, have a 60/40 split. The larger grate can be switched out for the frame into which you can insert a host of grillware that can be purchased separately. This makes your Weber Genesis immensely more versatile enabling you to sear, bake, roast, stir-fry, or steam.

The collection offers interchangeable cooking systems like a flat top, baking stone, sear grates, and more.

Weber Flat Top
Weber Crafted Flat Top
Weber Baking Stone
Weber Crafted Baking Stone
Weber Sear Grate
Weber Crafted Sear Grate
Weber Crafted Frame
Weber Crafted Frame System

Smart Grills Continue

Coming later this spring, the new Genesis line will include the SX,EX, SPX and EPX series of smart grills. These grills include the Weber Connect system which connects with your WIFI and controlled by your smart phone via their app. The smart grills were already introduced in 2021 on the previous Genesis and Spirit lines, and they will continue with the new Genesis line.

Weber Connect App Smart Grill
Weber Connect App on iPhone

Larger Sear Station

Weber was always known for having the designated sear station, which was a portion of the main grilling area that included an extra burner. You could get very high searing temperatures in this zone. It was perfect for searing steak. The one downfall was the size of the area. Weber remedied this by increasing the size. You will be able to do a couple more steaks at one time. Who wants to wait for their steak while everyone else is digging in?

Heavy Caster Wheels

A huge difference between the older Weber models and the 2022 Genesis models is the upgraded wheels. While the old models have two large plastic wheels and only two swivel casters, the new ones have a much more efficient wheel system with four sturdy metal swivel casters, two of which are locking. This makes the new Genesis grills significantly easier to steer while the older grills only steer with the two front casters.

New Weber Genesis Caster Wheels
New Heavy Duty Lockable Caster Wheels

Hidden Propane Tank Compartment

Another improvement with the new Genesis is that the propane tank is no longer viewable from outside the grill which was always an eyesore. Instead, the tank goes inside the remarkably more spacious pedestal in its own designated spot.

The upgraded grills also come with a neat fuel indicator on the left of the pedestal which clearly indicates how full your propane tank is and exactly when you need a refill. This makes it much easier to read as opposed to the indicator in the previous version which is tucked away behind the tank.

Weber Genesis Hidden Propane Tank Compartment
Previous Genesis models allowed view of the propane tank from this angle.

Extra Storage

The mid-range and premium models of the 2022 Genesis lineup also have a nifty vertical side compartment off to the left of the grill pedestal. I think this is an extremely useful addition since you can never have too much storage space in your grill. You can use this compartment to store your condiments, baking sheets, aluminum foil, or anything else that fits. The warming rack can also be stowed away in this compartment when not in use.

Genesis Grill Side Storage

Genesis Side Burners

Side burners are standard on the Genesis line except on the new Genesis 325s series which appears to be a more simplified grill. Nothing too new here other then the side burner has moved to the left hand side of the grill. The side table has been extended by a few inches allowing for an extra-large prep space.

New LED Lighting

One of the most remarkable upgrades that has swept BBQ aficionados off their feet is the battery-powered night vision LED grill lighting at the base of the handle in the EPX-335 and SPX-435 models. The lights come on as the lid is opened and are powerful enough to illuminate the entire grilling area as well as the side tables.

Weber Grill Lighting

This fantastic new feature ensures that you can smoke and grill to your heart’s content without a hitch even during your after-dark BBQ parties. The five control knobs also light up, further adding to the illumination and, not to mention, looking absolutely stunning while being extremely functional. The appearance of the knobs and the handle has also been altered and the different color schemes have been tweaked, making the 2022 Genesis grills look more sophisticated overall.

Weber Genesis Rotisserie Bracket / Warming Rack

Under the hood, the rotisserie bracket in the new Genesis models allows for the spit rod to sit a good 6” over the cooking area while the older models only had a gap of 3.5” between the rack and the spit rod. This upgrade certainly does add to the versatility, making it easier for you to do low-and-slow style rotisserie. The size of the folding warming rack has been doubled to 11”, giving you a lot more room to cook things that you want to cook farther away from the burner.


Weber increased their warranty from 10 years to 12 on the new Genesis. That’s great but still slightly behind competitors like Broil King and Napoleon which offer 15 years.

Our Thoughts

The Weber 2022 Genesis series features improved functionality and aesthetics that took a great grill line and made it better. I’m still on the fence with the idea of a smart gas grill. The smart pellet grills are nice to have because they are typically running all night on long smoke cooks but gas grills are usually short cooks. Maybe this smart functionality will change the way we cook with gas. I give kudos to Weber for updating their Flag Ship grill. They didn’t overdue it or underwhelm us. I think this will be a winner.

5 thoughts on “All-New Weber Genesis: Quick Take Review”

  1. You love the casters, eh? Unless you have a concrete pad, they are worthless. Grass and gravel? Forget it.

    Also putting the tank inside the cabinet is a supreme PITA.

  2. We bought a new Genesis grill back in 2019 and returned it because of the issue with the poor rotisserie design. We discovered that even with removing the grates and flavor bars we barely had room to put a regular sized chicken on the rotisserie. How anyone could come up with such an idiotic design is beyond me.
    It is a vast improvement to have more room for this on the new grills, so we will probably try getting the 2022 model next.

    • Thanks for commenting Gaius. I’m surprised Weber didn’t realize their original design was not rotisserie friendly. Enjoy the new Genesis when you get it.

      • Burners oriented front-to-back are not rotisserie friendly anyway, and are better suited to zone (indirect) cooking on one side of the grill.

        If you want to do rotisserie, then you need one of the old pre-2005 Genesis grills with burners oriented left-to-right (aka east/west)… or a rear infrared burner.


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