Asmoke AS660N Pellet Grill Review

We did our first quick take on the Asmoke portable pellet grill a couple weeks ago and now we are going to do a quick take review on their large size pellet grill, the AS660N. Asmoke is building their reputation on giving you the essential options at a very affordable price. Now keep in mind that Asmoke is not building pellet smokers to rival Traeger or Yoder but they are building smokers for the average Joe that wants to get into smoking and make a delicious meal for his friends and family.

We hope to do a full review on this unit soon but for now we will go over the specs and provide our thoughts on this new pellet grill entry.

Asmoke AS660N Specs Overview

Asmoke AS660N Pellet Grill

AS660N Grill Space and Pellet Capacity

The AS660N is the largest grill offering from Asmoke. The main grilling area is 484 square inches plus a second level rack at 216 square inches, giving you 700 total square inches. This is quite large in the pellet grill market and is equivalent in size to the best selling Traeger and Camp Chef models. You will have no problem fitting a full packer cut brisket in this grill. You’ll have enough space to grill for up to 12 people.

The grill grates are porcelain coated and contain a non-stick surface. This will aid in keeping the grates clean.

Pellet Capacity is where the A660 shines. 25.8lbs of wood pellets can be loaded in this grill. That is more than most top end pellet grills on the market today. No worries of running out of pellets on a long brisket cook.

Asmoke Hopper

AS660N Temperature Range

Asmoke has an industry standard temperature range of 180F-500F. Nothing too much different here. Some competitive pellet grills will get as low as 130-165F but those temps are rarely used. 500F max temp is the same as Traegers max temp but some brands today are hitting 600F. You would be challenged to really sear a steak as well as your gas grill with a 500F max temp.

AS660N Controls and Features


As we mentioned before the AS660 is quite introductory, but it doesn’t mean its stripped for options. The digital controller is very modern and boasts temperature consistency of +/- 10F. This is pretty good especially when it does not mention the use of a PID to maintain temperatures. The lack of a PID controller is not unusual at this price point. The higher end models offer PID controllers which provides the most consistent cooking temps possible. Set the temp and let the grill do the rest. A meat probe is also available with the controller so you can keep track of your meat temps. No extra grill thermometer needed with this unit.

Asmoke Controller

Counter / Shelving Space

Another great feature is the counter space around the perimeter of the grill. There is no shortage of working space here and it rivals higher end grills.

Direct and Indirect Flame

Asmoke offers a moveable sliding plate that can cover or expose the flame from the fire pot. This allows indirect grilling for low even temps or high temperature searing flames to be exposed to your steak or chicken. Camp Chef started this design and now the other companies are following their lead. This is a great feature that really makes your pellet grill a real ‘grill’ and smoker.

Extra Accessories and Utensils

Asmoke has a lot of combo deals listed on their site where you receive hardwood pellets or grilling accessories at a very discounted price. Some of these are nice to have especially the pellets and grill cover.

Asmoke Accessories


The Asmoke warranty offering is impressive at 5-years. Most competitors offer a 3-year warranty and some as low as 1-year. This extended warranty should give you some faith in the grill you are receiving.

Final Impressions

Overall I like the Asmoke lineup. The more competition into the pellet grill space the better. As I mentioned this is an introductory pellet grill and I would have easily bought this years ago if it was available. For the seasoned pit master, it leaves you wanting, but for the beginner/novice/weekend griller, this is all you need. I feel Asmoke is really competing against the introductory pellet grill lines from Z-Grills and Pit Boss. They are doing a great job and they are doing it for less. The introductory line just got a lot more expensive.

Asmoke AS600N
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