Jeremy Pike

Jeremy is a writer and backyard BBQ enthusiast. He enjoys smoking and grilling for his friends, wife and their three kids just outside Charlotte, NC. He is working on refining his homemade barbecue sauce while constantly working to improve his techniques on the grill and smoker. When he isn't writing about or smoking BBQ, he is likely writing about sports or whipping up something on the grill for his family.

How Long To Smoke Ribs

How Long To Smoke A Rack Of Ribs

It’s funny how in the world of barbecue, ribs can be so divisive. Baby backs versus side ribs. Wet (sauced) versus dry. If you’re approaching smoking ribs for the first time, you’ve probably already considered all of those options. Yet you might not have given much thought to one of the biggest questions: How long should you smoke ribs? While there …

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Grilling vs BBQ

Grilling vs. BBQ

Depending on where you’re from or how new you are to BBQ/barbecue, you might not realize there’s a difference between BBQ and grilling. However, if you’re here on Angry BBQ looking to learn, there is a big difference between grilling and BBQ. Both cooking methods involve heat and (typically) meat, but the amount of heat, how you use the heat, and how long you cook the …

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Best Instant Read Thermometer

Best Instant Read Thermometer

There’s no question in our minds here at Angry BBQ that a quality instant read thermometer is one of the most important tools you can have. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, or just cooking in the kitchen as a home chef, we all know that we’re cooking to temperature. We want the best instant read thermometer to monitor that internal temperature so our steaks are cooked …

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