Julie Harris - Registered Dietitian

Julie Harris is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer. She loves to make tasty, satisfying recipes. Julie believes that being healthy includes eating foods you enjoy most. When she isn’t writing and working, you can find her in the kitchen or patio making something tasty to eat. Julie earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from California State University and a B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado.

Chicken Legs on Wooden Board

How To Grill Chicken – No Matter the Cut

The most popular choice of meat in the US is chicken. It’s such versatile meat. You can eat it on the bone, boneless, marinated, bone-in – the options are nearly endless. And where the cut comes from on the bird affects how long to grill chicken. Too long and you’ve got overcooked, dry meat. Too …

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Preparing homemade smash burgers

Hamburger Safe Handling and Cooking Temps

As A Kid, I Never Liked Grilled Hamburgers. But It Turns Out, I Was Eating Burgers That Were Overcooked And Now I Enjoy A Well-Cooked Burger. I Know I’m Not Alone In Searching For The Perfect Grilled Burger. Part of the reason grillers often overcook meat is the fear of harmful bacteria that is often …

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Grilled Blackberry Shortcake

Easy Grilled Blackberry Shortcake

The hot summer season is full of days made for grilling. And we’re grilling up everything from appetizers to desserts.  For this recipe, we’re focusing on grilling some fruit and shortcake. The sweet fruit flavor intensifies as grilling caramelizes the natural sugars. Have you tried grilling fruit? Once you try it, you’ll be adding fruit …

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Smoker with Blue Smoke

Health Impacts of Consuming Smoked Foods

Smoking foods is as old as fire and our ancestors quickly discovered the transformational effect smoke has on foods, especially meats. Using smoke and heat adds flavors, enhances the smell, and tenderizes foods. Do the transformational effects also cause adverse health effects? Should you give up smoked foods in the name of health? Simply put, …

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Perfectly Grilled Plant Based Meat

How To Grill Plant Based Meat

BBQ has always been a meat-eater’s party, but not anymore. As Americans are adopting a more plant-based diet, even our grills are being more inclusive. In the spirit of giving grill masters the information they need to grill plant-based meat alternatives, here are some quick tips.   Grill Prep for Plant Based BBQ  When cooking a …

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