Michael Haas

Michael is the President of Angry BBQ and self proclaimed Pitmaster. He is always striving to make his brisket better than the last. If he's not tweaking a rub, buying a different smoker or researching online you'll find him playing guitar or tinkering in the garage. Michael continues his culinary education by reading the latest BBQ books from masters such as Myron Mixon, Meathead Goldwyn and completing Master Class courses. Michael is a graduate of the Electronics Technology program from Saskatchewan Polytechnic which aids in the review of electrically assisted Grilling and Smoking equipment.

How To Smoke Ribs

How to Smoke Ribs: Not the Overcooked 321 Method

Great! You bought a smoker. Now you are googling how to smoke ribs. You stumble upon one of the thousands of recipes for 3 2 1 Ribs. You follow the recipe step by step and make an “ok” rack of smoked ribs where the meat “falls off the bone”. Congratulations. You just overcooked another rack …

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Yoder YS640s Competition Review

Yoder YS640s Competition Pellet Grill Review

In late 2021 Yoder Smokers company generously sent me their new YS640S competition pellet grill for a full review on Angry BBQ. I graciously accepted the offer and have been putting the new grill to good use. They connected me with their Canadian distributor Smoker Broker, based in Saskatoon, SK. Smoker Broker shipped the grill …

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