Best Gas Grills Under $1000

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Best Gas Grills Under $1000 Review

The Pandemic has wrecked havoc on the cost of goods sold for so many manufacturers globally. These price increases have changed our selections for best gas grills under $1000. Amazingly, Weber and Napoleon still offer great grills below this price point.

Back in 2022, we saw Weber bring smart technology to their gas grills with the new CONNECT system. Now grill masters can monitor meat directly at their grill with built-in displays or from their smartphone using the Weber app. Check out their new Spirit SX-315 if you want the smart grill life.

Read on to see our other favorite gas grills under $1000 for 2023.

In Our Hurry? Here are Our Top Picks

byb2-table__imageTop PickTop PickNapolean Rogue XT 425
  • 665 square inches of cooking space
  • Infrared Side Burner
  • Jetfire lighting ignition
byb2-table__imageWeber Genesis E-325
  • Sear Station
  • Infinity ignition
  • PureBlu Grilling System
byb2-table__imageEverdure Force
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Die cast aluminum
  • Multi height configurations
byb2-table__imageBroil King Sovereign XLS 90
  • 1000 square inches of cooking space
  • Dual tube burners
  • Flav-R-Wave cooking system
byb2-table__imageSmart Gas GrillSmart Gas GrillWeber Spirit SX-315
  • WIFI Enabled
  • Digital Temp Control
  • 529 square inches

Our Top Picks : Top Gas Grills Under $1000 

1. Napolean Rogue XT 425 SIB Grill Review

The Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB Propane Gas Grill is an overall great grill you need to consider Whether you are a newbie or seasoned griller, this grill has unmatched quality and comes in a power-packed, sturdy body with many useful features. Bringing features like folding side shelves, porcelainized cast iron wave cooking grids, and Instant JetFire Ignition makes this a desirable grill.

Napoleon only makes high end grills and the Rogue model is their introductory line. That doesn’t mean your sacrificing quality. High quality materials are still being used and you get the core features you need to grill a great meal. It doesn’t have massive grill space or a digital temperature control, but it has the basics done well.

What We Like…What Makes Us Angry…
Wave shaped grill gridsBasic features, nothing fancy
Produces powerful heat at 42,000 BTULead times from order can take a while
Collapsible side shelves are convenient to use
9,000 BTU Infrared Side Burner
15 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty

Design and Structure

  • The Napoleon Rogue XT 425 covers an impressive 665 inches of cooking space including the warming shelf.
  • The cook box is made of cast aluminum which resists rust and corrosion. This is how they offer a 15-year warranty.
  • Folding side shelves and some efficient grill cart features, tool hooks and easy locking castor wheels only make this grill a lot more attractive.

Cooking Performance

  • An easy start up with Jetfire lighting ignition and crossover lighting ensure an instant ignite at every use.
  • Good grills are not just those that provide high cooking temperatures. They are those that work efficiently when the heat is more controlled too. The Napoleon Rogue XT 425 features precise heat control that gives you confidence to work on both low roasting and high searing dishes.
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids provide even heating throughout the cooking area, and the perfect sear on food.
  • Exceptional wave shaped cooking grids help evenly distribute heat across the food, produce consistent sear marks and prevents food from falling through.
  • Dual-level, stainless steel plates efficiently collect and vaporize food drippings, controls flare-ups and protects the stainless steel burners from damage. 
Napoleon Wave Grid
Napoleon Wave Grids

The Napoleon Rogue 425 comes with a 15 year warranty against damage and replace of parts. One of the best grills for its price, people who have used the Napoleon Rogue XT 425 believe this is a sweet deal.

2. Weber Genesis E-325s Review

Weber continues to bring new features to the Genesis line with the all-new 2022 Genesis E-325s. Weber listened to the customers and expanded two noteworthy areas of the grill: the sear zone and the warming rack. The grill has two side tables, including an extra-large prep table to hold more food and cutting boards.

What We Like…What Makes Us Angry…
Porcelain-coated cast iron gratesOnly three burners
Larger sear zone for more steaksWeber CONNECT system not included
Easy pull-out grease tray 
Larger warming rack 
Cabinet cart for storage 
Locking casters to keep the grill in place 

Design and Structure

  • The Genesis E-325s boasts 513 square inches of primary cooking area and a 274 square inch expandable warming rack for a total cooking space of 787 square inches.
  • It has plenty of storage room between the cabinet cart design, two side tables, and six tool hooks. One of the side tables is extra-long, perfect for having cutting boards or trays handy.
  • It is compatible with the CONNECT smart system available for purchase online.
  • You can also get a side burner, extra side storage locker, and the new Weber CRAFTED grillware system as add-ons.
  • The grease tray is removable through the front of the grill to help you clean and maintain your grill easier.
  • The grill sits on four swivel casters to make moving easier. Two of them lock in place to help keep your grill steady while cooking.
  • Fuel gauge included helping monitor your propane tank’s level.

Cooking Performance

  • The three PureBlu stainless steel burners put out 39,000 BTUs per hour, plenty of heat to prepare 20 burgers plus toasting buns.
  • The expanded sear zone puts out 13,000 BTUs per hour to get a perfect sear on multiple steaks at once.
  • The grill comes standard with porcelain-enameled cast iron grill grates for the best combination of easy to clean and heat distribution.
  • Easy push-to-start electronic ignition to ensure you’re ready to grill quickly.
Weber Sear Station
Weber Sear Station

Weber updated their warranty with the new 2022 Genesis line. The cookbox and lid assembly are under warranty for 12 years, no rust through/burn through. The stainless steel burners, Flavorizer bars, and porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates are all under a 10-year warranty for no rust through/burn through. All remaining parts are under a 5-year warranty.

3. Everdure Force by Heston Blumenthal Review

For those who are unfamiliar with Heston Blumenthal, he is a British celebrity chef with over 20 years of experience in the field. His transition from kitchen to backyard cooking was complete when he combined his experience of cooking elements with technology. The result- A collection of 7 unique smokers and grills with various accessories, the Everdue collection.

What We Like…What Makes Us Angry…
Sleek and stylish designNot much value for money
Exterior is made of durable materialAssembly is tedious
Good to use in small spacesSmall Grill Area
Height is easily adjusted

The Everdue Force 2-Burner is a part of the Everdue collection and features a very fresh design, with stylish knobs, sleek lines and even comes in vibrant color options. Beyond the aesthetics however, we find that there is scope for improvement given its price.

Design and Structure

  • The Force series grills come equipped with 2 burners that feature flame port holes which allow close contact with cooking grates, providing great searing potential.
  • Made from an easily maintained, rust-resistant, die-cast aluminum body, the Everdue Force 2-Burner comes with an integrated, flowing design in a range of contemporary colors.
  • Fitted with a high hood that makes it easier to master convection cooking, it also enhances air flow while providing even heat across the entire grill.
  • The primary grilling area of 388 square inches, this grill is fitted with collapsible side shelves that fold away easily making storing convenient.
  • The Everdue Force 2-Burner comes in a 3 tiered design that allows for multiple height configurations, 2 wheels for easy movement, a removable grease tray, and 2 spacious storage shelves beneath the grill unit.

Cooking Performance

  • The Everdue Force 2-Burner incorporates solid rectangular tamers into the grill plates that create powerful searing while preventing flareups and clogging of burner ports, keeping your grill clean.
  • Cooking grates are enamel-coated and of cast iron, and can be interchanged making it easy to set up.
  • A combination of power and grace, this grill is designed to work on fast ignition with instant searing, through gentle taps available at your fingertips.
  • The Everdue Force 2-Burner comes with a kit for converting it from LP to natural gas.
  • This grill produces 22,000 BTU per hour and makes cooking enjoyable.

Everdure Grills warrantee 10 years for the body, burners, hood, and cart against all rust or burn through and 5 years for exterior paint and finish against rust through.

4. Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 Grill Review

Broil King Sovereign XLS 90

With an increase in energy efficiency and availability, there has been a higher demand for gas grills lately. Broil King offers a luxury gas grill in the form of Sovereign XLS 90 that comes with a thoughtful design and some very useful features that make cooking and cleaning a breeze with this grill.

What We Like…What Makes Us Angry…
Powerful heating systemAssembly can be tedious
Includes a rotisserie burnerLooks old school
Large warming rack that supports prep
Concealed side burner in folding side shelves

Design and Structure

  • To begin with, the Sovereign XLS 90 features a total cooking space of a sprawling 1,000 square inches, of which 600 square inches covers the primary area.
  • A porcelain coated warming rack helps keep your food warm until it is served and also works for low-flame grilling applications.
  • The Sovereign XLS 90 features 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners that provide 2 rows of flame for efficient heat distribution and perform at 50,000 BTU per hour.
  • At the rear, a rotisserie burner with a heating capacity of 18,000 BTU per hour that works great for slow roast. A built-in side burner helps heat up side dishes while the main course is getting ready.
  • This grill is equipped with stainless steel side shelves that are useful to hold your prep materials and serving platters. This helps you have a more organized workspace with everything you need at arm’s length. Further, these shelves are collapsible and easy to put away when not in use.

Cooking Performance

  • The Sovereign XLS 90 comes with a powerful heating system that sears away restaurant style. With stainless steel cooking grids and a stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system, you can expect the drippings to vaporize well helping create smoke that gets that distinctive barbeque flavor.
  • The main burners when combined with the rotisserie burner and side burner, meets almost all your cooking needs whether you are looking to light roast or barbeque.
  • Linear-Flow valves with 180-degree Sensi-touch knobs fitted on this grill give you infinite heat control for perfect searing, roasting or slow cooking.
  • The primary cooking space is large enough to cook food for a large group of people.

The Broil King Sovereign XLS 90 is slightly tedious to clean considering the steel cooking grates tend to get sticky and are harder to scrape down than porcelain-coated cast iron grates. Other than that and a few other modifications, this grill reflects thorough design and brings versatility in cooking.

5. Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Gas Grill Review

Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Gas Grill

Getting your grill line added twice in a review is not easy to do but I think Weber has earned it. They recently launched their ‘Smart Gas Grill‘ line and so far the feedback has been popular from the field. The more I use my non-smart gas grill the more I find a use to have perfect temperature control. The new Spirit SX-315 has WIFI controlled capabilities built in and will also give precise temperature control. Set the grill to 350F and it will quickly get to that temp and hold it. Here is where I think this would be a great feature to have: Rotisserie chicken or turkey, pizza and roasting coffee beans (I just started doing this and I will create a guide on how to do it with a gas grill).

Weber Connect
Weber Spirit SX-315 Controller
What We Like…What Makes Us Angry…
WIFI Control and MonitoringPrice for Size of Grill
Perfect Temperature Management
Built-in Grilling Assistance
Weber Reputation

Design and Structure

  • This is the Weber Spirit grill we have all come to know and love over the past several decades but with the new WiFi tech that so many kitchen appliances are coming with today.
  • With a 529 square inches of total cooking space makes it the small grill in the comparison but this is large enough for more people. 3 stainless steel main burners, and 2 side tables.
  • Front access cabinet keeps your propane tank hidden and also includes a propane fuel level indicator.
  • Built in WIFI controller not only connects to your phones Weber Connect App but also your grills temperature settings. You can go old school and manage the temperatures yourself with the gas valves or you can let the controller manage the temps for you. Pretty slick.
  • Webers trusty ignition system is still here on the Spirit SX-315.

Cooking Performance

  • Weber has included guided recipes with the WIFI controller functionality. If you’re new to grilling a steak medium or medium rare, the grill will notify you when to flip the steak and also estimate when the steak will be done, as long as you put one of the temperature probes in the steak.
  • The main cooking area of this grill provides sufficient space for an average family or small BBQ party, along with heavy duty porcelain-enamel cast-iron cooking grates.
  • Total heat output of 32,000 BTU, from 3 stainless steel burners. Sufficient output for the size of the grill.
  • 424 square inch main cooking area with a 105 square inch warming rack, which easily fits 15 burgers.

Their is a lot of debate about whether you need all this technology in a gas grill. For a seasoned griller the answer is “No, I probably do not need this technology in my gas grill” but for a newbie, this technology can fast track them into the wonderful world of grilling without ruining hundreds of dollars of meat.

Like I mentioned above as well, if you need a perfect temperature held in a gas grill, it can be hard to do without a digital temperature controller. I like to do rotisserie chickens and roasts in my gas grill and I would like to hold the temp during the whole cook. Baking a pizza on a gas grill also requires a high temp of about 500F-550F held consistently. This smart grill will help you bake that perfect pizza. Roasting coffee on a gas grill requires that you hold a temp anywhere from 500F-580F, this smart grill will make is so much easier to hold that temp.

I like the idea and I’m glad Weber came out with this Smart Gas Grill line. I believe it will be a good seller for them.

Choosing the Best Grill Under $1000 

There are several gas grills out there for under $1000 but the trick is to try to navigate which one can fit you and your needs the best. There are certain factors you should try to look out for that can help you improve the way that you grill. 

Gas Grill Flavorizers

One of the biggest factors to consider when buying a gas grill is the flavorizers or also known as the flavor bars. Flavor bars are important for protecting the burners and making sure that your burners last long for years to come. Flavor bars also help with the tenderness of the meat by covering up the direct flame of the burner and distributing heat much more evenly throughout the gas grill. They reduce hot spots so that your meat has a nice and all around tenderness to it. Additionally, they encourage more flavors to be soaked up by the food when grilling. The flavor bars zap juices that fall off of the meat when cooking and allow for those juices to evaporate back onto the meat for a flavor blast. Most grills have some sort of flavor bar but not all have ones that cover the entire burner. The more flavorizer bars, the higher chance you will have more evenly cooked and flavorful meat. 

Broil King Flavorizer
Broil King Flavorizer

Maximizing Burner Space

Although many grill websites list the cook top space of the grill, understand that it is important to know how many burners there are. The number of burners will determine how many heat controls and different temperatures you can cook all at once. For example, I enjoy having 3 to 4 burners because this allows me to cook vegetables and two or three different types of meat all at the same time. Knowing how many burners you are looking for in a gas grill is important so you can have an array of heat settings for a versatile dinner. It also allows running dual zone heat. You can have one or two burners on maximum heat and the other two on low so you can grill two different types of food at the same time or even do offset cooking.

Grill Durability

It is pertinent that to get the most grill for your money that it is a durable one made of materials that can withstand repeated use. Most gas grills have two main different types of grids, there are stainless steel grids and there are porcelain-coated cast iron grids. These two main types vary in their durability greatly. The stainless steel grids are effective and look nice in the beginning. However, they tend to be more susceptible to rust and damage after repeated use. Whereas, porcelain-coated cast-iron grids are much more heavy-duty and can withstand repeated use after many years. The porcelain-coated feature allows for the grids to be easily cleaned after each usage. The cast iron, won’t rust and break after high-intensity heating either. 

Additionally, make sure that you lookout for a stainless steel hood and frame. These frames on a grill are important for withstanding weather if need be and are durable for many years. A solid frame will ensure that your grill can truly stand the test of time. 

As with most things, maintenance will always extend the life of any grill not matter how much you spent on it. We go over how to properly clean and maintain your gas grill in detail.

Flexible Cooking Options

While a basic gas grill is more than enough to get you started on your BBQ journey, you might want to take advantage of certain added features as you become more experienced. Instead of having to buy a new grill in the future, you can start out with a grill that already provides several flexible cooking options that can be useful and practical for your down the line. For example, it can be a good idea to look for a grill that incorporates a side burner and a sear station.

Weber Genesis II Burners
Available Side Burner

The side burner is an obvious improvement to your grilling experience. In most cases, you would have to whip up one or more delicious sides and sauces to go with your main proteins. Having to cook these in your main cooking area would require extra time and effort. On the other hand, having to move into your home kitchen to prepare those sides can be even more inconvenient. It can be particularly inconvenient if you already have people waiting for food in your backyard.

This is where a side burner makes complete sense. Having a burner integrated into the side shelf of your grill makes it super easy to quickly whip up those delicious sides. Since you already have all your cooking utensils and ingredients around your grill, this is great for convenience as well. In a lot of grills, the side burner can be covered with a lid, giving you an extra work surface for prepping. Once you have prepped your veggies or put together the ingredients for a great sauce, you can just light up the side burner and get going.

The same can be said about a sear station, which usually is a part of the main cooking area designed to heat up very quickly and become very hot. Searing on a grill can take time and effort and having a sear station can allow you to develop a hard, good-looking sear very quickly with amazing grill marks. You can seal in the juices with a quick sear and then move the meat elsewhere on the grill to cook slowly and come up to the right internal temp.

Why Choose a Gas Grill Over Charcoal Grill?

There are several benefits to choosing a gas grill over a charcoal grill. One of those benefits is the temperature control option. Gas grills allow for precise and accurate temperature control at the turn of a knob. The convenience of this is impossible to get with charcoal grills. Charcoal grills can take several minutes and lots of practice to modify the temperature to how you’d like. Additionally, this goes for vegetables and meats that cook better at various temperatures. A gas grill allows you to nail down precisely what degree you need your meat or vegetables to be at so you can cook and predict effortlessly just when your food is ready to eat. 

Additionally, gas grills don’t take nearly as much time to harbor the perfect coals as charcoal grills do. With gas grills, there is usually a push-button ignition that doesn’t require a lighter, lighter fluid or charcoal. This makes it easy to quickly start and heat time takes generally no more than 5 minutes to reach the temperature you desire. A gas grill is much more user-friendly than a Charcoal grill. 

Overall, charcoal grills make you do much more work for a similar outcome, and gas grills can make it easier for you. Gas grills are easier to clean and maintain, there is no charcoal to clean out after every use and sometimes only a grease tray. Making the grilling process easier on yourself is a huge benefit for your time and headache. There are die hard charcoal fans that truly love the taste a charcoal grill provides, but sometimes the ease of a propane or natural gas grill makes it the everyday better choice.

What’s Better, Propane or Natural Gas Grill?

While propane and natural gas are both clean-burning, environment-friendly choices for your grill, there can be a few differentiating factors you might want to consider before going either way. Since propane and natural gas grills are structurally different, this is a call you would have to take before you choose a grill to purchase.

Buying a propane tank and getting it refilled can be done easily. Using propane also makes your grill truly portable as the tank securely attaches to the grill and you can move it around while it is still attached. However, you would still need to take out the time and put in the effort to get your tank refilled. If you are in a situation where you have to cook a lot of food and your propane is running out, it can surely be a damper. Propane is also heavier than air and is therefore prone to fire hazards.

On the other hand, natural gas is piped directly to your home. There is no need to run out to get a refill and your grill will never run out of gas. Natural gas is also lighter than air and dissipates easily in the event of a leak. However, this tethers your grill to a gas line and takes away your portability. You would need to get your gas piping line set up and then use your grill accordingly. With that said, setting up a gas supply line can be a large upfront cost. Natural gas grills, too, usually cost more than propane grills. Stemming from this, many manufacturers provide conversion kits that let you switch a propane grill to a natural gas grill.

Keeping these points in mind, choosing the right fuel upfront can have important advantages if you want a seamless, pleasurable grilling experience.

The Genesis II E-335 Rises To The Top

Finding the right gas grill with a $1000 budget can be a daunting task but is also a very exciting process. Whether you are replacing an old grill or looking to expand your horizons I hope this review answers your questions. My overall top-rated pick here is the Weber Genesis E-335. With the exceptional Weber quality, this grill puts together a list of features and functions that can make it a poignant choice for both a beginner and a seasoned BBQ veteran.

If these grills are out of your price range, check out our top grills under $200 review or our top grills under $500 review.

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