Best Gas Grills Under $1000

Finding the right gas grill in your price range can be tricky. It takes time to figure out which gas grill will fit your needs and also where to even start when looking for a new gas grill. These are some of the best gas grills under $1000 that can help speed up cook time and add fuel to the flame for your passion for grilling. 

The 6 Best Gas Grills Under $1000

  • Best Overall : Weber Genesis E-410
    “This feature-rich, durable, and reliable gas grill can truly be the centerpiece around which you can plan all your backyard parties and tailgates”
  • Runner-up : Everdure by Heston
    “This 52” propane grill by Heston Blumenthal can reach high temperatures in just under 5 minutes for a fast and reliable grilling experience”
  • Best TRU InfraRed : CharBroil Signature TRU InfraRed
    “The infrared technology allows for heat to go beyond the burners and the flavorizers that other grills have, and it allows for the entire grid to act as one giant flavorizer”
  • Best Mid-Grade : Weber Genesis II E-310
    “This reliable gas grill is ideal for those with a medium-size family that loves to do everyday backyard grilling”
  • Best Value : Broil King Sovereign XLS 20
    “The Broil King Sovereign is a great heavy built, good looking grill that features a thick cast aluminum design that is reliable and made to last for years”
  • Best Budget Friendly : Weber Spirit E-310
    “This grill features several great components that make it an amazing, high-quality grill but for less than the other companies”

Angry BBQ’s Top Pick

Weber Genesis E-410
Top Features:

  • GS4 grilling system delivers excellent performance 
  • Flavorizer bars prevent flare-ups and infuse more flavor
  • Great convenience features and options accessories

Choosing the Best Gas Grill Under $1000 

There are several gas grills out there for under $1000 but the trick is to try to navigate which one can fit you and your needs the best. There are certain factors you should try to look out for that can help you improve the way that you grill. 


One of the biggest factors to consider when buying a gas grill is the flavorizers or also known as the flavor bars. Flavor bars are important for protecting the burners and making sure that your burners last long for years to come. Flavor bars also help with the tenderness of the meat by covering up the direct flame of the burner and distributing heat much more evenly throughout the gas grill. They reduce hot spots so that your meat has a nice and all around tenderness to it. Additionally, they encourage more flavors to be soaked up by the food when grilling. The flavor bars zap juices that fall off of the meat when cooking and allow for those juices to evaporate back onto the meat for a flavor blast. Most grills have some sort of flavor bar but not all have ones that cover the entire burner. The more flavorizer bars, the higher chance you will have more evenly cooked and flavorful meat. 

BBQ Flavorizer
Broil King Flavorizer

Maximizing Burner Space

Although many grill websites list the cook top space of the grill, understand that it is important to know how many burners there are. The number of burners will determine how many heat controls and different temperatures you can cook all at once. For example, I enjoy having 3 to 4 burners because this allows me to cook vegetables and two or three different types of meat all at the same time. Knowing how many burners you are looking for in a gas grill is important so you can have an array of heat settings for a versatile dinner. It also allows running dual zone heat. You can have one or two burners on maximum heat and the other two on low so you can grill two different types of food at the same time or even do offset cooking.


It is pertinent that to get the most grill for your money that it is a durable one made of materials that can withstand repeated use. Most gas grills have two main different types of grids, there are stainless steel grids and there are porcelain-coated cast iron grids. These two main types vary in their durability greatly. The stainless steel grids are effective and look nice in the beginning. However, they tend to be more susceptible to rust and damage after repeated use. Whereas, porcelain-coated cast-iron grids are much more heavy-duty and can withstand repeated use after many years. The porcelain-coated feature allows for the grids to be easily cleaned after each usage. The cast iron, won’t rust and break after high-intensity heating either. 

Additionally, make sure that you lookout for a stainless steel hood and frame. These frames on a grill are important for withstanding weather if need be and are durable for many years. A solid frame will ensure that your grill can truly stand the test of time. 

Flexible Cooking Options

While a basic gas grill is more than enough to get you started on your BBQ journey, you might want to take advantage of certain added features as you become more experienced. Instead of having to buy a new grill in the future, you can start out with a grill that already provides several flexible cooking options that can be useful and practical for your down the line. For example, it can be a good idea to look for a grill that incorporates a side burner and a sear station. You can vent all the heat and smoke from your grill with a powerful outdoor range hood.

The side burner is an obvious improvement to your grilling experience. In most cases, you would have to whip up one or more delicious sides and sauces to go with your main proteins. Having to cook these in your main cooking area would require extra time and effort. On the other hand, having to move into your home kitchen to prepare those sides can be even more inconvenient. It can be particularly inconvenient if you already have people waiting for food in your backyard.

This is where a side burner makes complete sense. Having a burner integrated into the side shelf of your grill makes it super easy to quickly whip up those delicious sides. Since you already have all your cooking utensils and ingredients around your grill, this is great for convenience as well. In a lot of grills, the side burner can be covered with a lid, giving you an extra work surface for prepping. Once you have prepped your veggies or put together the ingredients for a great sauce, you can just light up the side burner and get going.

The same can be said about a sear station, which usually is a part of the main cooking area designed to heat up very quickly and become very hot. Searing on a grill can take time and effort and having a sear station can allow you to develop a hard, good-looking sear very quickly with amazing grill marks. You can seal in the juices with a quick sear and then move the meat elsewhere on the grill to cook slowly and come up to the right internal temp.

Why Choose a Gas Grill Over Charcoal Grill

There are several benefits to choosing a gas grill over a charcoal grill. One of those benefits is the temperature control option. Gas grills allow for precise and accurate temperature control at the turn of a knob. The convenience of this is impossible to get with charcoal grills. Charcoal grills can take several minutes and lots of practice to modify the temperature to how you’d like. Additionally, this goes for vegetables and meats that cook better at various temperatures. A gas grill allows you to nail down precisely what degree you need your meat or vegetables to be at so you can cook and predict effortlessly just when your food is ready to eat. 

There are several gas grills out there for under $1000; but the trick is to try and navigate which one can fit you and your needs the best.  These BBQ's are the best in their class; elite grills from Napolean, Heston, Broil King, Weber, and Char-Broil.  These grills will take your grilling recipes to the next level.

Additionally, gas grills don’t take nearly as much time to harbor the perfect coals as charcoal grills do. With gas grills, there is usually a push-button ignition that doesn’t require a lighter, lighter fluid or charcoal. This makes it easy to quickly start and heat time takes generally no more than 5 minutes to reach the temperature you desire. A gas grill is much more user-friendly than a Charcoal grill. 

Overall, charcoal grills make you do much more work for a similar outcome, and gas grills can make it easier for you. Gas grills are easier to clean and maintain, there is no charcoal to clean out after every use and sometimes only a grease tray. Making the grilling process easier on yourself is a huge benefit for your time and headache. There are die hard charcoal fans that truly love the taste a charcoal grill provides, but sometimes the ease of a propane or natural gas grill makes it the everyday better choice.

Propane or Natural Gas?

While propane and natural gas are both clean-burning, environment-friendly choices for your grill, there can be a few differentiating factors you might want to consider before going either way. Since propane and natural gas grills are structurally different, this is a call you would have to take before you choose a grill to purchase.

Buying a propane tank and getting it refilled can be done easily. Using propane also makes your grill truly portable as the tank securely attaches to the grill and you can move it around while it is still attached. However, you would still need to take out the time and put in the effort to get your tank refilled. If you are in a situation where you have to cook a lot of food and your propane is running out, it can surely be a damper. Propane is also heavier than air and is therefore prone to fire hazards.

On the other hand, natural gas is piped directly to your home. There is no need to run out to get a refill and your grill will never run out of gas. Natural gas is also lighter than air and dissipates easily in the event of a leak. However, this tethers your grill to a gas line and takes away your portability. You would need to get your gas piping line set up and then use your grill accordingly. With that said, setting up a gas supply line can be a large upfront cost. Natural gas grills, too, usually cost more than propane grills. Stemming from this, many manufacturers provide conversion kits that let you switch a propane grill to a natural gas grill.

Keeping these points in mind, choosing the right fuel upfront can have important advantages if you want a seamless, pleasurable grilling experience.

Top Gas Grills Under $1000 

1. Weber Genesis E-410

Weber Genesis E 410


  • Excellent quality of materials and construction
  • Large cooking area
  • iGrill Bluetooth thermometer can make cooking easier
  • Great results with GS4 grilling system
  • Flexible cooking options with side burners


  • Can be difficult to assemble and move around
  • More expensive than competing products in the same category

This feature-rich, durable, and reliable gas grill can truly be the centerpiece around which you can plan all your backyard parties and tailgates. Weber has always been known for excellent quality of construction and materials and the Genesis E-410 is no exception. I especially enjoy this grill due to its easy, reliable operation, sturdy construction, and leading features that can make some of the usual rigors of using a gas grill go away fast, resulting in simple and convenient operation.

When I think of the excellent results that this grill can achieve, the Weber GS4 grilling system is always at the centerpiece of the action. The system starts off with the Infinity ignition system that makes the grill a breeze to start while also helping with temperature control. The burners are specially designed to provide even heat throughout the grill. The flavorizer bars above the burners prevent the grease from causing flare-ups while also also helping the grease to smoke gently, thereby adding more flavor to the food.

The convenience features start with a grease management system that collects the grease in an exterior drip pan, making cleanup a real breeze. The porcelain-enameled, cast-iron grates can be kept clean with minimal effort and last a long time. The grill provides 646 inches of primary cooking area along with a 198 inch warming rack which can be tucked away when not in use.

The four burners can each output 12,000 BTU of heat for a total of 48,000 BTU, enough for quick searing and impressive grill marks. The large cooking area makes it a salient choice for cooking a lot of meat at once and the convenience features make it easy to prep and cook food. With folding side tables, integrated hooks for hanging your utensils, and premium all-weather casters for easy movement, this is one grill that makes sure that convenience is never an issue. You can easily cook for up to ten people at one go. The open cart design facilitates easy storage.

Another aspect about this grill that I find impressive is that you can extend its functionality further by checking out Weber’s iGrill range of Bluetooth thermometers. While the grill lid does have an integrated temperature gauge, you can certainly use this optional accessory if you are looking to keep a closer watch on the internal temperature of your cuts. The Bluetooth functionality also means that you can step away from your grill while your food is cooking and monitor the temperature using a companion smartphone app.

2. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Furnace

Heston Grill


  • 3 tiered stand to fit any height 
  • Made of die-cast aluminum which will never rust and can withstand any condition
  • Heats up in 5 minutes or less


  • Propane tank is exposed and not hidden, not aesthetically pleasing

This 52” propane grill by Heston Blumenthal can reach high temperatures in just under 5 minutes for a fast and reliable grilling experience. This grill reaches high temperatures quickly and sustains them for the duration of your grilling time. The grates are made of enamel coated cast iron which is ideal for cleaning and durability. 

My favorite thing about the Heston Blumenthal is it has collapsible side shelves for overall easy storage when not in use. This feature paired along with the 3 tiered leg stands is ideal for those that need a versatile grill for any environment. One thing I loved the most about the grill is that when my friend had it, he was able to use it in his back yard and then the next weekend he brought it to a tailgate. I don’t own a grill that allows you to do this, but it sure is a great feature to have. He was able to cook several hot dogs and burgers for me and all of our friends and family. This grill is ideal for those that like a high-quality grill but need to transport it from time to time, especially if you can’t stand tabletop grills, this one is ideal for any tailgate.

3. Char-Broil Signature TRU Infrared


  • Ideal size (4 burners) for a big family and versatile grillers
  • The infrared cooking system that reduces and prevents hot spots from occurring 
  • The falvorizers combined with the infrared makes the perfect “smoky” grill rather than a flamed up fire grill 
  • Side Burner addition included can be converted into a preparation table as well


  • Cannot be brought or transported to a tailgate 
  • No grease catch pan featured 

This stainless steel gas grill by Char-Broil features infrared technology that can help enhance your gas grilling experience. I was skeptical of infrared technology at first but this grill has since proven me wrong. The infrared technology allows for heat to go beyond the burners and the flavorizers that other grills have, and it allows for the entire grid to act as one giant flavorizer. There are fewer flame flare-ups that can char your food and more evenly distributed smokiness. The infrared technology covers the entire grid so every drop if fat or juice that isn’t caught by the falvorizers is caught by the infrared grid first. This means that all those juices sizzle and zap and turn into that classic smokiness that can amp up your gas grill experience into a more authentic “charcoal” like one. Also, this gas grill features an extra side burner for more room to cook. This is convenient when you have one or two extra guests to your regular backyard cookouts. This grill comes with many added accessories like a warming rack, hooks, and storage underneath for the propane tank and anything extra. Overall, I enjoy the thoughtful infrared design that can amplify the gas grilling experience to make it feel like a charcoal one. 

4. Weber Genesis II E 310 Propane Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II 310 Grill


  • Feature iGrill technology can connect to an app to monitor the temperature
  • Several Flavorizer bars for maximum flavor, tenderness, and smokiness
  • Grease management system for easy cleanup, easily removable drip tray 
  • BBQ grill hooks nearby for easy grab and grill access 
  • Several shelves for storage and two side tables for lots of condiment storage and prep space 


  • Cannot be moved and transported to a tailgate or cookout 
  • Aesthetically questionable. Lower grill and propane tank is exposed.

Weber has been around for a very long time and is the household name of gas and charcoal grills. Everyone knows someone with a Weber. They have one of the best reputations in the business and have the experience that goes with it.

The Weber Genesis II E 310 Propane grill is a classic gas grill that can only give good results. This reliable gas grill is ideal for those with a medium-size family that loves to do everyday backyard grilling. It features 3 burners and a retractable warming rack for the option to toast buns. There are wheels at the bottom of the grill for easy transport around your backyard if you need to move it or store the grill away for the winter. 

My favorite feature of this grill is the ample storage and prep space that it provides. The storage underneath the cart is open which doesn’t look aesthetically great but offers lots of space for condiments and tools. Additionally, I love that there is an app that connects to the grill so you can monitor the temperature and how far along your steaks are for the perfect grilling experience. This grill satisfies those that love to utilize technology to their advantage. This way, you can enjoy more time with your family and friends rather than tending the grill constantly. 

I think this grill would be a great fit for families that are around 3 to 5 people and need a reliable backyard grill. This grill is durable and can last many years with above average use. It’s a great grill for your novice bbq fanatic that wants a quality grill but does not need all the features of a high end unit.

5. Broil King Sovereign XLS 20

Broil King Sovereign Grill


  • Enclosed cabinet space to hide the propane tank
  • Stainless steel flavor bars that create a more authentic barbecue taste
  • Thick aluminum outer cover that traps in smoke and offers even heat distribution
  • Stainless steel burners are dual-action (two rows of heat per burner)


  • Grates are made of stainless steel, more difficult to clean and more susceptible to rust 
  • Isn’t compatible with natural gas 

This sleek aluminum-bodied grill catches the eye at first glance. The Broil King Sovereign is a great heavy built, good looking grill that features a thick cast aluminum design that is reliable and made to last for years. In addition to the aluminum design, it features stainless steel flavor bars that will ensure your food is cooked with that original barbecue taste. The flavor bars work by vaporizing the leftover fats and grease and the juicy smoke is trapped underneath the aluminum hood to allow those flavors to soak into your food. 

Ideally, someone who loves a compact grill for storage but loves the hefty design would enjoy this Broil King grill. This is my best value gas grill pick for those under $1000. There are foldable preparation tables that allow for ample preparation space and the wheels on the bottom are bigger than other backyard grills which can make it much easier to store. Additionally, one of my favorite factors is the ability to hide the propane tank and store more under the grill. Other grills that are more expensive have these features but you can get the storage space and a sleek aluminum-bodied grill for the same price as other companies. Overall, this grill is ideal for those that love backyard barbecues and need a good looking, heavy-duty grill as a centerpiece. 

I’m partial to Broil King as I own a Regal S590 Pro natural gas grill. It’s my second Broil King and I’m very happy with the build quality. They are built heavy and are made in Canada and the USA which I believe means something today.

6. Weber Spirit E310


  • Compact 3 burner grill
  • 4 wheels on the bottom to easily and safely transport your grill 
  • Warming rack and porcelain-enameled grid for a durable grilling surface as well as as easy clean 
  • Enclosed storage space below for propane tank


  • Smaller cooking area compared to others 
  • Not ideal for tailgates 

The Weber sprint E-310 is my choice for the best budget gas grill. This grill features several great components that make it an amazing, high-quality grill but for less than the other companies. This grill features six tool hooks for easy access to all the tools you need. Additionally, it has an enclosed area below the grill where the propane tank can stay hidden and can also be used for any extra storage needs. 

I like how this grill incorporates everything important like a durable body, stainless steel burners, flavorizers, and a porcelain enameled cast iron grid. These are all essentials for a long-lasting gas grill. This grill is about value so you get the core quality components but skip the new nice-to-have tech that doesn’t really effect your meal.  

The Genesis E-410 Rises To The Top

Finding the right gas grill under $1000 can be a daunting task but is also a very exciting process. Whether you are replacing an old grill or looking to expand your horizons I hope this review answers your questions. 

My overall top-rated pick here is the Weber Genesis E-410. With the exceptional Weber quality, this grill puts together a list of features and functions that can make it a poignant choice for both a beginner and a seasoned BBQ veteran. If you are searching for a more affordable option, my favorite budget-friendly pick is the Weber Sprint E10. This grill allows for all the simple but durable parts you need for a reliable gas grill but hundreds of dollars less than the other units. No matter which gas grill you decide to choose, it is fun and exciting to bring home a new grilling tool to explore and to share that excitement with your loved ones.

If these grills are out of your price range, check out our top grills under $200 review or our top grills under $500 review.

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