Broil King vs Weber

If you know anything at all about smoking and grilling, you’ve probably heard of the Weber vs. Broil King grill debate. These two companies when combined hold a tremendous amount of market share when it comes to gas grills. Thankfully their model lines match up quite well. One big difference between the two, is where they manufacture their grills.

Because they have so many model lines it isn’t such an easy task to state one is better than the other. These are both premium line gas grill manufacturers that use quality materials. Read on and we will explain the differences of the two and discuss their manufacturing methods and locations.

Broil King Grills vs. Weber

Weber and Broil King are two well-known brands in the BBQ world. These grills each offer their own unique sense of style and comfort. They both have a lot to offer. 

In terms of versatility, from both companies, you can find things like wood pellet grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, and even portable grills. Our focus today will be on traditional outdoor grills; that fall specifically into the propane / natural gas category. 

Just a heads up. Both companies have a very large offering of grills from introductory to high end. Let’s cover the basics of what each manufacturer offers. 

Introductory Model Line :

byb2-table__imageWeber Spirit E 310
  • 530 square inches of cooking space
  • Push start ignition
  • 3 stainless steel burners/32 000 BTU's
byb2-table__imageBroil King Signet 320
  • 635 square inches of cooking space
  • Sensi-touch control temp. knobs
  • 3 stainless steel burners/40,000 BTU's

Mid-Range Model Line :

byb2-table__imageWeber Genesis II S 435
  • 646 square inches of cooking space
  • Extra side burner
  • 48 000 BTU's
byb2-table__imageBroil King Baron S 490
  • 695 square inches of cooking space
  • Comes with rotisserie burner
  • 50 000 BTU's

Luxury Model Line :

byb2-table__imageWeber Summit S 670
  • 769 square inches of cooking space
  • 10 year company guarantee
  • 60 800 BTU's
byb2-table__imageBroil King Regal S690 Pro
  • 750 square inches of cooking space
  • Sensi-touch control knobs
  • 60 000 BTU's

Comparison of: Intro, Mid, and High-End Grills

As we compare these two manufacturers, we will pit specific products against each other in matched categories and see just who comes out on top. Remember that each company has its own unique features to offer. We’re just here to compare them. 

Weber and Broil King Introductory Lines

Weber Spirit E-310 vs. Broil King Signet 320

Apples to apples, these grills are approximately the same size. They are both fairly large overall in size, but not as large as some of their other lines. 

The Weber Spirit is bulkier by design and may require some additional storage space. Let’s break it down and give you a rundown of each one. 

Check out this side-by-side comparison chart as well. 

Weber Spirit E-310Broil King Signet 320
Technical SpecsWeber Spirit E-310Broil King Signet 320
Cooking Space529 square inches635 square inches
Dimensions (closed)45.5H x 52W x 24D48.4H x 23.2W x 56.5L
WarrantyUp to 10 yearsUp to 10 years
Hooks/ShelvesStainless steel side tables, 6 hooksStainless steel side tables
ThermometerBuilt into lidBuilt into lid
MaterialsStainless steel with cast iron gratesStainless steel with cast iron grates
Compare PriceCompare Price

Weber Spirit E-310 Review – Angry BBQ Top Pick

What We Like…

  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • Lower Cabinet With Door
  • 530 square feet of cooking space
  • Push-button start is simple

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Shorter Warranty
  • Fewer BTUs for a large cooking space

The Weber Spirit as we mentioned, is bulkier than its counterpart here. At the same time, it stands out in an overall design that makes it look sleek and more appealing overall in terms of the visual aspect. 

This grill has wheels on its cart to make moving it super easy. The wheels also lock to safely keep it in place otherwise. The Weber Spirit has 529 square inches of total cooking space. The majority of that is on the primary rack with about 105 square inches on the warming rack. 

This grill has 3 burners and puts out around 32,000 BTUs. You will find that this is considerably less than the Signet, despite the larger cooking area that the Spirit offers. This just means that the heat output is going to be lower in comparison. 

The cooking grate is cast iron so it won’t rust easily and it will retain heat well for cooking purposes. This is a cooking grate designed to last. The side shelves are stainless steel and offer plenty of space as needed. They are a bit tedious to fold in for storage. 

Broil King Signet 320 Review

What We Like…

  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • 635 total square inches of cooking space
  • Sensi-touch control temperature knobs
  • 10-year Warranty

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Not as visually appealing as the Spirit

The Broil King Signet is smaller in size and stature compared to the Spirit but it’s also less bulky and slightly more user-friendly overall. They too offer propane gas or a natural gas option and the price will vary depending on which you choose. 

The Signet King 320 comes in only one color choice, which is a nice stainless steel and black that looks great anywhere. The stainless steel is not as shiny so, at first glance, the visual comparison is handed to the Spirit. 

The Signet King is easy to move and the side trays easily collapse for storage. It’s not as bulky as the Spirit and it’s easier to move around all things considered. It just feels lighter and moves less roughly. 

The cooking area is wider overall at 635 square inches but the primary cooking rack is smaller at only about 400 square inches. The warming rack takes up the rest of that space, making the actual cooking surface smaller than that of the Spirit. At the same time, it’s plenty large to cook for small crowds and families alike. 

The Signet is equipped with 3 burners that exude 40,000 BTU, which is higher than the Spirit. The grill heats quickly and stays nice and hot overall. The burners are high-quality stainless steel that are made in America. 

Weber and Broil King Mid-Range Line Comparison

Weber Genesis II S-435 Vs. Broil King Baron S490  

Again, we compare two grills that fall into the same category when it comes to size and functionality. Let’s find out how Weber and Broil King stand apart when compared in the mid-range category. 

Here is a quick reference comparison chart. 

Weber Genesis S-435Broil King Baron S490
Technical SpecsWeber Genesis S-435Broil King Baron S-490
Cooking Space844 square inches695 square inches
Dimensions (closed)62H x 65W x 31D57H x 24W x 45.5D
Warranty10 years15 years
Hooks/ShelvesStainless steel side tables, 6 hooksStainless steel side tables
ThermometerBuilt into lidBuilt into lid
MaterialsStainless steel with cast iron grateStainless steel with cast iron grates
Check PriceCheck Price

Broil King Baron S 490 Review – Angry BBQ Top Pick

What We Like…

  • Higher BTUs at 50,000
  • Rotisserie kit included
  • 695 square inches of cooking space
  • Sleek and visually appealing
  • Stands out in overall quality and materials

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Smaller overall cooking area than the reviewed Genesis

When it comes to being sleek and visually appealing, the Broil King Baron has also got it. This was something we felt was slightly lacking in the Signet. This grill is big and beautiful with plenty of functionality and versatility. 

The burners are made with dual-tube stainless steel and this grill also has the additional side burner with significant capacity. The Broil King is unique in that is has additional casings where you can set sauces or seasoning and not take up your shelf space.

The Baron comes with a built-in rotisserie system which is a very nice feature. At the back of the grill is an extra indirect burner to be used with the included rotisserie motor, spit, and clamps. I currently run a Broil King Regal S590 Pro and it comes with the rotisserie kit. This is such a nice feature to have especially for cooking chickens or small roasts. You’ll be glad you have this option.

Compared to the Genesis, the cooking area is quite a bit smaller. The Baron cooking space is not much more than the earlier Signet, if we’re being honest. The total cooking space is 695 square inches, with 500 of those being the primary cooking space. The primary cooking space of the Genesis was far larger at 646 square inches. 

The primary burners in the Baron have 50,000 BTUs, which is significantly higher than the Genesis, despite the smaller cooking area. 

The ignition system is comparable to the Weber infinity ignition and it seems to always light. Make sure to keep a fresh battery in the ignition at the start of every season.

The grease management system on the Baron is not quite as sleek and easy as the Weber. This is an area that Broil King could work on. It is easy to drip grease out of the trap when removing it.

In addition to the sleek design, the wheels are something to compare here. The Baron has 4 caster gliding wheels that are much sturdier and more user-friendly considering the size of this grill. The casters will also lock down so this unit will not be knocked over by high winds. Both grills give you plenty of control and functionality. 

Weber Genesis II S-435 Review

What We Like…

  • Significant cooking space with 646 square inches
  • Bold and visually appealing
  • Includes an extra side burner
  • 48,000 BTUs is acceptable for the size
  • Compatible with the iGrill app

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Fewer BTUs for the cooking space, compared to the Baron

This grill is an extra-large grill option. When you look at Weber Spirit vs. Genesis, the first thing you notice is the cooking space is increased dramatically. The 435 also comes with the additional burner which helps increase the grill area and will assist with better temperature control and two zone cooking.

In terms of style, the Weber Genesis has it mastered. Their grills are sleek and all shiny stainless steel that really draws you in. With the Genesis, you have the compatibility to use advanced technologies like the iGrill thermometer and app. This grill links to your mobile device and lets you monitor the temperature without standing directly at the grill. 

The grill is large with a wheeled cart to make moving easier. It has 2 large side shelves that are thick and sturdy. They could hold considerable weight. They are more challenging to put away and they also seem bulky compared to the other model. 

Weber has their famed infinity ignition system that promises a lit flame every time you fire up. This is definitely a weak area for lower quality grills. Nothing is more annoying than getting a bbq lighter (that’s probably out of fuel) and trying to light your grill.

Weber also brings their grease management system to the Genesis II. The bottom of the grill is tapered to a central grease drop zone where a grease tray can be dropped in and locked down. This makes removing a full grease tray an easy job.

You have plenty of options and functionality as well as an additional sear burner set on one side. This grills BTU rings in at 74/BTU per hour per square inch, which is plenty for the 844 square inches of space it provides. 646 square inches of that are attributed to the primary cooking space. 

What we do see here again is that the BTU level overall is lower at 48,000 BTUs for the cooking space. This seems to be a slight flaw for Weber but keep in mind that this is sufficient for the system. 

Weber and Broil King Luxury Line Comparison

Weber Summit S-670 Vs Broil King Regal

Below, you will find a quick reference comparison chart as well. 

weber summit 670Broil King Regal S690
Technical SpecsWeber Summit S-670Broil King Regal S 690 Pro
Cooking Space769 square inches750 square inches
Dimensions (closed)57.1H x 74.1W x 30D49.2H x 24.8W x 76L
Warranty10 years15 years
Hooks/ShelvesStainless steel side tables, 6 hooksSteel side tables, drawer, racks
ThermometerBuilt into lidBuilt into lid x2
MaterialsStainless steel with cast iron gratesBuilt into lid x2
Check PriceCheck Price

Weber Summit S-670 Review  – Angry BBQ Top Pick

What We Like…

  • Includes a rotisserie burner
  • 6 stainless steel burners
  • Natural gas grill
  • 10-year company guarantee
  • Large and versatile grill option

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Price. It’s by far the highest but like most things, you get what you pay for.

The Weber Summit is pure stainless steel with no black or color additions. It is sleek and stylish and also noticeably more expensive than the Imperial. You can expect to spend about $2,700 on this premium grill that Weber offers. 

One thing we want to point out is that both of these grill models have both natural gas and propane gas choices and the prices may vary depending on which feature you choose. The overall weight of the Summit is much heavier and bulkier to maneuver. It weighs in at about 290 pounds. This weight exemplifies the build quality of a Summit. You are getting heavy gauge steel that will stand the test of time.   

In size, the Summit is slightly larger, measuring at 3.9×2.5×4.3 feet. The Summit is equipped with front-mounted controls and 6 stainless steel burners. The burners are setup with a snap-jet ignition system that is individually tied to each burner. 

The S-670 comes with a built in smoker box. This enables you to put in your favorite wood chips to add a smokey flavor to your grilled items. There is also a sear station and a gourmet kit which allows you to remove the round center area of the grids to drop in Weber cooking accessories like their griddle, chicken cooker and more.

You will not be short on hooks to hand all your grill tools either. There are over 6 hooks. Don’t forget grill lights built onto the handle, lighted control knobs and 9mm solid stainless steel cooking grates.

This grill also had a rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner which provides that ability for indirect rotisserie cooking. The cart is enclosed and the grill is equipped with a thermometer.  

Broil King Regal S 690 Pro Review

What We Like…

  • 60,000 BTU
  • 750 square inch cooking space
  • Sensi-touch knob technology
  • Multiple shelves and cabinets
  • Easy to maneuver and use
  • Infra-Red Burner

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Not as many additional functions as the Summit

A Brief History of Weber Grills

Weber brings a lot to the grill table. Since starting back in 1893 they have brought many innovations to the BBQ world. Back in 1952, George Stevens of the Weber company, fabricated the first Charcoal Kettle which revolutionized the way people would BBQ at home. Today, we’re focusing on the key lines that make up Weber’s offering.

Spirit Models Overview:

  • The Spirit series is Weber’s introductory gas grill line. It is still a very high quality grill when compared to lesser brands but lacks some of the innovative features of the Genesis line. The Spirit provides quality construction and materials with a no frills approach. They are typically smaller in size. If you want more grill space and burners, you need to step into a Genesis. There are now two different Spirit lines. The Spirit and Spirit II. We go through these in great detail here.

Genesis II Models Overview:

  • The Genesis line brings the quality construction and materials of the Spirit but brings you into the latest innovations such as options for infrared burners, attractive exterior colors and finishes, and more. This is the mid-range line for Weber but a very high end product in the world of gas grills. Currently Weber has almost 40 different Genesis II models available. Full 10 year warranty. We compare the differences of the Genesis to the Spirit here.

Summit Models Overview:

  • The Summit series comes in charcoal or gas options. These are the premium choices from Weber. The Summit is the pinnacle offering from Weber. No expense is spared when building this series. The highest end materials and every possible creature comfort are included in this line. Be ready to shell out a premium for this line of grills. Full 10 year warranty.

A Brief History of Broil King

Broil King also has multiple grills to choose from. They have similar choices in the categories of pellet, gas, charcoal, portable, and even built-in grill options. Broil King was founded in 1906 by the Onward Manufacturing company. There is a lot of heritage in this company and they are still family run. Here are the lines you will see discussed today. 

Signet Models Overview:

  • The Signet is a gas grill that compares to the Spirit series from Weber. It’s simple and sturdy with easy to use dials and controls. This is a standard-sized grill with side trays. This line has 3 options to choose from and is part of Broil Kings introductory lines. The Signet is one of Broil Kings best selling gas grills today. Full 10-year warranty is standard.

Baron Models Overview:

  • The Baron compares to the Weber Genesis line. It comes in comparable sizes and burner options as the Genesis II line.  In this mid-grade range you start seeing better construction, materials, options and sizes being available. Standard features like the 8mm stainless cooking grids and Flav-R-Wave system gets you into the realm of premium features. Infrared burners are also available in this line. Full 15-year warranty is standard.

Regal Models Overview:

  • The Regal line is now Broil Kings flagship offering. Previously the Imperial line was the premium model line, that has recently been discontinued in what appears to be an effort to reduce model lines that had minimal differences. You get every new innovation offered from Broil King, the best materials, fit and finish and the largest grill sizes. It’s stainless steel with closed shelves and plenty of dials (that illuminate) and controls. Broil King is famous for adding extra options as standard affair. The Regal series has 9mm stainless cooking grids, rotisserie kit, and Full 15-year warranty.

When it comes to choices, Weber has more choices to offer overall but their number of choices could be overwhelming to some. We decided to focus on the lines that compete more directly with one another. We wanted to compare apples to apples with this comparison and I think we did a good job with the lines we picked. We also wanted to pick the lines that are best sellers for the companies and are readily available.

Broil King isn’t the only grill company with Canadian roots. Napoleon Grills is based in Quebec and makes competitive grills compared to Broil King and Weber.

Are Weber and Broil King
Made in the USA?

Made in the USA logo

Both of these companies have their primary headquarters and production plants in the USA. 

Where are Weber Grills Made?

Weber headquarters are located in Illinois and this is where the grills are assembled and produced. The thing to note here is that while the grills are made in the USA and the company is headquartered there, many of the components of the grills are imported

Unfortunately, this actually puts them on the edge of being able to claim that their products are made in the USA. This is not an uncommon practice. What you need to keep in mind is that some of the grills are built on USA soil and the offices are headquartered there as well. 

Weber grills has continued to change components to imported components over the years and more attention has been drawn to this noticeable fact. Our research shows that the more premium lines of grills are still assembled in the USA and they might contain globally sourced materials. The Weber Spirit and the Genesis II are currently made in China.

Where are Broil King Grills Made?

On the other hand, Broil King grills are built in the USA and so far there is no information that suggests otherwise. It’s not clear whether the parts are also made in the USA but the fact that there is nothing trying to draw that out, makes us think they are in the clear. 

Broil King has manufacturing plants in both Indiana and Tennessee. They also have a plant in Ontario, Canada. This is a family-owned company fully supported in the North American range, using for sure North American steel for their products. 

Now, it’s up to you to determine whether this is relevant in the match of Broil King Grills vs. Weber grills. Let’s move on to comparing specific products and making a decision on the winner. 

The Regal S 690 Pro is a standout grill. When it comes to overall visual appeal, the Imperial wins this competition. It is stainless steel with black edging that really makes it pop. It’s modern and superior and has everything you could possibly need in a grill such as infra-red side burner, rotisserie kit and rotisserie burner, lighted controls and now built in cook box lighting.

This grill has a clearly indicated 60,000 BTU output while utilizing two separate cook boxes. It just looks huge and fancy at a glance. At a whopping 310 lbs in natural gas version, you are buying some high grade steel.

Another big upgrade that only comes in the Regal series is the cast stainless steel cooking grids. These are very easy to clean and are also double sided. One side has a sharp taper that is perfect for putting sear marks in your steak. Flip it over and you have grooved grates that help with continuous basting meats.

There is no shortage of storage either. The Regal comes with not just shelves but actual pull out drawers to house all your tools. There are multiple hanging hooks located at both ends of the grill and also short stacking shelves for your sauces and cooking condiments.

The Regal utilizes a 6-burner design with 4 burners in the large cook box and two in the small cook box. Having multiple cook boxes adds extreme flexibility. You can have two completely separate cooks happening at the same time. Put a large chicken or turkey on the rotisserie in the large cook box and sear some steaks in the small cook box. You have endless options.

This model includes their illuminated sensi-touch control knobs that are high tech and user-friendly. In price, the Regal is slightly less than the Summit 670. It appears to be the winner here in our books but they are both credible and great options. 

General Comparison

In a match between Broil King Grills vs. Weber Grills, they both stand out to us in their own ways. What we noticed the most is that Broil King typically had higher BTUs for the cooking space covered. This may be good or bad depending on your skill set and attention span. I’ve heard Weber fans call Broil King, “Burn King”. To me having the extra BTU’s is great for the people that know how to use a grill and keep an eye on their cooks.

They both offer custom warranties and guarantees from the company. Weber has unique iGrill technology that connects to a phone app while Broil King has Sensi-touch knob technology that sets them apart. 

The overall construction is comparable in quality. Broil King uses American-made steel and tends to be less bulky and cumbersome. 


It’s hard to pick a winner in this type of comparison because both companies are the leaders in this gas grill space. We helped point out the differences of each and what makes them unique. At the end of the day Broil King comes in with slightly lower prices or includes a couple more features than Weber. Weber is known for high quality but what’s disappointing is they continue to outsource more labor and parts to countries outside of the US. I believe in US and Canada made goods so I personally prefer Broil King. Here we demonstrate how to properly clean our Broil King Gas Grill.

If I had to pick one of these units based on overall value, build quality and features, I would pick the Broil King Baron S490. It’s a great overall package and 90% of the population would never need more than what this grill has to offer.

However, we want to point out that both brands are quality options. Choosing a clear cut winner is certainly a challenge and you can’t go wrong with any one of the models compared and reviewed above. 

Here’s to sweet summertime and outdoor grilling! Happy shopping. Still interested in another Weber comparison?

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  1. A few things to note. The Broil King has a cast aluminum top on the fire box on Signet line and the Weber does not.

    On the Summit line Weber does not use a cast aluminum firebox at all and the summits fall apart from rust because of it. I would never recommend a Weber Summit gas grill to anyone as they are way overpriced and fall apart. The Spirit and Genesis are very good grills.

    I like the fact that Weber finally has some competition and wish I saw more of them in the big box stores as competition will keep Weber on its toes.

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