ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Thermometer Review

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Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 Review

Did you know that food poisoning sends hundreds of thousands of people to the hospital each year and can cause long-term health problems? One way you can help prevent food poisoning is to cook food to proper temperatures. The best way to do that is with an accurate thermometer that allows you to make sure your food has come out of temperature danger zones (between 40°F -140°F).

I was recently given a ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Thermometer, and it is now my go-to thermometer for meat, baked goods, left-overs… anything that I want to check the temperature on. Check out this review to see why it will be a keeper in my kitchen. 

byb2-table__imageChefsTemp Finaltouch X10
  • 1 sec Readout
  • Rotating Display
  • Magnetic Backing

About ChefsTemp 

ChefsTemp offers kitchen appliances that help cooks, BBQ grill masters, and just everyday people with high-end cooking technology. They have a collection of high-tech, user-friendly cooking products. They’re recognized as an industry leader for the past 30 years and continue to offer products that are award-winning. 

They have a few categories of thermometers, starting with the Pocket Pro Digital Thermometer. Their Alarm Thermometer is another product that is highly useful if you’re cooking food over an extended period that needs monitoring since it has a remote alarm. 

One thing I notice about all of ChefsTemp’s products is the focus on accessibility to all users, whether you’re left handed or right-handed. They also test every device against National Sanitation Foundation standards and are NSF Certified, which helps protect the public against faulty and unsafe equipment. 

Do I Really Need a Thermometer?

Even if you feel you’ve been doing pretty good in the kitchen or on the grill without a thermometer, I’d argue that your food and time are better with a thermometer. Owning one is about quality and safety in almost everything you cook. 

By carefully monitoring food temperatures in all stages of cooking, you drastically lower the chance of serving food that can cause food-borne illnesses. 

Thermometers also help prevent overcooked food. Accurate readings on a thermometer tell you when you can take your meat off the grill or food out of the oven. It tells when you’ve rested your meat long enough so it’s up to a safe temperature and still is juicy and tender. 

ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Thermometer Overview and Specs  

The thermometer comes in a well-packaged black box and operating instructions. Many other thermometers require calibration, but ChefsTemp notes this device is ready-to-use out of the box. They provide calibration instructions for your reference. 

ChefsTemp recently updated the Finaltouch X10. The previous X10 would provide accurate temperature readouts in 2-3 seconds. The new X10 provides readouts in 1 second which is similar to the Thermapen One.

Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 Boxed

ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Thermometer Specifications

Accuracy1 second reading time with +0.7F accuracy
Temperature Range-22 to 572°F
Battery Type2 X AAA 
Battery PowerSpecified as “Long” on the package and 3000 hours of battery life on their website
Display Accuracy 0.1°
Water Resistance Rating IP67 – submersible to 1 m (the best waterproof rating a device can have)
Shutoff feature Automatic
Thermometer SensorThermocouple 
Backlight Yes
Product Weight4.4 oz 
StorageMagnetic backside 

What We Like About this Thermometer 

  • Probe Rotation: The Finaltouch X10 has a probe that rotates 270 degrees. So you can reach food at awkward angles or use either hand. 
Thermometer Probe Rotated 2
Thermometer Probe Rotated
  • Simple and Clear Display: This digital thermometer features a black background with white numbers, making the numbers sharp and easy-to-see. The large digits and screen make it visible at all angles. 
  • Auto-rotating Digits: There are motion sensors built in that detect when you rotate the thermometer and adjust the display. Even when you move the probe around, you’re always looking at the numbers correctly. 
  • Magnetic: No one likes to dig around in a drawer when you’re in the heat of cooking. The magnetic backside gives you the flexibility to put on any metal surface, like a refrigerator, for easy access. 
  • Intelligent back light: This meat thermometer has an intelligent motion-activated back light display that goes dim after 3 minutes of being idle. Once you pick it up, it automatically brightens back up for use. No more worrying about turning it on when you’re in the middle of testing food. 
  • Sharp enough probe tip: The probe tip is sharp enough to penetrate meat or semi-solids without force. 
  • Hold Temp Button: Sometimes it’s necessary to get a reading of food that’s in the oven or on the hot grill. The HOLD button locks in the temperature, keeping it on the display even after you pull the probe out of the food. This makes it even safer to use a thermometer when cooking. 
Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 Review
  • Water resistant: Since the probe of the thermometer goes into different foods, you want to make sure it stays clean between uses. The device is water-resistant up to 39″ for up to 40 minutes, which means I can give it a good cleaning without fear of it breaking. Keep in mind, this has some smart technology, so it’s not dishwasher safe. 
  • Accurate temperature readings: Probably the most important feature is the temperature readings. This device has a quick response time and accurate readings. We tested it against the temperature on the Z Grills 700D3 and they were the same. 
  • Surface temperature readings: The minimum depth needed to get a reading is just 1/5″ so you can test the temperature of the surface of your food too.  
Finaltouch X10 Backside

What Made Us Angry about this Thermometer 

I honestly could not think of any missing feature or issues with this cooking thermometer. I noticed that the packaging seems to change based on other online reviews. But I only see that as the company trying to improve how they ship out their product. 

  • I saw one reviewer say that the size of this instant-read unit seemed bulkier compared to other products. Yet, even as someone with hands on the smaller size, I didn’t have any issue holding the unit and seeing the display. 

Price Review

The standard price for the Finaltouch X10 is $89.99. I noticed they offer deals occasionally and compete with other instant-read digital thermometers. These go on sale regularly so keep that in mind.

ChefTemp has a 30-day return policy and a 3 year warranty. Based on their reviews, it seems most people are highly satisfied with the product. 

byb2-table__imageChefsTemp Finaltouch X10
  • 1 sec Readout
  • Rotating Display
  • Magnetic Backing

Overall Verdict 

I’ve had several food thermometers, and this one is my ultimate favorite one. It makes taking temperatures of food easy and safe. This thermometer can be used both indoors and outdoors with no issues. We liked it enough to add it to our list of best instant read thermometers.

ThermoWorks is the dominant player in the instant read thermometer market and they provide a certificate of calibration to verify the accuracy of their thermapens. ChefsTemp does not provide this certificate, so that is something to keep in mind if you want extreme temperature reading accuracy.

It’s powered by smart technology, sturdy, and has very helpful features. I’m looking forward to checking the temperature of my future meals. 

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2 thoughts on “ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Thermometer Review”

  1. I highly recommend not buying anything from this company. They are not a leader in the field nor are they even remotely trustworthy. I recently bought their pocket pro digital thermometer, which they advertise as using the same sensor as the FinalTouch X10 and having the same reading time. I received the product only to see that the packaging had different (worse) specifications than what is claimed on their website. Tried reaching out to them and they never email me back and never answer their customer service phone line. Awful company and I’ll go to the ends of the Earth to expose them.

    1. Hi Monica,
      Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience with the Pocket Pro. We only tested the Finaltouch X10 so far and are quite happy with it. Keep emailing the company and see what they can do for you.

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