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EndGrain Cutting Board Review: Sturdy And Beautiful

I was excited to review this EndGrain Cutting Board from Pit Barrel Cooker Co. I was even more excited when I opened the box and saw this wooden masterpiece. It’s no wonder Pit Barrel Co. calls this the Ferrari of cutting boards. Read below for my full review.

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By Brent Doud


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A good cutting board is an essential part of every home and competition BBQ. I use cutting boards while I’m prepping meat and veggies for the grill or smoker. Then after the cook, I slice the briskets, pork tenderloins, roasts, ribs, steaks, and other cuts of meats. Occasionally, I use the cutting board to serve the meat as well. It makes for a great presentation especially if you have a nice-looking large cutting board like this one.

I was excited to check out this EndGrain Cutting Board from Pit Barrel Cooker Co. I was even more excited when I opened the box and saw this wooden masterpiece. It’s no wonder Pit Barrel Co. calls this the Ferrari of cutting boards. Even the box that the cutting board comes in is top-notch.

Let’s face it, looks and performance are what I am looking for in a BBQ cutting board. I want to be able to use and then serve my gorgeous BBQ creations on this cutting board and have my friends say “WOW… Look at that”.

An Overview Of EndGrain Cutting Boards

Engrain is the brand name of the company and they just so happen to make endgrain cutting boards. The company EndGrain was the brainchild of Pit Barrel Cooker Co., Noah Glanville. EndGrain is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and sources all of its walnut and maple from nearby trees. While EndGrain is its own company, EndGrain cutting boards are sold through Pit Barrel Cooker’s website almost exclusively.

A short video of me slicing 2 tri-tips on the Endgrain Cutting Board.

EndGrain Cutting Board Review

Remember, I am judging this cutting board on both performance and looks. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the sheer girth and beauty of this Endgrain cutting board. It’s 2″ thick and the 14″x18″ version that I have weighs 13 pounds. The 18″ x 24″ version weighs 22 pounds according to the website. The combination of end-grain cut maple and walnut is strikingly unique and gorgeous. It’s hard not to admire it each time I use it. Plus this thing is sturdy and stays in place when I use it. I have not had any issues with this BBQ cutting board sliding around.

Handle grooves are a must with the size and weight of this BBQ cutting board. The handle grooves make it much easier to handle when carrying it or lifting it off the countertop. I like the handle grooves because you can use both sides of the cutting board. You can use the side with the large juice groove for cutting and the side without the juice groove for serving.

The juice groove on this cutting board is so impressive that they have a patent on it. I looked up the patent and it appears to be a design patent on the slope of the juice groove and the piur spout. The large 1.25″ juice groove is sloped so the juice will head over to the pour spout where you can easily pour out the juice from the cutting board. It’s a nice touch and was needed when I cut 16 juicy chicken thighs on it in the photo below.

My Ownership Experience

I have used this cutting board on over a dozen cooks now. I’ve made brisket, burnt ends, 321 ribs, chicken thighs, reverse-seared smoked tri-tip to name a few. Thankfully, I’ve enjoyed using this cutting board every time I’ve put it on my table. 13 pounds is weighty, so you will need a place to store this where you can grab it easily. I store mine in plain sight behind my stove up against the backsplash. It looks great in plain sight in my kitchen.

The 14″ x 18″ size is good for almost all my BBQ cookouts. The only cut of meat that would might be a bit large is a full uncooked packer brisket. Thankfully, EndGrain’s biggest 18″ x 24″ size would be able to accommodate that for the entire trimming process. Otherwise, this smaller size is nice and easier to store, handle, and clean. This smaller size will still fit well into my sink.

EndGrain Cutting Board Care

If you’re used to plastic or other synthetic materials, you’re used to simply washing the cutting board thoroughly with standard dish soap and water. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you’re working with a wood-cutting board, you want to take steps to ensure its longevity.

EndGrain put together a package with soap, oil, and wax to take proper care of your cutting board (and it even comes with a guide to when you should be using each part of the package). You don’t have to oil or wax the board after every use. EndGrain recommends that you oil and wax it at least once a month (but you can do it more often).

Why An End-Grain Cutting Board?

If you’re using a plastic cutting board, you are probably wondering what the fuss about an end-grain cutting board is. I’ve used a wood cutting board before, but this was my first time using a cutting board made with wood assembled using the end grain. My previous cutting board is made with the “face grain” or “edge grain” (wood assembled the long way).

So what’s the big difference? Well, besides the more unique look, it’s actually better for the longevity of the cutting board. The boards tend to be more durable and the wood fibers of an end-grain cutting board tend to close up any cuts more easily than the edge-grain boards. Some people refer to this as self-healing.

End-grain cutting boards tend to keep your knives a bit sharper compared to edge-grain cutting boards and this is god for everyone.

Why Walnut And Maple?

Both walnut and maple are good woods for a cutting board. They make for a cutting surface that is hard enough to hold up to repeated usage without being so hard that it dulls your knife blades after one or two uses. Plus the combo of maple and walnut wood makes for a striking design aesthetic. These 2 wood species also have a natural antimicrobial nature that makes them ideal for cutting boards.

Cutting Board
End Grain Cutting Board with Large Juice Groove

The EndGrain Medium-Sized Cutting Board is the mid-sized, do-it-all cutting and serving surface that’s perfect for everyday use in the kitchen and on the table. It measures 18” x 14” x 2” with a 1-1/4” wide juice channel

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Final Thoughts

I love this cutting board. It looks great, it holds up to repeated uses, and even with its weight, it’s easy to carry thanks to the handles. The juice groove can hold plenty of meat juices so you aren’t making a mess on your table or counter.

If you are a serious home cook, grillmaster, or backyard pitmaster this cutting board will serve you well for many years. This will also make the perfect gift for any BBQ lover. Plus, it will look great for all those social media photos!