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Father’s Day Gifts for Grilling – For The Grill Master And BBQ Lover In Your Life

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate your Father and any other significant people in our life. If your father in your life loves to spend time around the BBQ or Smoker, then they’ll love some of these grilling and barbecue gift ideas!


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Father’s Day is a time to celebrate our fathers and any other significant people in our lives. I am a father as is Brent Doud, and I know we would love getting some of these for Father’s Day! If your father in your life loves to spend time around the BBQ or Smoker, then they’ll love some of these grilling and barbecue gift ideas!

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When is Father’s Day This Year?

Father’s Day 2024 is on June 16th, 2024. Make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to get your shopping done!

We’ve got a list of gifts for grilling in several price points perfect for every budget. Plus we’ve got a wide variety of items so there’s a gift for someone getting into grilling or barbecue for the first time, the casual backyard griller, grill master, or the experienced backyard pitmaster. There’s a selection of grilling tools, accessories to get more out of a grill or smoker, and even some ways to learn more about grilling and barbecue

Under $25 – Budget Friendly And Last-Minute Gifts

OXO Good Grips Grill Spatula

OXO Good Grips Grilling Tools
  • Durable spatula is perfect for flipping burgers on the grill
  • The double-bend design provides leverage for lifting
  • Non-slip grips for a comfortable hold

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Spatulas are an essential grilling tool, especially when you’re grilling a lot of burgers for a cookout. You don’t want a cheap and flimsy spatula. This spatula from OXO is made from stainless steel and clocks in at almost half a pound. It feels sturdy which is such a nice feeling.

This spatula is long enough to keep you from exposing your arms to the heat of the grill without being awkwardly long. It’s also got a nice rubberized grip for comfortable and easy handling. If you’re concerned about a big burger flopping over the edge, don’t be. The head is a full four inches wide so you’ll get plenty of contact with even the biggest of burgers you’ll throw on your grill. And if your father loves making insanely large burgers that’ll cover the entire grilling surface, get him two.

GRILLHOGS 3-Pack Of Tongs (9″, 12″, and 16″)

GRILL HOGS 9″ Grill Tongs with Durable Soft Grip Handle
  • Pack of 3
  • 9", 12" and 16" BBQ Tongs
  • Durable Soft Grip Handle
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Losing a steak, sausage, or hot dog due to tongs failing is the worst feeling in the world. Maybe we didn’t click our tongs enough times. Or maybe we were just using crappy tongs. These tongs from GRILLHOGS are definitely high quality. They’re strong and well-built so they won’t twist and lose grip as soon as you try to pick something up. These will make a perfect gift for the grill master in your life.

While we’ve used the GRILLHOGS tongs with the oak grips, these tongs have rubberized handles to keep our hands comfortable for cooking a lot of food. Not only that, but the heads of the tongs have scalloped edges to grip your food well without tearing it apart. These tongs lock shut and have a loop so you can hang them for storage, too. The multiple sizes are perfect for different sizes of grills as well.

Grill Brushes

Now this can take a little bit of knowledge about his grill setup. Even though we can be tempted to just get one grill brush no matter what type of grill grates our grill has, that’s not necessarily the best idea. You see, grill brushes suited to cleaning cast iron grates could be too rough for stainless steel grill grates.

Grillaholics Essentials Brass Grill Brush
  • Lifetime Manufacture Warranty
  • Built from heavy duty stainless brass and triple machine tested to the highest safety standards
  • 18 inches long, our brushes are long enough to keep you safe from heat
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My personal favorite grill brush is the Grillaholics Essentials Brass Grill Brush. It’s perfect for porcelain-enameled grill grates which are quite commonplace. It’s strong enough to get caked-on debris without scratching up the finish and causing me problems.

Check out our list of the best grill brushes to match the right grill brush to the right grill grates!

Napoleon Smoke Tube

Napoleon 67020 BBQ Smoke Tube

Easily turn your gas grill into a smoker with Napoleon's BBQ Smoking Starter Kit. Fill the stainless steel smoker tube half way with the chips of your choice, submerge in water, then place on the sear plates of your grill.

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One way to elevate food is by adding the flavor of wood smoke. It’s part of why barbecue is so beloved. However, you don’t need to go out and get your father a brand-new smoker for Father’s Day so he can enjoy some smoke-flavored food. This smoke tube from Napoleon is the perfect way to do that whether he’s smoking on a pellet grill and wants even more smoke flavor or just wants some wood smoke on whatever he’s grilling.

All he has to do is fill it halfway with his preferred flavor of wood chips and place it on the grill over the flame. The flames and wood chips will do the rest. If he’s using this on a pellet grill, he can light the wood chips with a lighter first.

Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce

Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce (20 oz)
  • Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Thick and Rich - Gluten Free
  • Sticks to your meat” and has a “sweet with the right amount of heat” attitude!
  • Excellent on pork, beef, wild game, fish, hot wings, mixed with ground meats, veggies, and especially on ribs
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Don’t get your Dad any old basic BBQ sauce. Step up this year’s Father’s Day gift with something a bit different. My personal favorite is Blues Hog’s Original BBQ sauce. It’s got plenty of sweetness from the brown sugar base but achieves balance with the apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and assorted spices. It’s a step up from the normal mass-produced grocery store brands without getting crazy. The perfect gift for every grill master in your life.

Burger Iron Professional Grade Burger Smasher

Burger Iron The Professional Grade Burger Smasher
  • EXTRA WIDE 6" Round Design for the Thinnest, Crispiest Burgers
  • SMOOTH Stainless Steel Surface Minimizes Sticking - Simply Smash, Twist, and Lift !
  • DISHWASHER SAFE Rubber Handle for Long Lasting Durability and Extra Grip

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Have you ever wanted to replicate a crispy smashburger at home? With a high-quality burger smasher press, you can! Whether you’re using a cast iron skillet or outdoor griddle like a Blackstone, this stainless steel press will help you get evenly thin patties. It has a comfortable handle to ensure you’ll keep a good grip whether you’re smashing your first or 10th burger of the night.

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto Cookbook

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Cookbook

A complete meat and brisket-cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster and owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue.

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Even before I became a father, I loved cookbooks. So does my father. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a cookbook all about how to smoke meat? This is the first cookbook from Aaron Franklin, pitmaster of Franklin Barbecue in Texas.

However, to call this just a cookbook would be doing it an injustice. Franklin brings all his years of experience smoking meat on topics ranging from recipes to picking the best meat, to sourcing your wood and even building a smoker. This is perfect for a father who wants to get into smoking barbecue in his backyard but isn’t sure how to begin.

If you’ve never heard of Franklin before, he’s one of the most influential people in Texas BBQ. He’s fundamental to the shift to craft barbecue in Texas and won the James Beard Award in 205 for Best Chef, Southwest. He’s a legend in the barbecue world and worth listening to. There’s a reason why Franklin BBQ has mammoth lines. Also, check out the Aaron Franklin MasterClass here. This will knock the socks off of any BBQ lover who wants to elevate his grill game. It’s listed a bit lower in the article.

Bear Paws The Original Shredder Claws

Bear Paws The Original Shredder Claws – Made in The USA

The answer to perfectly shredded meat without the mess and headache of knives and forks. Easily grasp and shred pork, chicken, beef, and more with the ultra-sharp claws. Made of BPA-free nylon and heat-resistant up to 475 degrees. Never worry about your shredding tools melting near the grill or in the dishwasher.

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While true pulled pork can be shredded by hand, there’s something fun and satisfying about putting on a couple of meat claws like a barbecue version of brass knuckles and tearing into a pork butt. It’s also nice to protect your hands from the heat of a pork butt that’s been resting and still clocking in around 170°-180°F internal temperature.

These claws are sharp enough to tear through tender pork, chicken, and beef but aren’t going to gouge or scratch whatever the meat is in. Metal claws look nice but they can cause damage if you’re not careful. I prefer the heat-resistant nylon claws for their combination of effectiveness and safety to myself, the people around me, and my pans.

Set Of Two LED Grill Lights

Flexible LED BBQ Grill Lights Set of 2

Complete lighting set for grills: Each purchase of our package includes 2 of our awesome magnetic grill light units and 6 AAA alkaline batteries

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Sometimes people want to grill even if the sun is down. Sometimes we have to start the smoker in the early hours to have fresh barbecue ready for dinner. The biggest problem (besides being tired) is the lack of light. This two-pack of LED lights fixes that issue. They have magnetic bases so they can anchor to a side shelf, pellet hopper, or even a metal grill handle. They also have flexible necks so you can turn the LEDs to face wherever you need light.

I also like that this set comes with a handy carrying case. My family likes to camp, so the case makes it easy to pack the lights up and take on the go. Sometimes you need to get up early and fire up that portable grill for a really early breakfast. The set also comes with the batteries needed to get started right away which is always a nice bonus.

Grill Light LED Spatula

Grill Light LED Spatula
  • Bright LED light for grilling at night
  • Sturdy spatula
  • Removable flashlight for cleaning the spatula
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While we already looked at a spatula and some BBQ lights, what if you can combine them into one tool? That’s exactly what we’ve got here. This spatula has plenty of weight and is sturdy, so it’s not a gimmick. The LED is nice and bright so you can clearly see how your burgers are doing on your grill even if you don’t have any other light source. And when it’s time to clean your spatula, you can simply unclip the flashlight and slip it out of the spatula. That way you can even put this spatula in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Under $50 – Investing In Cooking Outdoors

Grill Trade Fire Starters (100pk)

Charcoal Starter, Fatwood Fire Starter Sticks

Great for charcoal & firewood: Just like fireplace starter sticks, lighter cubes, and fat wood, our grill fire starter is suitable for firing up charcoal and firewood effortlessly. TRAZON charcoal fire starter ensures quick fire even when you use big firewood pieces.

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07/11/2024 09:45 pm GMT

If that special father in your life loves to use a charcoal grill but still uses lighter fluid, help him find a better way to light his charcoal. I love these fire starter sticks from Grill Trade. They work great whether I’m lighting charcoal with a chimney or in a pile at the bottom of my grill. And they work fantastic for starting a campfire, too!

These sticks light easily and burn for a while to give you an extended burn time to ensure your charcoal (or wood) catches and stays lit. These don’t give off any funky smells or add weird flavors to your food either. With 100 fire starters, he’ll be able to fire up plenty of charcoal cooking fires throughout the grilling season.

Grill Armor Gloves Grill Gloves

GRILL ARMOR GLOVES – Oven Gloves 932°F Extreme Heat & Cut Resistant Oven Mitts for BBQ

EN407 certified, that can withstand heats up to 932°F. Our heat resistant gloves provide the highest protection for your hands, so you can cook with confidence with flexible fire gloves in extreme heat. The gloves also provide the highest EN388 level 5 cut resistance which is 4 times stronger than leather. Ideal for cutting vegetables, meats, fish and more.

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No matter whether he grills, smokes, or just cooks in general, a great pair of heat-resistant gloves is a necessity. I love my pair of Grill Armor Gloves and trust them around my grills and the kitchen. When I helped smoke 74 pork butts in one night for a fundraiser, these gloves kept my hands safe around the firebox and while handling the pork butts themselves.

Grill Armor Gloves are made to keep your hands protected from the heat and not break down. That’s thanks to the specialty meta-aramid and para-aramid fibers woven together to make these gloves. Meta-aramid fibers (like Nomex) protect from heat while para-aramid fibers (like Kevlar) offer strength. The gloves also have high-heat silicone grippers on them to ensure you aren’t going to drop your tools or your cast iron skillet during transport.

ThermoWorks ThermoPop 2 Instant-Read Thermometer

ThermoPop 2 - ThermoWorks

ThermoPop 2 is the best temperature measurement experience you can have on a budget. Super-fast readings on a huge, backlit 1 ¼-inch, auto-rotating screen. High accuracy to ±1°F (±0.5°C). Waterproof. NIST-traceable Cal. Cert. and NSF Certified.

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One of the most important parts of grilling or smoking is keeping an eye on internal temperatures. It’s how we can make sure our food is safe to eat without overcooking it. The best way to do that is an instant-read thermometer. The ThermoPop 2 from ThermoWorks is a great value here. You can find ones that are cheaper, but I love how accurate and reliable this is.

It may be a little goofy looking with its round body, but between the large display and the backlight, it’s incredibly easy to use. It’s also accurate to within a degree Fahrenheit. It comes with a certificate of calibration backing that, and when we here at Angry BBQ put it to the test, we verified that accuracy. It’s a great instant-read thermometer that is reliable and won’t break the bank but better than the cheap $10 ones you can find online.

Traeger Louisville Slugger Maple Pellets

Traeger Louisville Slugger Pellets

Crafted from baseball’s most renowned maple hardwood, our limited-run Louisville Slugger Maple Wood Pellets offer a premium burn every time. Be the MVP of backyard barbecues this season and infuse your food with a sweet smoke flavor steeped in the history of America’s favorite pastime.

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If your father loves to smoke on a pellet grill and is a baseball fan, you need to jump on this limited-edition run of pellets from Traeger in partnership with Louisville Slugger. Traeger is taking the leftover maple wood from the bat production process at Louisville Slugger and turning them into maple wood pellets. It’s a heck of a partnership between two legends and icons of the pellet grill world and baseball.

Coleman 316 Series Insulated Portable Cooler

Coleman 316 Series Insulated Portable Cooler
  • FULLY INSULATED: Lid and body keeps the Ice for up to 3 days in temperatures as high as 90°F
  • SWING-UP HANDLES: Easy to for carrying and lifting
  • CUP HOLDERS WITH DRAIN: Molded into the lid to keep drinks from spilling; fit up to a 30-oz. tumbler

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Whether it’s for resting big cuts of meat coming off the smoker, keeping hot dogs and burgers cold before they hit the grill, or simply keeping plenty of drinks close at hand, a good cooler is something every father needs around the grill. Coleman’s 316-series insulated cooler is perfect for all of that.

Want to keep your drinks and meat cold at a hot summer cookout? Coleman says this cooler can keep ice frozen for up to three days in 90°F heat. That meat isn’t going to be warm until it hits the grill.

That insulation will also help keep briskets and pork butts warm during the resting process as well. Resting is an important part of barbecue as it allows the meat to relax after going through the cooking process. Brisket that’s rested for at least two hours after being properly smoked will be tender and juicy for slicing and serving.

VORTEX (In)Direct Heat Cone For Kettle And Kamado-Style Grills

VORTEX (In)Direct Heat Cone For Kettle And Kamado-Style Grills
$49.99 $37.97
  • USA made, high quality stainless & authentic BBQ Vortex.
  • Fits & Compatible with Weber Kettle 22.5 or 26.5, Weber Smokey Mountain, XL BGE & Kamado, Weber Summit, UDS and many more!
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07/11/2024 09:54 pm GMT

If he’s got a kettle grill or a Kamado-style grill like a Big Green Egg, a Vortex could be the next great accessory for him. This metal cone can serve two purposes. First, it can focus the heat from the charcoal fire to one spot for incredible searing temperatures. Secondly, it can help create an indirect heat to help cook low and slow on a charcoal grill.

You can even reverse-sear steaks using the Vortex. Simply light the charcoal inside the cone with the narrow end up. Start your steaks on the grill arrayed outside the focused searing heat. Once they’ve reached the proper temperature, sear them over the Vortex. It’s the easiest way to create two different zones of heat with the direct heat being hotter than simply piling charcoal to one side of the grill.

Weber Rib Rack And Roast Holder

Weber Original Rib And Roast Holder

Use your charcoal grill for roasts and rib racks without placing them directly on cooking grates. 2-in-1 design expands cooking flexibility while minimizing the storage space needed when not in use. Made of plated steel that's dishwasher-safe.

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I love smoking ribs at home. They don’t have the same time commitment of bigger cuts of meat like briskets or pork butts. They’re fairly simple to make, and they taste great. One of the few drawbacks is that they take up a lot of room on a grill or smoker. Enter Weber’s Rib Rack and Roast Holder.

This rack allows you to hold up to five racks of ribs on edge to help maximize the cooking space on a grill or smoker. It’s lightweight and made from plated steel so it’s even dishwasher-safe. However, don’t think this is strictly for ribs. After all, it’s also got roast holder in the name.

All you have to do is flip the rib rack upside down and those same rack holders form a rounded basket to hold large cuts of meat. If you’ve ever wanted to smoke a rib roast, this rack can help hold it safe and secure on your cooking grates. We are big fans of versatility here at Angry BBQ, and this simple steel accessory fits the bill.

Under $100 – For The Grilling Enthusiast

ThermoPro TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TempSpike 500FT Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

100% Wire-Free: Meat thermometer digital wireless removes all the tangled wires, makes it a versatile tool for electric rotisserie, smoker, oven, grill, pan-fry or sous vide; Enjoy 100% wire-free cooking and the convenience of no-hassle setup and cleanup with this turkey thermometer

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One of the most important things any aspiring backyard pitmaster can have is a good meat thermometer. You’ll always want to keep an eye on the internal temperature of whatever is on your grill or smoker. If the father in your life is interested in smoking meat, the TempSpike from ThermoPro is a great way to help.

It’s simple to use and has a good app for setting and monitoring temperatures. The Bluetooth range is fantastic so I never had issues with connectivity even through multiple walls of my house. One nice feature is that the booster base is magnetic so it could stay put on the pellet hopper of my pellet grill during use. It also made storage a breeze as I could stick it on the hood over my stove or on the side of my fridge rather than taking up space in a drawer.

Hedley & Bennett Essential Denver Apron

12oz 100% Cotton
Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron

The Essential Apron was designed alongside creative cooks & tested in the best kitchens in the world. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook our durable chefs aprons will keep you looking & feeling your best in the kitchen.

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When we think about tools for grilling and barbecuing, we typically think about things like utensils and thermometers. Those are all essentials but we can’t forget about protecting ourselves from food messes. That’s where Hedley & Bennet’s Essential Denver apron comes in. It’s our pick for the most comfortable BBQ apron, and that’s really important whether you’re just grilling up some burgers for dinner or going to be around the smoker all day.

It’s easy to slip on and off which makes it ideal for a quick run to the smoker to check on ribs smoking. It’s all cotton which makes it lightweight and the edges are double-stitched for durability. This is a high-quality apron perfect for use in the backyard or in the kitchen.

$100+ – King Of The Backyard

HexClad 12″ Hybrid BBQ Grill Pan

HexClad Hybrid Nonstick BBQ Grill Pan, Heat-Safe to 900 F, Dishwasher Safe

This Hybrid BBQ Pan gives a beautiful sear to delicate ingredients like veggies without risk of falling through the grates; The perforations allow flavorful smoke to permeate food while the high, angled sides let you stir, flip and arrange with ease

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I know the first thing I think of when I hear the word “grilling” is meat. But that isn’t the only thing you can grill. There are plenty of people who love grilled veggies. The problem is that they’re easy to lose through the grill grates. HexClad’s grill pan removes that problem from the equation.

This nonstick pan is both grill-safe and metal utensil-safe so you don’t have to worry about damage like a normal nonstick pan you would use on your kitchen stove.

ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE Instant-Read Thermometer

Instant Read Thermometer
Thermapen ONE | ThermoWorks

With full readings in ONE second or less, Thermapen ONE approaches the speed of thought - allowing you to focus exclusively on the quality of your work. Achieve such speed and accuracy without sacrificing durability and usability.

Buy From ThermoWorks

If someone is serious about their backyard grilling or barbecue (or even cooking at home in general,) then they should have what we consider to be the best instant-read thermometer. That’s the Thermapen ONE from ThermoWorks. It’s accurate to within half a degree and responds quickly.

The display on the Thermapen ONE is the star. It’s large and easy to read with additional features to make sure it’s easy to read no matter what. The display rotates 360° so you can read it no matter which way you contort your wrist or arm for that piece of chicken in the back of the grill. It also has a built-in light sensor so it will turn on the backlight in low-light situations. This is still the cream of the crop for us here at Angry BBQ.

Typhur Sync Wireless Meat Thermometer

Typhur Sync Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer - 2 Probes
  • Bluetooth 5.4 provides greater transmission distance, faster speed, and better ability to penetrate obstacles. This means you can bake, barbecue or grill with the confidence of maintaining a stable connection.
  • 6 Sensors: With 5 optimally placed internal sensors and an ambient sensor on the tip, the Typhur Sync wireless meat thermometer can accurately measure doneness and even predict when your cook will be done with an intelligent algorithm.
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When smoking or grilling meat, one of the most important ways of determining if the food is done is internal temperature. After spending time with the Typhur Sync, I can attest that it’s as accurate as wireless meat thermometers get.

I also like the fact that I can follow temperatures on both my phone with the Typhur app and on the charging base itself. There are plenty of good wireless meat thermometers out there (including the ThermoPro TempSpike we highlighted earlier,) but not many of them have a display on the base. It’s nice to simply walk up to the grill and visually check the base. It’s also nice to be able to be working at my computer and check my phone for the temperature as well.

Wagyu Steaks from The Meatery

Meatery Wagyu

Sourced from the pristine pastures of Australia, this is not just any steak, but an experience waiting to be savored. Boasting an impressive marbling score of 8-9, each cut promises a burst of unmatched flavor and tenderness. Ideal for those seeking a premium yet affordable treat, the Australian Wagyu Rib Eye effortlessly combines quality with value.

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We’re going to take a little detour from the rest of the list with this one. While we’ve been talking largely about products for Father’s Day, why not surprise him with the best steak ever? In 2023, we got the chance to try some American and Australian Wagyu steaks from The Meatery in San Diego.

After we got to cook and enjoy these steaks, we were joking that we’d become steak snobs a la wine snobs. Now does that mean I’ve lost all ability to enjoy a steak if it’s not Wagyu? Absolutely not. However, enjoying a Wagyu ribeye is honestly a life-changing experience. So while this gift may not last for years physically, it’ll be a memory he won’t forget.

Annual Subscription To MasterClass

Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ

Aaron Franklin teaches you how to fire up flavor-packed Central Texas barbecue, including his famous brisket and more mouth-watering smoked meat.

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Normally Father’s Day is about letting fathers relax, enjoy some great food and their beverage(s) of choice, and some nice gifts. Learning is probably the furthest from anyone’s mind except if he needs to learn about the latest expensive toy he received.

However, getting him an annual subscription to MasterClass should be something you consider. There are classes on just about anything, but for our purposes, we are highlighting pitmaster Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass. We’ve got some recipes on our site including a different take on pulled pork that was influenced by Franklin’s teachings in his class.

We highlighted his first cookbook earlier, but sometimes you want to see what Franklin’s actually doing. That’s why the videos from MasterClass can be even more helpful, especially for a visual learner.

Pit Barrel Cooker Co. End Grain Cutting Board, Medium

Cutting Board
End Grain Cutting Board with Large Juice Groove

The EndGrain Medium-Sized Cutting Board is the mid-sized, do-it-all cutting and serving surface that’s perfect for everyday use in the kitchen and on the table. It measures 18” x 14” x 2” with a 1-1/4” wide juice channel

Buy Now

A cutting board is essential for any level of cooking. A good cutting board elevates the experience. This beautiful end-grain cutting board from Pit Barrel Cooker Company will be a conversation piece every time it’s pulled down regardless of whether it’s simply for chopping veggies or slicing a beautiful brisket.

This board weighs in at 13 pounds so it’s not going to go anywhere while cutting. It’s got a juice groove around the entire outer edge of the board plus a convenient pour spout for easy cleanup. It’s already pre-treated with food-safe mineral oil so it doesn’t require any oiling prior to use. It’s also made in Kentucky using walnut and maple wood so you can rest assured of the quality behind it.

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