Meater PLUS Wireless Thermometer Review

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Meater PLUS + Wireless Thermometer Review

Historically, temperature meat probes have always been connected to wires.  This is not ideal for smokers and grills with wire routing or worn felt gaskets around the lid.  The probes and wires need to be cleaned and can get in the way of other things on your grill if you don’t plan their placement properly. These temperature probes are still effective, they work great and they produce reliable information.  But the MEATER is equally effective and simplifies everything about using a meat thermometer.  This is certainly worth considering when your are purchasing your next meat thermometer.

As with everything, technology has allowed for innovation and simplicity.  Do you remember when your kitchen telephone had a long cord that used to get tangled in everything? Do you remember when you got a cordless phone and were pumped that you didn’t have to deal with that cord anymore.  This is basically the same feeling, but with BBQ thermometers.  

byb2-table__imageRating 8.0Rating 8.0Meater PLUS
  • Bluetooth
  • 1 Wireless Probe
  • Internal and Ambient
byb2-table__imageRating 9.0Rating 9.0Meater Block
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • 4 Wireless Probes
  • Internal and Ambient

Meater PLUS Overview and Specs

I have owned the MEATER Plus for just over two years and I didn’t realize how valuable a constant record of your cook would be.  This product relays both the meat and the ambient temperature from its wireless probe right to your phone. You can easily set a temperature alarm or check the temperatures on your app to see how your meat is doing.  This is extremely valuable because it removes the need to open the lid to check, helping keep that potentially elusive constant cooking temperature in your grill.

The MEATER markets itself as the first wireless BBQ thermometer and as a trend setter in the BBQ industry.  It is obvious that MEATER is a top notch company, their online content is vast and very well produced.  Anyone new to the BBQ game could simply buy a MEATER, watch their YouTube channel and produce quality BBQ meals.

The  price is a reasonable around $100usd, and is noticeably at the higher end of wireless products.  This is mostly due to the integration of the smartphone app and the simplicity of the single probe, dual reading thermometer.

Meater Company Overview

Meater Logo

The manufacturer of Meater probes is Appation Labs.  They are basically three buddies that have a ton of experience in both hardware and software engineering.  In 2015, Joseph Cruz, Teemu Nivala and Dauson Chang were hanging out at a BBQ and drinking scotch.  They started talking about how to find solutions for everyday problems/inconveniences.  They used this model to help develop smarter consumer products that are connected to the internet and controlled by mobile devices. This was how the MEATER, the best wireless cooking thermometer, was created. 

In July of 2021, newly publicly traded company, Traeger Grill Company (COOK) acquired Meater. Now you can find Traeger embedding the Meater devices into their new Traeger Timberline XL model line.

Meater PLUS Specifications


BluetoothLE 4.0 wireless connection
Max internal temp212 ℉ (meat)
Max ambient temperature525 ℉ (cooker)
MaterialsStainless steel, ceramic
Dimensions130mm in length and 6mm diameter
BatteryRechargeable, 24hr usage time
Dishwasher safeProbe only


BluetoothBuilt in repeater, extends range by 50m
StorageCase included that also charges probe
EfficiencyCharges up to 100 times with one AAA battery
Charge statusLED indicator light
Dimensions157mm L x 37mm W x 28mm H
Meater PLUS Charger

Phone App Requirements

  • iPhone and iPad apps for iOS 10.3 and later
  • Android app for versions 5.0 and later

Meater PLUS Real World Performance

Temperature Checks

Meater PLUS in Brisket

The MEATER is best used for long cooks and as a result is left in the meat during the whole cook.  Unlike instant thermometers that pride themselves on the speed and accuracy of their readings, the MEATER uses constant temperature readings.  These readings are collected and tabulated into a graph that represents the temperature over time.

The MEATER plus also has the option of setting temperature alerts for your grill or the meat.  The MEATER app will alert you when either temp crosses the temperature threshold that you have previously set.

Meater PLUS Display

The display for the temperature readings for the MEATER plus is connected via bluetooth to the app on your mobile device.  There are several options within this app on how to file your information.  The color coded sections, real time graphs and the set up screen are all very clear and provide the meat, target and ambient temperature. The display is backlit in black and the color contrast looks modern and clean.

Meater PLUS App Screenshot

Meater PLUS compared to Competition

There is very little in terms of competition for this type of thermometer.  The MEATER is the gold standard for wireless temperature gauges. Other companies, like Thermoworks have a very impressive product (the Signals), but it’s not entirely wireless like the MEATER.  So I would put them in two separate categories. 

ThermoWorks Signals

There are other companies that are wireless, but their screens may not be able to connect to your phone or have a weak or dull display and simply do not look as good.  I believe the MEATER is the top of its class, but the rest of the members of that class don’t seem to be trying very hard.

byb2-table__imageRating 8.0Rating 8.0Meater PLUS
  • Bluetooth
  • 1 Wireless Probe
  • Internal and Ambient
byb2-table__imageRating 9.0Rating 9.0Meater Block
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • 4 Wireless Probes
  • Internal and Ambient

Overall Fit and Finish


The MEATER probe is a stainless steel shaft and a ceramic base.  The heat temperature gauge for the meat is embedded 1/4 of the way up from the point. There is a little line on the probe to show you how far you have to insert it to read effectively. 

The ceramic top houses the ambient sensor and the charging contact point is at the very end.  This is also where the antenna is, which sends information to your repeater box and your phone. This is the long way of saying that it’s the size of a pen and the fancy parts are at the top.

Meater PLUS Diagram

The box it sits in when it is not in use is made of bamboo and comes in two colors, sugar brown and honey.  The charging box is also the repeater box in the MEATER Plus. This pushes the Bluetooth range to about 150+ feet.  The original MEATER has a 30′ range.  

Meater PLUS Bamboo Case


The MEATER Plus is a sleek little unit.  The whole package is smaller than your TV remote.  It is easy to use and is far less cumbersome than any wired thermometers.  Frankly, it reminds me of a James Bond weapon, but in this case all it really does is take great temperature readings and sends it to your phone.  But it sure looks good doing it.  

Thoughts and Opinions

Once you have picked what you are cooking from the options provided, the MEATER tells you a ton of information.  My favorite is the approximate time until cooked countdown.  

Meater PLUS Screenshot

Another option that is really useful is the cook set up.  You just pick what you are cooking and it will set up the alert and temperature options for you.  Here is an example for a pork butt.

Meater PLUS Cook Setup
Select your protein
Meater PLUS Pork Cook Selected
Pork Butt Selected
Meater PLUS Pork Butt Cook Guidance
Recommended Temps
Meater PLUS Pork Butt Cook Recorded
Entire Pork Butt Cook Recorded and Saved

Meater PLUS Features

Wireless Functionality

Every MEATER product is wireless.  The connection distance is relative to the type of MEATER you have.  The Original is the most affordable but its range is limited to 30′.  The Plus has an extended bluetooth range to 150′ and the Block has up to 4 more probes and can connect to wifi so you are always able to very your grill temperatures.  This is a sweet option but will cost you around $300 so it’s a pretty significant upgrade. 

The simplicity of the app and bluetooth connection makes the MEATER plus a very reliable thermometer for home use.

Meater PLUS On Pork Butt
Meater PLUS on Pork Butts in my Primo XL Oval

Alert Options

The MEATER has alert options that you set for yourself.  For example, if you don’t want your grill temp dropping below 225℉ or over 250℉ your phone will buzz and alert you if your grill is reaching one of those thresholds.  This is really helpful in an overnight cook.  Just set your alert and if your grill temp starts fluctuating, you will be notified so you can adjust it. 

Cook Graphs and Charts

The data collected from the MEATER plus is presented effectively on graphs that show the ambient and meat temperature and is accurate to .5℉.  This data is stored in the cloud and through the use of the Advanced Estimator Algorithm, the MEATER  estimates how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time.  This is an extremely helpful tool and I use it every time I use my grill.

Meater PLUS Cook Graph

All Cooks Saved on Cloud

All of your cooks are saved in the cloud and accessible within your MEATER app.  This is helpful for looking back on that great beef brisket you made so you can replicate it.  It’s also helpful to look back at the time you ruined a great piece of pork.  Regardless of how the cook went, there will be a record of it.

MEATER has a wonderful online presence; they have a YouTube channel and both an Instagram and Tiktok account (@meatermade)  that continuously add new recipes, cooking ideas and other picture and video content.  

Ownership Experience 

Meater PLUS Problems

I have not had any concerns with the way the MEATER plus collects and presents information.  My only real issue is that this particular thermometer doesn’t connect to the WIFI without a second device and the Bluetooth doesn’t quite reach the front of my house.  This is a solvable problem, I could simply get the MEATER Block or enable the Meter Link system and it would work.  But, I just wish the Plus had an extra few meters on the Bluetooth repeater, it would be helpful for my particular situation.

Meater Customer Service and Support

I have never contacted customer support for anything, but their website has three options to help you if you have questions. See this link for details . Not knowing a company’s customer service department is a good thing.

Meater PLUS Warranty

The warranty and return policy is pretty straight forward. There is a warranty on parts, materials, and workmanship for one (1) year if purchased in the USA and (2) years outside of the USA from the date of purchase. Overall, quite standard for the product and industry.

Would we recommend the MEATER plus?

What we like……

  • Wireless
  • Easy to interpret data
  • Accurate 
  • Algorithm for estimated time remaining and rest time
  • Set up for each cook is easy and you always know your target temperature
  • Long battery life and charges quickly
  • Looks pretty fancy

What makes us angry……

  • Meater Link isn’t overly easy to set up and use regularly. 
  • Bluetooth extension could be a little further

Our final verdict

The MEATER Plus is amazing.  The way it collects data and stores it in your app is effective and useful.  If you are looking for a wireless thermometer that connects to an app, this is the only choice.  It’s worth it.  If you need more than one probe, you can get the MEATER Block.  Otherwise you should consider a wired option.

It’s the only option for rotisserie cooks which never had an option for temperature monitoring before. Finally a solution for rotisserie cooks.

If you are set on wireless, buy a MEATER product.  Just make sure you pick the one that is right for your situation.  Honestly, for the extra couple bucks, the MEATER plus is worth it over the MEATER classic.  Overall,  I am very impressed with this product and I have not found another wireless thermometer that has all the benefits the MEATER has.  The online community and effective technology has proven that MEATER is at the top of the wireless thermometer community.

byb2-table__imageRating 8.0Rating 8.0Meater PLUS
  • Bluetooth
  • 1 Wireless Probe
  • Internal and Ambient
byb2-table__imageRating 9.0Rating 9.0Meater Block
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • 4 Wireless Probes
  • Internal and Ambient

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