Napoleon vs Weber

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Napoleon Vs Weber Grills

Today we compare the lines of Napoleon Grills, an Ontario, Canada based company and Weber – Stephen Products which is an Illinois, USA based company. Both make highly regarded grills and have models that are priced in line with each other. Weber enjoys a much larger market share today but Napoleon is worth keeping an eye on.

When it comes to purchasing a premium branded grill, many people will find the options, models, and features available on the market a tad confusing. Therefore, no matter which way you lean in the Napoleon vs Weber debate, there is not denying that both brands bring a lot of value to the table when it comes to grills. Here, we take a look at the two brands, discuss their relative strengths, and review several grills from both brands across different categories. With the insight provided here, you can make an informed choice and bring home the grill you really need.

At a Glance…

Introductory Line:

byb2-table__imageAngry BBQ's Top Pick!Angry BBQ's Top Pick!Weber Spirit II E-310
  • 529 sq. inches of cooking space
  • 30,000 BTU's
  • Infinity ignition system
byb2-table__imageNapoleon Rogue 425
  • 665 sq. inches of cooking space
  • 51,000 BTU's
  • Napolean wave grill grates

Mid-Range Line:

byb2-table__imageNapoleon Prestige 500
  • 760 sq. inches of cooking space
  • 15-year Warranty
  • Infrared side and rear burners
byb2-table__imageTop PickTop PickWeber Genesis EPX-335
  • Smart Grill Technology
  • Sear Station
  • Weber CRAFTED Grill System

Luxury Line:

byb2-table__imageAngry BBQ's Top Pick!Angry BBQ's Top Pick!Napoleon Prestige Pro 500
  • 900 sq. inches of cooking space
  • LED Lighting Package
  • Infrared side and rear burners
byb2-table__imageWeber Summit S-470
  • 580 sq. inches of cooking space
  • Infrared burners
  • Dedicated Smoker Box

Charcoal Grills

byb2-table__imageAngry BBQ's Top Pick!Angry BBQ's Top Pick!Napoleon 22" Pro Charcoal
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Hinged Lid
  • Hinged Wave Grates
byb2-table__imageWeber 22" Mastertouch
  • Lid Holder
  • Hinged Cooking Grate
  • Proven History

Portable Grills

byb2-table__imageAngry BBQ's Top Pick!Angry BBQ's Top Pick!Weber Q1200
  • Quality Grates
  • Affordable
  • 189 sq. inches cooking space
byb2-table__imageNapoleon Travel Q
  • Wheels for Transport
  • 12000 BTU
  • 285 sq. inches cooking space

Napoleon vs Weber – Product Reviews

Here is a detailed comparison of several chosen Napoleon and Weber grills across a variety of categories and price points. We picked popular and critically acclaimed products and tested them in-depth to bring you lucid and unbiased reviews.

First, let us take a look at gas grills.

Napoleon and Weber Introductory Gas grill Line

Napoleon Rogue 425 vs Weber Spirit II E-310

The Napoleon Rogue 425 Is an excellent entry-level choice that comes with an attractive price tag and a visually pleasing, sturdy body. Assembly is easy with detailed instructions from Napoleon and quality component parts. The grill provides a total of 51,000 BTUs and heats up incredibly quickly, easily reaching an operating temperature of 700F within minutes. The ignition system operates with a push-in mechanism, very similar to a traditional gas knob, making it really easy for BBQ beginners to get started with this unit.

Under the hood, the porcelain-enameled grates have a unique wave shape, making for excellent heat transfer and retention. The grill offers a total cooking area of 665 square inches, with a sturdy, reassuring hood that helps efficiency. The special grease management system can be easily cleaned and the fire box is of especially high quality. Folding side shelves can make prepping an easy task and the unit includes an enclosed cart design for protected storage. The chrome-plated warming rack is spacious.

Napoleon Wave Grid
Napoleon Wave Grill Grates

Other conveniences include integrated tool hooks and a built-in Accu-Probe temperature gauge that provides accurate readings. Adding gas to the grill is easy with a convenient click mechanism and the built-in storage for the gas bottle ensures a steady flow of gas without the pipe getting bent or crinkled. Of special note are the locking castors, which operate on swivel motion and are made from high-quality parts.

What We Like…

  • Extremely high-quality materials and construction
  • Heats up quickly and reaches high temperatures
  • Locking castors
  • Plenty convenience features
  • Pleasing to look at
  • 15-year Bumper to Bumper Warranty

What Makes Us Angry…

  • A bit more expensive than similar competing products
  • Wave formed grill grates are more of a gimmick

Napoleon Rogue XT 425
Napoleon Rogue 425

The Weber Spirit II E-310 Has been a favorite with BBQ enthusiasts for a long time. The grill comes with all the features, bells and whistles that people have come to expect from Weber grills. The three stainless steel burners put out a total heat of 30,000 BTUs which, combined with a total cooking area of 529 square inches, provides even, consistent heating. The grill can come up to temperature rapidly, making it easy to get things started even if you are a beginner. The patented Flavorizer bars help create rich, flavorful grilled food.

Inside Weber Spirit II Grill

The Infinity Ignition system is a turn-based system that goes an admirable job of getting the grill started. Assembly is fairly simple, with the manufacturer providing detailed instructions.

The grill comes with a warming rack that is fairly large at 156 square inches that you can fold out and tuck away when not in use. The quality of materials and construction feels solid and durable, and the open cart design can make it easy to reach out for your tools and utensils. You will, however, need a cover as an extra accessory during bad weather. The unit also comes with fold-away side table, a prepping area, and hooks for hanging your tools and utensils. Locking castors lend the unit a feeling of solidity.

What We Like…

  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Excellent convenience features
  • Flavorizer bars make great tasting food
  • Generous warranty and support

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Less cooking space than competing products
  • Contains mixed metals
  • Open cart design is not weather-proof
Weber Spirit II E-310

Napoleon and Weber Mid-Range Gas grill Line

Napoleon Prestige 500 vs Weber Genesis EPX-335

Napoleon Prestige 500 Review: The Prestige 500 Is an excellent mid-range proposition, combining exemplary quality and features with a competitive price. This stainless-steel grill has four burners for a total of 48,000 BTUs of heat generation. However, there is also a 14,00 BTU infrared side burned and an 18,000 BTU infrared rear burner, giving you incredible flexibility when it comes to cooking different dishes at the same time. The side burner, dubbed the Sizzle Zone, can reach a temperature of 800F in a matter of seconds. A combined cooking area of 760 square inches further adds to the appeal.

Inside, you will find dual-level sear plates that work incredibly well, the accurate Accu-Probe temperature gauge, a rotisserie burning system for whole birds and roasts, and exceptional durability with locking castors for stability. A unique backlight system makes it easy to locate and use the burner knobs in low-light conditions. The folding side shelves and utensil hooks make for convenient operation and the closed cart design keeps your storage area protected.

The well-designed drip zone and the wave-shaped porcelain-enameled grates, coupled with a solid lid design, can help with heat retention and transmission and as a result, the grill gets up to temperature very quickly.

What We Like…

  • Great balance between heat and cooking area
  • Infrared side and rear burners
  • Rotisserie setup
  • 15-year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
  • Great build quality

What Make Us Angry…

  • No Smart Grill Technology Like Weber
Napolean Prestige 500
Napoleon Prestige 500

Weber Genesis EPX-335 Review: Early in 2022, Weber announced the next generation of the Genesis series highlighted by the EPX-335. Instead of being compatible with the iGrill 3 system, the EPX-335 comes with a built-in controller and Weber’s CONNECT smart technology. You can monitor the temperatures of your thicker cuts of meat from your phone using the built-in probes and receive notifications of when it’s ready to flip or come off the grates. Set your temps digitally and walk away knowing your grill temps will not fluctuate.

The three-burner model is capable of putting out 39,000 BTUs of heat over a 787-square-inch cooking surface. They expanded the sear burner from previous models to accommodate more steaks at once using 13,000 BTUs of heat. The side burner puts out 12,000 BTUs, perfect for cooking vegetables, warming sauces, and boiling water for corn on the cob. It comes in both a three-burner and four-burner model, each with propane or natural gas versions.

The EPX-335 is also compatible with the new WEBER CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection. This model comes with the frame and cast-iron grates to get you started, but you can purchase additional equipment, such as a pizza stone or flat-top griddle to add even more versatility to your new Genesis grill.

If you like cooking even when the sun goes down, Weber has integrated LED lighting into the handle of the grill that will turn on when you open the lid. It also has lit knobs for nighttime use so you actually see what you are doing.

What We Like…

  • CONNECT Smart technology to help monitor the cook via the Weber app on a smartphone.
  • The versatility brought by the CRAFTED collection to help bake pizza and other food on the pizza stone or make breakfast on the flat-top.
  • Expanded sear zone so we can sear more steaks at once.

What Makes Us Angry…

  • The warranty still doesn’t match up to Napoleon’s even though it has been bumped up to 12 years
  • It is not going to be cheap to get a grill with all these features.
Weber Genesis EPX-335
Weber Genesis EPX-335

Napoleon and Weber Luxury Gas grill Line

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 vs Weber Summit S-470

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Is truly a premium product, packing luxury features in a competitively priced package. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this grill can provide up to 900 square inches of cooking area if you take into account the warming rack and the infrared side burner. The main burners put out a massive 48,000 BTUs of heat while the 18,000 BTUs infrared rear burner presents versatile cooking opportunities, being also ready for rotisserie cooking. The sturdy design stands well to rough use and is a breeze to set up thanks to clear instructions from the manufacturer.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

The ease of use sets this grill apart, with a LED-illuminated control panel and the reliable Jetfire continuous spark ignition system that fires properly every time. The grill can work with either propane or natural gas depending on the version you choose while buying. The attractive design is married with convenience with foldable side tables for prepping, a closed cart design for protected storage, and built-in instrument hooks and a bottle opener.

Infrared side burner gets to 1800F for amazing searing power.

The locking castors ensure excellent stability during use and the stainless-steel construction, coupled with the massive warranty, can ensure that this grill serves you well for many years to come.

What We Like…

  • Excellent quality of materials and construction
  • Hot rear burner that doubles up as rotisserie
  • Lighting Everywhere with Soft Close Doors
  • This is the Rolls-Royce of Gas Grills
  • 15-year Bumper to Bumper Warranty

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Expensive. Did I say Expensive? It’s Expensive.
Napolean Prestige Pro 500
Napoleon Prestige Pro 500

The Weber Summit S-470 Is a well-known name among BBQ enthusiasts. The primary burners put out a total output of 48,000 BTUS. However, there is no end of versatile cooking options here with a sear station burner that puts out 10,600 BTUs and a rear infrared burner with rotisserie, also rated at 10,600 BTUs. Along with these, you can also enjoy a 12,000 BTUs side burner and a dedicated smoker box burner rated at 6,800 BTUs. Needless to say, this grill can do it all and can really live up to its promise if you are cooking for a large group.

The tuck-away rotisserie system, a grill light mounted on the handle, the lighted grill knobs, the closed cart design, utensil hooks, and locking castors mean that the unit is easy and convenient to use. The cooking grate, made from 9mm stainless steel rods, do a good job of retaining and transmitting heat.

What We Like…

  • Versatile cooking options with sear station, rotisserie, and rear burner
  • Dedicated smoker box
  • Sturdy construction
  • Tuck Away Rotisserie System
  • Excellent heat distribution

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Less warranty than Napoleon
  • Aging, time for an update already
Weber Summit S-470
Weber Summit S-470

Weber and Napoleon Charcoal Grill Comparison

Napoleon 22” Pro Charcoal vs Weber 22’”Mastertouch Kettle

The Napoleon 22″ Pro Charcoal Has the distinctive wave-shaped grill grates with a compact chassis that is extremely easy to operate for beginners and pros alike. The construction is solid and can inspire confidence, with a hinged lid and weather-proof wheels which lend great stability. Cooking in this grill can also be versatile, with hinger cooking grids that offer three different rack heights which you can adjust for temperature and sear control.

The ash catcher is removable and made of heavy steel, making cleanup a breeze. The lid has Napoleon’s Accu-Probe temperature gauge built in for easy monitoring and the PRO air control system puts you in control of the airflow path.

What We Like…

  • Sturdy construction and quality of materials
  • Really portable thanks to strong wheels
  • Height adjustment for cooking grid
  • Convenient, heavy-duty ash catcher

What Makes Us Angry…

  • No offset upper vent for indirect heat
  • Wheels need to be installed with mallet
  • Permanent height ring
  • Detaching lid form body to easy
Napoleon 22″ Pro Charcoal

The Weber 22” Mastertouch Kettle Is extremely easy to use, with convenient wheels. While using, you can place the lid on the convenient tuck-away lid holder placed on the side of the unit to avoid keeping it on the ground. The hinged cooking grate makes it really easy to add charcoal and is also compatible with GBS inserts. The unit also has integrated hooks where you can easily keep your tools and utensils. Weber usually comes out on top with charcoal grill comparisons.

A curved warming rack is included, making this a versatile unit and a lot of accessories that can add further functionality are also on offer. The unit also comes bundled with an UV-resistant cover with fastening straps. The ash catcher works well and makes cleanup a breeze.

What We Like…

  • Sensible choice in terms of price and performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Included cover

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Three legs instead of four
  • No porcelain coating on grate
  • Some users report fitment issues
Weber Master touch charcoal grill
Weber 22″ Mastertouch Kettle

Weber and Napoleon Portable Grill Comparison

Napoleon Travel Q Portable vs Weber Q1200 Portable

The Napoleon Travel Q Portable Is truly portable, being lightweight, compact, and easily carriable in one hand. However, the cast iron cooking grates offer a surprising amount of room. Weighing in at around 20 pounds, this portable grill has convenient folding legs, a locking lid, and an innovative two-burner design that allows you to use one side for cooking while another side functions as a warming zone.

With a total cooking area of 285 square inches, the unit has two burners for a total of 12,000 BTUs of heat. Also built-in are a piezo-electric ignition and a temperature gauge mounted on the lid. Overall, this truly portable grill does not compromise on functionality.

What We Like…

  • Light and portable
  • Two-burner design
  • Convenience features like wheels, kickstand, and side shelf

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Stamped steel construction gets hot to the touch
  • Expensive
Napoleon Portable
Napoleon Travel Q Portable

The Weber Q1200 Portable Features a reliable electric starter mechanism, heavy-duty construction, and exceptional heat retention. The combination of a cast-aluminum body and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates makes it a pleasure to use this outdoors. The integrated thermometer is accurate and easy to read and the fold-out side tables offer plenty of extra space. Weber usually fares well when compared to other portable gas grills.

The unit sports a single U-shaped burner that puts out 8,500 BTUs of heat. Terrific heat retention and distribution means that you do not have to crank this on full to get some serious cooking done.

what We Like…

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Quality grates and integrated thermometer
  • Side tables

what Makes Us Angry…

  • Heavier than the competition
Weber Q1200
Weber Q1200

Napoleon vs Weber – A Look at the Brands

While the Napoleon vs Weber debate has been simmering for some time now, the two brands are quite different in terms of experience and perception. Weber has been THE giant in the grill market for many decades and has a large, faithful user base.

Napoleon, on the other hand, is a Canadian upstart that is trying to get a foothold in the market with both premium and budget offerings while maintaining quality standards.

A look at these brands, their histories, and their relative strengths and weaknesses can help you make an initial choice in this grill debate.

A Look at the History

Weber Stephen Products History

If you are passionate about BBQ, you will already have some idea about the history of Weber – a pioneer in the space that has been on the market for many decades. A behemoth in the market, Weber was originally a metal works company, starting operations in 1893.

However, Weber became one of the pioneers in the BBQ industry after inventing the kettle grill in 1952, a contraption that is still found in many homes. The kettle grill, made from a metal buoy that was split into two parts, became almost synonymous with grilling and still enjoys a large user base.

From there, Weber started creating a wide variety of grills and smokers and currently has a large range of BBQ products on the market. The brand is well-known for producing grills that are tough, durable, and allow for versatile cooking options. They also have a wide range of grilling accessories that can make life easier for BBQ beginner or veteran alike. They have also evolved with the times, incorporating the latest technologies and modern features into their grills to provide a seamless experience.

Napoleon Grills History

Napoleon, while being a late entrant into the BBQ market, has a somewhat similar origin story. The company also started off as a metal works company, kicked off by two German immigrants in Canada. Napoleon became a brand manufacturing grills in the 1980s, and have steadily progressed with excellent grills and other heating appliances over the years.

A strength of Napoleon is its experience and competence creating heating products of different kinds, and not just grills. They also manufacture fireplaces, heaters, and stoves. With time, Napoleon has now become a name to reckon with in the grill market, with high-end products that incorporate innovative features and excellent quality and construction. This, coupled with long warranties and excellent customer service, has helped Napoleon carve out a niche for itself and go head-to-head with an industry giant like Weber.

Where are They Manufactured?

Weber is headquartered in Chicago and most of their grills are built/assembled at their manufacturing plant in Huntley, Illinois. However, most of their grills use parts that are sourced from other countries and some models are actually assembled in China or Taiwan. While there have been some quality issues in the past, Weber seems to have sorted them out and made sure the positive opinion and name recognition it enjoys remains unaffected.

Napoleon grills are mostly manufactured in their facility in Canada, although some models might be put together in China. Known for creating high-end grills, the brand has recently also started targeting the budget market with a high degree of success with its Rogue line of grills.

Key Differentiating Points

While both Weber and Napoleon can present excellent value and have different models and different prices points, the brands do have their relative strengths and weaknesses. Let us take a look at a few key differentiating points that can help make your choice easier when considering these two brands.

Cooking Area

In comparable models, you are more likely to find more cooking space in Napoleon models. In general, Napoleon grills offer a little more cooking area for the money compared with Weber products. This can translate into more food per grilling session and avert the need for multiple passes when you are cooking for larger groups.


While both brands feature burners with comparable heat output, it is common to find one or more extra burners in Napoleon grills when compared with similarly priced Weber products. This means more heating and more versatility when cooking.

Also, since Napoleon grills usually have slightly smaller cooking areas, the same amount of heat output means that you get more heat per unit area, which can help in more efficient and quicker cooking. Both brands also incorporate innovative ignition designs into their products to make it easier to get started with grilling. However, the Jetfire ignition system used by Napoleon, in our testing, does seem to be slightly ahead in terms of effectiveness, reliability, and durability when compared with the Infinity Ignition system used by Weber.


For grill models in a similar price range, it is usually the case that Napoleon offers similar products for a lower price compared with Weber. If you spend a similar amount of money with both brands, you are likely to end up with a more feature-rich model if you buy a Napoleon grill.


Both Weber and Napoleon offer excellent warranty durations and support. However, Napoleon grills usually edge out the warranty offering from Weber by a few years and covers the entirety of the grill, including all component parts.

A Look at the Product Lines

Weber offers three popular product lines – the Spirit line, the Genesis line, and the Summit line. Price and features-wise, these product lines correspond to entry-level, mid-range, and luxury offerings. As you go up in price, the more advanced models can give you more cooking area and heating capacity, more modern features like wireless monitoring, and an overall better quality of materials and construction.

Weber Spirit E-310
Spirit Line
Weber Genesis EPX-335
Genesis Line
weber summit 670
Summit Line

Napoleon currently follows a similar product portfolio with their Rogue series targeting the entry-level market, their Prestige series for the mid-range market, and their Prestige Pro series for the high-end market. While we talk about the Weber vs Napoleon gas grills debate, all the product lines mentioned above are gas grills.

Napoleon Rogue 365
Rogue Line
Napolean Prestige 500
Prestige Line
Napolean Prestige Pro 500
Prestige Pro Line

However, both Weber and Napoleon also have on offer portable grills and charcoal grills as well, giving customers a wide range of versatile options to choose from.

Important Takeaways

Weber is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the BBQ world and its products have been satisfying BBQ enthusiasts for decades. If you buy one of the Weber grills reviewed here, you will not be disappointed in terms of quality and features. With a Weber grill at home, a whole new world of cooking can open up easily.

With that said, Napoleon has definitely emerged as a viable competitor with excellent quality standards, competitive pricing, and great warranty support. If you are looking for an alternative option in terms of brands, buying a Napoleon grill can surely tick all the right boxes.

It’s a Toss Up

No matter what your needs are, Weber and Napoleon are two brands you cannot go wrong with for your grilling needs. Which is better? Weber grills or Napoleon grills? Both brands bring unique features and reliable performance to the table and you can take a look at the review categories above to have a much easier time making up your mind.

While there is no definitive answer to the Napoleon vs Weber debate, the competition among these leading brands is definitely a positive as it encourages both sides to keep innovating, much to the pleasure of us BBQ enthusiasts.

We’ve done a lot of comparisons to Weber over the years. See how Weber did against other grills.

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2 thoughts on “Napoleon vs Weber”

  1. 3 years after purchase, Numerous parts are failing which indicates lack of quality:

    The black inscriptions indicating which burner is controlled by which knob is rubbing off everywhere, electrical outlets in back no longer have spring closure (broke), the plastic rings on the burner controls are cracking, the temp gauge reads 200deg F even when its 40 deg outside.

    I contacted Napoleon directly to ascertain warranty coverage…2018 models had Lifetime Bumper-to Bumper Warranty which covers some things indefinitely, some things for 15 yrs and many parts for 2 years. As a COURTESY they would supply me with new decals to place on the grill (cant wait to see how that looks), and the rest of the parts would be at a discounted price! I expressed my dismay that an allegedly premium product with a premium price point would want to charge their customer ~ $100….this amount is miniscule compared with the $3500 I paid for the grill and accessories… This $ 100 is not generating any real revenue for them but is generating a lot of bad will for the customer. Napoleon’s representative Kat did not care.

    I would definitely consider purchasing a grill from another manufacturer. At this price point, customer service and standing behind the product is imperative; sadly Napoleon has not figured that out.

    1. Hi Esteban,

      Sorry to hear about this. Sounds like you are having some bad luck on top of bad luck. Did you try speaking to a different customer service rep? What retailer did you buy the grill from? Maybe they can help. Napoleon is typically a robust product.


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