New Weber Spirit and Genesis Smart Grills

Weber has just released a brand new line of grills which are bringing innovation to the stagnant gas grill arena. Weber Smart Gas Grills! The new Smart Spirit and Genesis series will come with a digital controller that will maintain a consistent heat to whatever temperature you set. This is very similar to the controllers that you see on the digital pellet grills from Traeger, Camp Chef, and Pit Boss etc. Temps range from low up to 600F.

Weber Spirit Smart Grill
Weber Spirit Smart Grill
Weber Genesis Smart Grill
Weber Genesis Smart Grill

What is New?

The new controller will connect via WIFI (Weber Connect) and will allow your smart phone to communicate with the grill. You’ll be able to program your cooking temps, monitor food temperatures with the available meat probes, and even keep your eye on your propane fuel level all through the Weber smart phone app.

Weber Connect

Our Thoughts

I can personally see the benefit of the WIFI and digital controller when doing long slow cooks or perhaps a chicken or turkey on the rotisserie. When it comes to searing temps, I’m standing by my gas grill ready to flip the steaks every 1-2 minutes anyways. For the rookie griller, this might be a nice option to have. The Weber Connect app is also programmed to guide you through the cook. Ex. You can inform the app that you are cooking a steak and it will tell you when to flip the steak for your selected doneness level. Impressive programming to say the least. A seasoned griller does not need these options but a rookie/beginner/novice might find this very handy.

Weber Controller And App

Once these smart grills have made their way over to us, we will be sure to do a proper review. I’m glad to see some innovation in the gas grill category. There has been so much new tech in charcoal and pellet grills while nothing has happened with gas units.

These units are still the classic and proven Spirit and Genesis models but are outfitted with the new tech. Rest assured these will still perform like their traditional model counterparts.

Weber has been innovating a lot lately with their new Smoke Fire Pellet Grill, and Summit Kamado lines. We are looking forward to see what Weber invents next.

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