Pit Boss 150 Battery-Powered Portable Pellet Grill Review

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Pit Boss Battery Powered Portable Pellet Grill Review
Look Ma, No cords!

Earlier in February 2023, Pit Boss dropped a teaser reel on Instagram and slightly longer YouTube teaser for what appeared to be an upcoming portable pellet grill that was battery-powered. Late in February, Pit Boss launched their Battery-Powered Portable Pellet Grill aimed at making pellet grills truly portable. 

However, portability is not the end-all, be-all. How does this battery-powered grill stack up in terms of its smoking and grilling performance? Let’s dig in.

Truly Portable Pellet Grill 

As noted above, this new Pit Boss portable pellet grill can run off a battery. Pit Boss is advertising that the grill can run for up to 15 hours on a single charge. That means plenty of time for smoking low-and-slow or grilling plenty of burgers before you need to think about recharging. Even on battery power, this grill has a range of 180°-500°F.

However, if you find yourself near an electrical outlet, you can plug this pellet grill in to ensure you won’t run out anytime soon. 

The grill comes in at just under 50 pounds so you won’t feel like you’re lugging a bag of bricks to the camp site or picnic table.

256 Square Inches Of Battery-Powered And Wood-Fired Cooking Space

Pit Boss Portable Battery Powered Pellet Grill Review

Just like other portable pellet grills in the Pit Boss lineup, this grill has 256 sq in of cooking space. In fact, when you put the new battery-powered grill next to some of the other portable pellet grills, it looks almost identical other than the battery port. It comes with the main cooking rack and a second, smaller cooking rack to help reach that total.

Direct-Flame Cooking Ability

Pit Boss Direct Flame Grilling

Pit Boss has a number of pellet grills throughout their lineup utilizing their Flame-Broiler system. The battery-powered portable pellet grill is no different. A slide-out lever uncovers the firepot so you can get a true flame-grilled taste on those burgers or steaks. 

Final Thoughts

Pit Boss has created a fully portable pellet grill. I’ve used the Z Grills 200A Cruiser pellet grill before and enjoyed it. However, I always had to have a place to plug it in to use it. With this new Pit Boss 150, that’s not a necessity.

It has a 5-pound pellet hopper which is perfectly fine. You may need to top it off if you’re smoking a pork butt, but for most applications, you’ll be perfectly fine. One nice touch on the overall design was the upgraded latches that are thicker than the simple metal ones on earlier Pit Boss portable pellet grills.

The grill also comes with a five-year warranty so you can rest assured any issues that do crop up will be handled. 

Pit Boss has continued to find ways to answer some of the harder questions in the pellet grill industry, whether that’s the lack of searing capability or having to be plugged in for use. Stay tuned here for more information as it comes out and hopefully a hands-on review!

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