Pit Boss Battery-Powered Portable Grill

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Pit Boss Battery Powered Portable Grill
Yup. That’s a battery pack in a portable pellet grill.

As February 2023 is in full swing, the grilling industry continues to announce new additions and upgrades to their lineups. Pit Boss Grills is no different. On February 15th, Pit Boss dropped a teaser video for a new battery-powered grill on Instagram that was slightly expanded on in a video uploaded to their YouTube channel. This is one of the most exciting launches in 2023.

Update: Read our review on the Pit Boss Battery Powered Grill here.

In the past couple of years, pellet grill companies have attempted to address shortcomings with their grills. Whether that was the inability to get a great sear, wanting to improve the wood smoke flavor, or other issues. However, there has always been one reality for pellet grills that most companies just have not publicly addressed: the need for a constant supply of electricity. 

That meant that even portable pellet grills, regardless of manufacturer, still had a power cord. That logically limits the portability of these grills. Wherever you wanted to go, you needed to either run a cord (and likely have an adapter) to your vehicle or go someplace that had electric hookups. There are plenty of parks that barely have electricity so that meant no luck with a portable pellet grill.

This video teaser shows that Pit Boss has some ideas on how to make a truly portable pellet grill happen. While details are still limited, there is some information we can glean from watching the videos, especially the YouTube video. This appears to be either an update to one of Pit Boss’ four existing tabletop pellet grills or simply a brand new one. Here’s what we can tell.

Battery-Powered Pellet Grill?!?!

Let’s face it: we love pellet grills, but it would be really nice for them to be truly portable without being tied down to a power cord. It looks like Pit Boss was equally frustrated with that tethering because this is a battery-powered pellet grill. As long as you charge that battery beforehand, you’ll be able to take a pellet grill anywhere you’re willing to carry it. Now we have no idea how long that charge will last, but it’s hard to imagine a pellet grill without the ability to smoke something.

Full-Color Big Display 

The second noticeable feature is the new full-color display. The numbers are big and easy to read as well. The display also shows that the grill has one probe input.

Maximum Temperature Of 500°F

In both the Instagram teaser and the YouTube video, the user cranks the controller to high. The display shows 500°F which means that this pellet grill will get plenty hot for grilling burgers on the go.

Final Thoughts

We have a feeling this new grill will be on our favorite portable pellet grills after we get our hands on it. As someone who has used a portable pellet grill previously (check out my review of the Z Grills 200A Cruiser,) it feels frustrating to need the grill to be constantly plugged in for use. This announcement caught our attention here at Angry BBQ and we are looking forward to learning more. Stay tuned here as more details are released!

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