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The New Grills and Smokers of 2024

When the calendar flips to a new year, we all might be thinking of resolutions. In the grill and smoker industries, companies like Weber, Blackstone, Oklahoma Joe’s, and others are realizing resolutions that they put in place in prior years.  So what are the latest and greatest grills, smokers, griddles, …

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New Grills and Smokers of 2024

When the calendar flips to a new year, we all might be thinking of resolutions. In the grill and smoker industries, companies like Weber, Blackstone, Oklahoma Joe’s, and others are realizing resolutions that they put in place in prior years. 

So what are the latest and greatest grills, smokers, griddles, and outdoor cooking equipment for the year 2024? Let’s take a look!

Pellet Grills

The pellet grill has become a staple of backyard barbecue due to its ability to self-regulate the temperature. This means you don’t have to develop the patience or skill to tend a fire for 10+ hours while still enjoying tender and smoked meat.

So what new pellet grills have hit the market in 2024?

1. Weber Searwood Pellet Grill

Weber Searwood Pellet Grill

Weber may have gotten off to a rocky start when the company entered the pellet grill market, but evidently, the designers and engineers have learned a lot since that first foray. So to start the new year, Weber announced the Searwood pellet grill. It boasts a wider temperature range of 180° to 600°F and even has direct flame access for open fire searing. 

The Searwood has an improved front-access grease and ash management system so you don’t have to remove everything each time you use it to clean up built-up ash and food debris. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity through the WEBER Connect App and the digital controller. The digital controller also has the new Rapid React PID to accelerate start-up times and recover from the lid being opened faster.

The Searwood comes in two models, the 600 and the XL 600. The 600 features 648 square inches of cooking surface spread over two levels, and the XL 600 has 972 square inches of cooking space over two levels.

You can find more information on the new Searwood pellet grills and all the early-year Weber releases over at our quick-take review.

2. Brisk It Grills NeoSear Hybrid Pellet And Electric Grill

Brisk It's grill

While not everything has been revealed about this new grill from Brisk It Grills, what we do know is interesting. The NeoSear is designed to be both a smoker and a high-heat grill. One of the biggest ways it delivers on that is by using electric coils alongside the traditional firepot to create heat. Brisk It says that the NeoSear can reach 700°F from a cold start in minutes.

To lean into the high-heat grill side of things, the NeoSear also comes with a heavy-duty aluminum sear plate to give you the best grill marks possible. 

Then you have the pellet smoker side that pairs with Brisk It’s InnoGrill 2.0 artificial intelligence. It helps you track progress and can even help you develop new grilling and smoking recipes via chatting with the A.I. on your phone.

While Brisk It has yet to drop the full details, we hope to learn more soon. Read our thoughts on the use of AI in grilling and smoking equipment.

Charcoal Grills

Lump Charcoal

No matter what, we love charcoal grills. There’s still something nostalgic about a charcoal fire and that specific taste of the meat cooked over it. Nowadays, you can have simple kettle grills, ceramic kamado grills (and grills inspired by that,) and even gravity-fed charcoal grills and smokers that behave more like a pellet grill.

1. Oklahoma Joe’s Tahoma 900 Auto-Feed Charcoal Smoker

Tahoma 900 Charcoal Grill

The concept of an auto-feed or gravity-fed charcoal smoker really came about in the last few years with the Masterbuilt gravity-fed smoker. It takes the precision temperature control of a pellet grill and instead uses charcoal as the main fuel source. So Oklahoma Joe’s, makers of offset smokers and the Rider pellet grill series, launched the Tahoma 900 Auto-Feed Charcoal Smoker to kick off 2024.

The Tahoma boasts a 16-pound charcoal hopper that is designed for use with standard charcoal briquettes, and Oklahoma Joe’s does stress to not use match light-style charcoal in the Tahoma. The company also recommends that you only use the needed amount of charcoal according to the included chart. Some customers did complain that their charcoal hoppers were still hot the following day, so using the proper amounts of charcoal may help prevent that. With a full hopper, the Tahoma is capable of 13 hours of uninterrupted usage.

Speaking of charcoal, we all know that charcoal grills create a lot of ash. The Tahoma has a slide-out ash drawer at the bottom of the burn area so you can empty all that ash easily so as to not choke out your fire.

In terms of the cooking surface area, the Tahoma has 875 square inches of cooking space between a 557 square inch main cast-iron grate and a secondary 318 square inch cast-iron grate. It has a temperature range of 225° to 600°F so you can smoke briskets or grill plenty of burgers. Unlike a pellet grill, though, you do have adjustable dampers and vents to help maintain proper airflow and temperature. So while it’s not necessarily as set-it-and-forget-it as a pellet grill, it’s still a lot easier than managing an offset smoker if you have no experience.

The Tahoma has a digital controller on the left side of the smoker that has a backlit LCD display and four probe ports for monitoring internal temperatures (two meat probes included.) It connects to the Oklahoma Joe’s app so you can control your smoker and keep an eye on those temperatures. It only utilizes Wi-Fi and does not feature Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Masterbuilt AutoIgnite Series 545 Charcoal Smoker

Masterbuilt Ignite

One of the major complaints people have about cooking with charcoal is the waiting. You’ve got to start the charcoal fire manually even if you’ve got a Masterbuilt Gravity Series charcoal smoker. The new AutoIgnite 545 changes that.

Rather than having to manually light the firestarter and close everything up, the AutoIgnite 545 has a push-button QuickStart Auto-Ignition. Just like gas grills fire up at the push of a button, this one does as well.

Also, the 545 doesn’t have the giant charcoal hopper on the side as its bigger cousins do. Instead, it features an internal hopper that can hold up to seven pounds of charcoal briquettes or five pounds of lump charcoal. Masterbuilt says that one load of charcoal can last up to eight hours. 

Now that will depend on what temperature you set the AutoIgnite 545 at. It’s got a temperature range of 250°-650°F. You can smoke whatever you can fit on its 545 total square inches of cooking space. Or you can sear some steaks with the heat cranked using the included QuickSear cast iron griddle plate that sits on top of the charcoal hopper.

Masterbuilt says you can smoke up to four racks of ribs or eight chickens at a time or grill 37 sausages/hot dogs or 26 burgers at once.

The digital controller is Wi-Fi enabled so you can download the Masterbuilt app to control your smoker and monitor temperatures using the included meat probe. It can accommodate up to four probes, too.

3. Masterbuilt Gravity Series XT Charcoal Smoker (Launching in April)

Masterbuilt Gravity XT

Masterbuilt’s Gravity Series of charcoal smokers took the digital controller and fan assembly of a pellet grill and made it work with charcoal by using a gravity-fed hopper rather than an auger system for moving pellets. In 2024, the company unveiled the biggest Gravity smoker yet, the XT.

Not all the details are available yet, but we know it boasts 1,260 square inches of cooking space. The upgraded hopper is supposed to help retain heat better, resulting in what Masterbuilt claims is a “33-percent longer burn time than any other Gravity Series grill” up to 24 hours on one load of charcoal.

The XT name translates to extra tough, meaning that Masterbuilt has upgraded the construction quality in a number of areas. The company specifically highlighted upgrades to the gasket (“fiberglass mesh”,) a “U-shaped manifold” to help deal with any drippings causing flare-ups, and a grease tray for easy cleanup.

Electric Smokers

1. Masterbuilt 710 WiFi Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Vertical

Masterbuilt has long turned out quality vertical electric smokers, but they’ve upgraded it for 2024 with new WiFi capabilities. It’s got 711 square inches of cooking space, enough room for four pork butts, four racks of pork ribs, up to six chickens, or even two turkeys. It can go as low as 100°F for potential cold-smoking applications and up to 275°F so you can smoke anything you want.

The 710 has a nice glass window in the front door so you can keep an eye on your food as it smokes. The door locks so you don’t accidentally bump it and lose smoke. Masterbuilt also brought the slide-out chip tray so you can add more wood chips for continual wood flavor without having to open the door and lose that precious smoke and heat.

To go with that new and improved WiFi capability, the controller has room for up to four meat probes while the smoker has one included.

2. GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

Yeah, an  indoor tabletop smoker rather than one you need to install proper ventilation for from GE who knows a thing or two about kitchen appliances. This indoor smoker uses what GE calls “Active Smoke Filtration” so you don’t have to worry about the usual issues of burning wood inside your house. 

Part of the magic is that this smoker operates quite similarly to an electric smoker. Rather than burning wood for both heat and smoke flavor, GE’s smoker uses electricity to produce the heat while it burns a small amount of wood pellets for smoke flavor.

The GE Profile smoker has a temperature range of 150°-300°F and five adjustable smoke levels. So you can amp up the smokiness or just add a slight hint depending on your and the people you are serving’s tastes. It has room for three racks of baby back ribs that have been cut in half, a brisket cut in half, one pork butt, or one chicken. 

Now this will not replace your preferred outdoor smoker, but if you live in an area where the weather really restricts your ability to smoke for parts of the year (just ask Michael Haas in Canada) or even in an apartment that doesn’t allow grills or smokers, this could help scratch that itch!

Electric Grills

1. Current Backyard Model G Electric Grill And Griddle

Current Backyard Smart Grill

Current Backyard boasts that the Model G Dual Zone, or Grill and Griddle, will replace gas grills. It has a maximum temperature of 700°F and can be ready to cook in 10 minutes. It is also Wi-Fi enabled so you can keep an eye on your temps even when you aren’t standing there. I wouldn’t recommend walking away from a 700°F grill, though.

The Model G has 422 total square inches of cooking space with the main cooking area boasting 330 square inches of cooking space. Some of that space is grill grates while the rest of the main cooking area is a seasoned steel griddle plate.

What really sticks out is that Current Backyard backs the Model G with a limited 10-year warranty. That means the company truly stands behind this grill.

2. Seergrills Perfecta AI-Powered Infrared Grill

Seegrills AI Grill

The grilling and smoking industries are going through technological upheaval at all levels. It seemingly kicked off with the advent of pellet grills, but now we see technology in all facets of the outdoor cooking sphere. The new Seergrills Perfecta takes that to the next level. 

All you have to do is tell the Perfecta what it is you are cooking. If you’re cooking steaks, it’ll allow you to select your doneness level and how seared you want it. Put your steaks in the basket and slide it in vertically to the grill, and the Perfecta will handle the rest. The Perfecta uses two infrared burners that are installed vertically to either side of the grill, and the A.I. controls the temperature. Those burners are capable of reaching 1652°F.

However, due to that precision temperature control, Seergrills says you can cook even chicken breasts properly in the Perfecta. It also has a pan for cooking pizza along with a rotisserie attachment that installs vertically. If you aren’t a fan of the A.I. control but everything else sounds interesting, the Perfecta also has a Chef Mode that allows you to set your own parameters. 

Not all the details are available yet, but it looks like the Perfecta will use both electricity and propane. Stay tuned for more information when available.

Outdoor Griddles

In case you aren’t fully familiar with what an outdoor griddle is, check out our quick and handy primer on these versatile pieces of outdoor cooking equipment. Suffice it to say that Blackstone created a monster of a product that has taken the outdoor cooking industry by storm. 

1. Blackstone Iron Forged 36” Griddle

Blackstone Iron Forged 36"

Blackstone is practically synonymous with outdoor griddles and for good reason. This is the company that launched the griddle revolution, and it continues to produce quality products with new innovations.

The 36” griddle has been the workhorse of Blackstone’s lineup, and the new Iron Forged model aims to keep it atop the industry. It utilizes the new Blackstone Omnivore griddle plate that aims to improve cooking performance. Blackstone says that the Omnivore plate boasts a “high efficiency structure” to reduce the amount of propane you have to use to cook while still promoting the distribution of heat throughout the entirety of the cooking surface, even the corners. 

The Iron Forged griddle has 768 square inches of cooking space so you can host summer cookouts and serve enough burgers or quesadillas to feed the entire neighborhood. It also has an included hood to keep the cooking surface protected from the elements.

The rest of the griddle got some upgrades as well. It features two side shelves, one of which extends for even more prep space, and built-in paper towel and garbage bag holders. Those side shelves also have a rail system for a storage bin so you can have extra storage at your fingertips. It also has plenty of tool hooks so those spatulas are always within reach. 

The Iron Forged griddle does feature one shelf underneath the griddle for extra storage. The cart itself sits on four locking swivel casters so you can move it easily and lock it in place when you’re cooking. 

2. Weber Slate Griddle

New Weber Slate Griddle

To kick off 2023, Weber entered the griddle game with its first propane-powered standalone griddle. For 2024, Weber did it again with the Slate griddle. The company went from a hot-rolled steel cooking surface to a pre-seasoned carbon steel cooking surface. That means you can fire it up as soon as you finish putting it together and hook up a propane tank. Weber also boasts that the new cooking surface is rust-resistant which likely means it’s cold-rolled steel which is typically better at resisting corrosion.

Currently on Weber’s website, there are three versions of the Slate listed: the standard 30” griddle, the 36” griddle with an extendable side table, and an upgraded 30” model with the extendable side table. Evidently, Weber was focusing on prep space and storage when designing the new Slate griddles.

All three models have a few features in common. Each griddle has two standard side shelves with tool hooks and a hood for protecting the cooking surface. The griddles sit on a cart with four swivel casters (two of which are locking,) a top shelf, and an area for the new WeberWorks Prep, Cook, and Store System’s bins.

The 30” models feature three burners capable of producing 36,000 BTUs per hour to heat the 540 square inches of cooking space. The 36” model produces up to 48,000 BTUs per hour from four burners for the griddle’s 756 square inches of cooking space. 

3. Weber Traveler Griddle

Weber Traveller Griddle

Not only did Weber announce a new full-size griddle to start the new year, but the company also brought a portable version along for the ride. The Traveler griddle features the new carbon steel cooking surface that the Slate griddles do. It comes in two sizes, a 17” and a 22” model. 

The 17” model weighs in at just under 43 pounds and has 272 square inches of cooking space. The 22” model weighs just over 53 pounds and has 352 square inches of cooking space.

Both Traveler griddles have four adjustable legs, so no matter how old the picnic table you’re trying to cook on is or how uneven the ground is, you can ensure your food won’t slide off the cooking surface. It also has easy grease removal in the front of the griddle.

Gas Grills

When you want to cook some burgers, hot dogs, or even sear some steaks outside during a busy week, a gas grill is the quickest way to have dinner done. There’s a reason these grills are so popular. So what new ones are coming in 2024?

1. Weber Summit Series Grills

New Weber Summit

While the Genesis line might be the most iconic of the Weber gas grill lines, the Summit series is the top-of-the-line luxury series. Recently, Weber has been upgrading the Genesis lineup, and for 2024, the company turned its sights on the Summit series. 

This upgrade included a new smart grill that offers precision temperature control at the press of a button. That’s right, the burners on the new Summit smart gas grill are not controlled by standard control knobs. There’s only one control knob on the Summit, and that’s on the large full-color touchscreen display. 

You can set the desired temperature, monitor temperatures, and even connect to your smartphone. Weber hasn’t divulged a lot of information about the upcoming smart grill, but it is intriguing.

Regardless of whether you go with the smart Summit grill or any of the other new Summit grills, there are plenty of features you’ll want to look at. Arguably the biggest one is the top-down infrared broiler, bringing the ability to recreate steakhouse-quality steaks at home. 

If you like adding smoky flavor to your grilled food, the Summit grills also have an included stainless-steel smoker box, perfect for answering the question of whether you can smoke on a gas grill or not. For even more versatility (and smoking ability,) these grills include a built-in rotisserie kit. That means you can roast big cuts of meat (or even smoke them.) 

Each of the Summit grills comes with the WEBER CRAFTED cooking grates and frame system so you can dive into the different accessories for even further versatility.

2. Weber Q 2800N+ Portable Gas Grill

Weber Q2800N Portable Gas Grill

The Weber Q series is a fantastic series of portable gas grills, and the new Q 2800N+ is a worthy addition. This grill has an expanded temperature range of 250° to 700°F thanks to a second burner called the Plus burner. It puts out up to 400 BTUs per hour so you can either cook low and slow or add it to the normal burner for a combined total of 18,000 BTUs per hour so you can go hotter and faster than ever before.

Now the Q 2800N+ doesn’t come standard with its newest accessory, but Weber did design a griddle specifically for this grill. So if you’re one who likes to camp, purchasing the griddle insert does turn the 2800N+ into a gas grill that you can cook not only lunch and dinner on but breakfast as well.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it, the new grills and smokers of 2024! We will obviously be updating this list as new releases come, so please check back regularly. 

What’s your favorite new release that you can’t wait to get into your backyard? Let us know in the comments! 

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