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ThermoPro Twin Tempspike Thermometer Review

One of the most important factors of quality barbecue and grilled food is the internal temperature. It’s a food safety concern as well as a food quality issue. Overcooked meat can either turn to mush or dry out, while undercooked meat can either be unsafe to eat or not tender …

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ThermowPro Twin Tempspike Thermometer Review

One of the most important factors of quality barbecue and grilled food is the internal temperature. It’s a food safety concern as well as a food quality issue. Overcooked meat can either turn to mush or dry out, while undercooked meat can either be unsafe to eat or not tender enough to enjoy.

So when ThermoPro sent me the brand-new Twin TempSpike meat thermometer to try out, I was excited. I’ve gotten a chance to review some fantastic meat thermometers, but this was my first opportunity to try out a truly wireless meat thermometer that runs off Bluetooth. That meant I didn’t have to worry about getting wires tangled and crossed either in my grill or in storage. 

Getting to measure two independent temperatures at the same time thanks to the Booster charging base is a big positive as well. It connects to your phone and the free TempSpike App via Bluetooth. 

In this review, we’re going to dive into all the features of the new Twin TempSpike, the overall design, fit, and finish, my ownership experience, and some final thoughts at the end. How does it compare to the Meater Plus or Meatstick 4X? Find out.

byb2-table__imageVersatileVersatileThermoPro TempSpike 500FT Wireless Meat Thermometer
  • 1 Probes
  • Industry-Leading Bluetooth 500FT Range
  • 100% Wire-Free with Smart App Control
byb2-table__imageVersatileVersatileThermoPro Twin TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer with 2 Meat Probes
  • 2 Probes
  • Industry-Leading Bluetooth 500FT Range
  • 100% Wire-Free with Smart App Control

Overview of ThermoPro

ThermoPro got into digital thermometers back in 2014. The company started as a manufacturer of other brands but then struck out on its own. They offer a full suite of instant-read thermometers as well as leave-in digital thermometers. Then in 2022, ThermoPro launched the TempSpike Bluetooth wireless meat thermometer to leave all the wires behind.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Overview & Specs

No matter whether you’re smoking brisket, reverse-searing a thick steak, or roasting chicken, the Twin TempSpike will let you monitor two cuts of meat at the same time no matter what you’re cooking. 

Specifications Table

Internal Temperature Range14°-212°F (-10°-100°C)
Ambient Temperature Range14°-572°F (-10°-300°C)
Temp Reading AccuracyWithin 1.8°F (1.0°C) from 14°-212°F (-10°-100°C), Within 2.0°F outside of range
Dimensions, Booster6 ⅞L x 2 ½W x 1H 
Dimensions, Probes1/4D x 5 1/6L
Battery Rechargeable with provided USB cable
Battery Life, Probes30+ hours
Battery Life, Booster3+ months
Display Dimensions1 7/8L x 2/3W
Display SettingsIncrements of 1°F, toggle between °F and °C in the app as well as adjust brightness settings
BacklightYes, with a dedicated button on the Booster
Thermometer ConnectionBluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Range6.5-33ft between probe and Booster, 500ft from Booster to phone
AppiOS, Android
WarrantyOne-year limited warranty for defects in parts, materials, and workmanship
IncludesBooster, two TempSpike probes (one white and one black,) USB-C charging cable, instruction manual, care card, customer support information card

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Features

Now that you’ve got a birds-eye view of the Twin TempSpike, let’s get into the details.

Twin Probes

Two Probes

The Twin TempSpike, as its name suggests, comes with two probes. They are color-coded at the base, one white and one black. The display on the Booster labels each side of the display so you know which numbers correspond with which probe. The app does this as well. 

The probes themselves are solidly constructed. The main shaft of the probes is made from stainless steel while the colored end is ceramic. The probes are easy to clean with a quick wipe from most cooking sessions. However, if you desire a deeper clean, ThermoPro does state in the manual that you can run them through the dishwasher as well. 

Due to the ability to monitor two separate temperatures, there’s a clear line on the shaft of the probe delineating how far the probe needs to be inserted. The part of the probe that monitors the internal temperature is only supposed to be exposed to temperatures up to 212°F, so you need to be sure to insert the probe fully. 

The colored base of the probe has an ambient temperature sensor that could prove to be helpful if you’re using an offset smoker or smoking on a charcoal grill. If you’re using a pellet grill or any other type of grill that regulates itself, the ambient temperature sensor in your probe isn’t something you necessarily need to pay much attention to.  

ThermoPro says that the probes are accurate within 1.8°F which is plenty accurate for smoking or roasting. You can use an instant-read thermometer to verify temperatures once you get to the approximate target temperature.

The Booster

The original TempSpikes had a high-quality Booster that was capable of Bluetooth ranges up to 500ft. ThermoPro said that’s awesome, now we want to have two TempSpikes in one Booster. The range is still the same, but ThermoPro added a display to the middle of the Booster so you can monitor both the internal temperature and the ambient temperature readings from both probes with a simple glance. You can also trigger the orange backlight with a single button press for increased visibility. 

ThermoPro boasts that the Booster can last three months on a single charge. I haven’t had time to put it to the test, but it handled an eight+ hour cook without showing a single dip on the battery display. It also serves as the charging unit for the probes. All you have to do is pop the cleaned probes into the receptacles and the Booster will handle the charging for you. If you do need to recharge the Booster, it comes with a USB-C charging cord. Just plug it into an available wall plug or open USB port on a computer, laptop, or even charging brick, and you’re good to go.

Also, the Booster is magnetized. You can stick it to the pellet hopper of your pellet grill, a side shelf on your grill or smoker, or the side of your fridge for storage. It’s a small package overall so it doesn’t take up much drawer or shelf space for storage, but the more versatile a product is storage-wise, the better in my book.

TempSpike App

The first thing that stood out to me about the TempSpike app was that it doesn’t overwhelm you as soon as you open it. It was incredibly simple to add my Twin TempSpikes to the app, and the main screen shows you your device as well as the internal temperature and the ambient temperature readings as well as your target temperature. 

The app comes pre-loaded with nine main types of meat and different doneness levels if applicable. You can also create your own custom profiles that will automatically be saved and available for future use.

You can also click on an individual probe for a more comprehensive breakdown of information. It will show you the internal temperature and target temperature of course. At the top of the page, it shows the current battery level of both the probe and the Booster. The page also has a spot for the estimated time left in the cook that it will sometimes populate. You can choose to have an alarm for when it reaches the target temperature and even whether you want your phone to vibrate when the alarm goes off. You can even set a target ambient temperature minimum and maximum along with alarms. 

On the main page, you can also check on the Booster’s settings. This is where you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, switch the Booster’s display settings, set specific alarms across the entire device, and change the alarm sounds. At the bottom of the settings page, you can access FAQs, find contact information, register your TempSpikes (that at the time of writing extends your warranty to three years from the standard one year,) and change the app’s display language.

You also can add or remove TempSpike devices as well. In the FAQ section, ThermoPro says you can pair up to three TempSpike devices to one phone at the same time. You cannot pair a TempSpike to multiple devices at the same time, though.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Review

The prospect of getting to use a truly wireless meat thermometer excited me from the moment I got the Twin TempSpike. I love that I can monitor multiple temperatures from my phone or the Booster without worrying about de-tangling wires. The nice thing is that everything is stored in the Booster itself and it comes with a clear plastic cover for storage.

The real question that you are asking, and I was asking myself, is how do the Twin TempSpikes deliver as a meat thermometer? We’ll take a look at its accuracy, the strength and quality of its connectivity, the app’s functionality and experience, and the battery life of the entire package.


There’s a weird dichotomy when it comes to wireless meat thermometers like the Twin TempSpike. As I said in the opening, the internal temperature of whatever cut of meat you’re smoking, grilling, or cooking is one of the two most important parts of proper cooking. So we want accurate thermometers. Makes complete sense. 

However, to what degree of accuracy are we interested when it comes to the thermometers that we leave in bigger cuts of meat, especially when it comes to smoking barbecue? Are we concerned with accuracy within half a degree? One degree? Two degrees? 

Especially when it comes to smoking meat, the target internal temperature is usually a range. It gets us to the right ballpark, then we start checking the meat for tenderness. No briskets are identical, so they might reach the ideal level of tenderness at slightly different temperatures.

So that gets us back to the ThermoWorks Twin TempSpike. These probes are accurate to within 1.8°F, and when it comes to the vast majority of applications, that’s perfectly fine. 

As for the ambient temperature sensors, they were regularly off the temperature reading on my pellet grill. I’m not concerned about that since I do the vast majority of my smoking on a pellet grill, but it could lead to issues if you’re relying on the ambient temperature readings to control your smoker.


While the Twin TempSpike’s Booster has a display screen that can show you both the internal temperature and ambient temperature readings for both TempSpikes, we’re primarily concerned about how well the TempSpikes connect to the Booster and the Booster to the app on our phones. I played around with the location of my Booster to see how well I could keep connectivity throughout my longer smoking session. 

As a refresher, ThermWorks says that the TempSpike-to-Booster range is anywhere from 6.5 feet to 33 feet. The reason they give it such a range is due to the different types of grills you could be using and how a thicker grill can dampen the Bluetooth signal. I used the Twin TempSpikes on my Camp Chef Apex pellet grill, and the cooking chamber is double-walled to help insulate from heat loss. So I imagine that it certainly can cut down on the Bluetooth signal from the probes to the Booster.

For the majority of the cooking session, I kept the Booster actually inside my house in the entryway by the back deck where the grill was. I did not experience any real connectivity problems from the probes to the Booster or from the booster to my phone. The only times my phone lost connection to the Booster was due to walking my dog around my property where I either exceeded the 500ft range or put the entirety of the house between myself and the Booster.

The one time I experienced connectivity issues between the probes and the Booster was after I wrapped my beef ribs and my chuck roast in two layers of aluminum foil. That seemed to sever the Bluetooth connection. I had to puncture holes in the foil for the probes to be uncovered. I also had to return the probes to the Booster briefly to re-establish the connection. Once I did that, I experienced no more issues. To also help with that issue, I then moved the Booster outside to the side of the grill.

In all, I was pleased with the connectivity for the Twin TempSpike.

App Functionality

Speaking of connectivity, how does the app perform? First, I need to give ThermoPro a big plus with the inclusion of QR codes in the manual for both the iOS and Android versions of the app. You don’t have to search and make sure you’ve got the right app, all you have to do is scan the QR code that matches your phone’s operating system and you’ll be all set. 

It was also extremely easy to pair the Twin TempSpike with the app. All you have to do is press the S button on the Booster or just remove one of the probes to turn the Booster on. Then you make sure you have your phone’s Bluetooth turned on. Select Add Device on the app and your TempSpikes should appear. Select them and you’re good to go!

As for using the app, it’s pretty straightforward. Once you have your Twin TempSpike paired,  both probes show up on the main screen and have readouts for the internal temperature, target temperature, and ambient temperature from each probe. From there, you can select an individual probe for a more in-depth experience.

Above the internal temperature, you can select your target temperature using one of the app’s pre-made “profiles” based on U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for internal temperature. They have presets for beef, fish, ground beef, ground poultry, lamb, pork, poultry, turkey, and veal. You can also create your own custom profiles with a name and target temperature simply by hitting the red “+” button at the bottom of the screen.

On the iOS version of the app that I used, you simply key in the target temperature rather than having to scroll to a specific temperature. I like the simplicity and not needing to worry about missing the exact temp I’m looking for.

You can also select alarms for the target temperature and the minimum and maximum ambient temperatures. 

One of the interesting things I found with the app is that it does not record cooking sessions as a default. There is a record button to the right of the internal temperature readout that will create a historical graph you can later access, but that has to be selected by you. There does not appear to be a way to turn that on by default, so if you’re a fan of looking back at past cooking sessions, make sure you hit record at the start.

At the main app screen, you can also add more devices. Per the FAQs, you can add up to three TempSpike devices. I was able to add my single TempSpike quickly and easily. So if you’re looking to monitor more than two temperatures at once, you can purchase additional TempSpikes to increase your capability.

Battery Life

ThermoPro boasts that the Booster can run for three-plus months on a single charge. I’m quite curious to know how often the probes would be used through that three-month period, but there’s no indication of how much use that equals. I have to imagine using the Twin TempSpikes multiple times a week would drop that number, but I haven’t been able to put that theory to the test. What I can tell you is that the Booster doesn’t even blink at an eight-plus hour smoking session when it’s fully charged.

The probes are supposed to be able to run continuously for 36 hours on a single charge, but I’ve never attempted a cooking session that long and I doubt I ever will. With the probes fully charged, you’ll be able to handle just about any length of a cooking session without issue. Then you’ll just put them back in the Booster to recharge for the next time. 

Overall Fit And Finish

Now the Booster itself for the Twin TempSpike isn’t likely to win any best-dressed awards. It’s bright orange. However, that does mean it’s easy to keep an eye on. Plus it fits ThermoPro’s design aesthetic. 

I do like the display in the middle of the Booster and that they leaned into the orange motif by using an orange backlight. That makes it easy to walk by and take a quick glance to see what’s going on with your probes without having to check the app. 

The fact that they color-coded the probes and even ordered the display properly to reflect that is a great move by ThermoPro. You don’t have to guess which probe goes to which reading regardless if you’re looking at the Booster or the app. 

ThermoPro Customer Service And Support

I haven’t come across any issues that required me to contact their support team. I do appreciate that there are both phone numbers and an email address along with hours in the manual as well as on a card in the box that is slightly smaller than a standard business card. You can even text customer service support if you live in the US or Canada! The hours are only during the week, but they are available from 8 am to 8 pm EST.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Warranty

The Twin TempSpike is backed by a one-year limited warranty for defects in parts, materials, and workmanship. At the time of writing this review, if you register your Twin TempSpike through the TempSpike App’s Settings page, the warranty will be upgraded to a three-year warranty.

Do We Recommend The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike?

After spending time with the Twin TempSpike, I can understand the love for meat thermometers that have no wires. Then you factor in how easy it is to use these probes and the app, and it’s an overall enjoyable experience.

What I Like…

  • The app is easy to use while still having a robust set of features
  • I can store the entire Booster and two probes in a small package, much smaller than any wired meat thermometers I’ve used
  • Two probes is good for a lot of cooking sessions, whether you’re needing to temp two separate cuts of meat or multiple spots in one large piece of meat like a chicken or potentially even a brisket
  • The Bluetooth connectivity works well, even through multiple rooms in my house

What Makes Me Angry…

  • Ambient temperature readings aren’t very accurate which seems to be a common theme across all wireless meat thermometers that follow this design
  • Not really angry, but just be aware that you need to make sure your probes are outside the aluminum foil if you’re wrapping a pork butt, brisket, or other large cut of meat
  • Needing to select record for cooking sessions to review later rather than the app recording data automatically

Final Thoughts

I found my experience with the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike to be quite good. I only had the one true hiccup with the connectivity between the probes and the Booster which was likely an operator error rather than an issue with the system. 

The Twin TempSpike is not cheap, but you are getting a quality product that allows you to monitor two separate internal temperatures at once. You also get quite the Bluetooth range so you don’t have to be within steps of the Booster at all times. 

Overall, I would recommend the ThermoPro Twin TempSpikes to any backyard pitmaster who wants to be able to monitor two temperatures at once but doesn’t want to have to deal with the hassle of tangled probe wires.

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  1. I would be curious about the overall life of the batteries. Not the single use life. These probes obviously have li-ion batteries and heat absolutely kills the useful life of the batteries. I would imagine that after only a few months of use in ovens and on grills at high temps the batteries are going to fail. Can you replace them?

    • Hi Bradley, You have a good question regarding battery failure or life within the probe. I don’t see any literature focused on battery replacement of the probes. I’ll inquire to ThermoPro. As for now, so far so good with the probes. We will use it for a year and see what kind of reliability we get.


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