Traeger Flatrock Grill Review

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Traeger Flatrock Grill Review

Just when you thought Traeger was done with new grills and updates, the company surprised everyone by dropping the Flatrock flat top grill late in February 2023. So what sets Traeger’s first foray into the flat top grill game apart from the competitors? Let’s dig in.

One Size Fits All?

While it is quite common to see multiple sizes in competitor’s flat top grills, Traeger opted for a single model boasting 594 sq in of cooking space heated by three burners. The company says that it can fit 24 burgers, 28 strips of bacon, or 26 eggs on that surface.

Traeger Flat Top Grill in action

Three Distinct Heating Zones

One of the unique features on the Flatrock is that it has insulated walls in between the three burners to create three separated zones. That means you have more control over each section of the flat top grill. You can sear smash burgers on high heat while sautéing veggies in the next section without worrying that you’ll burn them.

Traeger Flatrock three burners

U-Shaped Burners

Speaking of burners, those three burners are U-shaped, not a standard straight burner. That means each cooking zone receives more even heating, ensuring you’re getting the exact temperature you’re looking for. The three burners give you a maximum heat on the cooking surface of 600°F so you can get a beautiful crust on a seared steak.

Always Know How Much Fuel You Have Left

Traeger Fuel Gauge
Propane Fuel Gauge

One of the coolest features on the Flatrock is the included fuel gauge on the front control panel. You’ll know when you’re starting to run low on propane so you won’t get caught unaware during breakfast preparations.

Side Shelves With The Pop-and-Lock System 

Traeger put two side shelves on the Flatrock, then continued their updates that started with the 2022 Timberlines by adding the Pop-And-Lock rails to the side shelves. That means the Flatrock can have condiment storage, a spot for your preferred drink, a paper towel roll, and plenty of tool hooks where you want it without taking up space on those side shelves.

EZ-Clean Grease And Ash Keg

Just like the Timberlines and the updated Ironwoods, the Flatrock uses the integrated EZ-Clean Grease and Ash Keg for cleanup. The bucket sits underneath the grill so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping it and sending grease everywhere. No need to worry about food debris clogging up a small grease hole as the griddle has a good-sized grease slot for cleaning as well.

Wind Guards

The entire cooking surface is walled in so you don’t have to worry about the wind causing your cooking surface to cool off. 

Hinged Lid

Traeger included a lid with the Flatrock that is hinged so you don’t have to find a place to hang it while you’re cooking. This also helps protect the cooking surface from the weather when you’re not cooking.

Final Thoughts

The Traeger Flatrock takes the idea of a flat top grill and adds some really interesting features like the fuel sensor, U-shaped burners, insulated walls dividing the cooking surface into three distinct zones, the grease bucket, and the Pop-and-Lock system. The unit rides on four locking casters to help make it easy to move when you need to and keep it in place when  you’re cooking. Traeger is backing the Flatrock with a five-year limited warranty as well. The carbon-steel cooking surface, like most flat top grills, is not pre-seasoned so you will need to take the time to go through a seasoning process. 

Traeger seems to be on a roll right now with the updates like with the Timberlines and Ironwoods while also dropping a brand-new entry in to the flat top grill industry. We look forward to learning more about this grill and hope to get a hands-on experience soon! Make sure to stay tuned for more information.

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