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Who’s Behind AngryBBQ?

Hello BBQ friends and welcome to Angrybbq.com. Angry BBQ was born out of passion for outdoor cooking

We remain committed to providing reliable and up to date information covering all topics related to BBQ, grilling, and more including:

  • BBQ/Grill reviews
  • BBQ/Grill reviews
  • Popular Grill and Smoker comparisons
  • Recipes
  • BBQ Gear
  • Grilling guides/tips

Founders Mike and Jannah Haas, developed this site with the following mission in mind:

To help BBQ enthusiasts find the best Recipes, Amazing Guides/How-to’s, and Great Gear to turn your BBQ from ordinary to extraordinary

Why did we name it Angry BBQ?

  1. If you knew Mike, you would know why the word Angry is in our name. He is known for his temper, which is usually quite comical and not always a bad thing.
  2. Burning your food or ruining it in some other way can lead to Anger. There is nothing worse than an over smoked or undercooked brisket. That makes us Angry and will most likely Anger you as well.
  3. BBQ/Grilling/Smoking used to be an incredibly frustrating process for us; but after years of trial and error and a couple ruined briskets; it has morphed into a passion. Hopefully, after spending some time on our site, we will alleviate you of future Angry BBQ’s.

Meet The Team At Angry BBQ

All content on our site is either written or edited by us to ensure we meet the highest quality standards. We do use freelance writers to help put articles together from time to time but nothing is put online without a green light from us.

We are Mike and Jannah Haas. We married in 2005 and have been blessed with 2 daughters. For our daytime jobs; Mike is in corporate sales and Jannah is a Physical Therapist. Through the years, we’ve had our share of good and bad BBQ. One of our favorite past-times while on holidays is to indulge in great food and drink. When we return home, we do our best to re-create these culinary experiences. Mike, in particular, has had the opportunity (through work) to travel across most of the United States and Canada. Through those travels he has developed a passion for not just food, but also the process of creating great BBQ. Combined we have over 40 years of BBQ experience; each beginning in our teen years. As a newly wed couple, we purchased our first smoker and the rest is history.

All content on our site is either written or edited by us to ensure we meet the highest quality standards. We do use freelance writers to help put articles together from time to time but nothing is put online without a green light from us.

All recipes and tips have been tested, modified, and perfected to our personal standards. Typically, we try to experiment with the equipment on our site with our own hands. Our closest friends and family are BBQ fanatics; therefore, we are always exchanging recipes, tips, and comparing accessories and gear!

Mike has always been a gear head and is interested in how things work and how to modify them. Growing up on a grain farm opened his mind to the world of agriculture, equipment and mechanics. Mike learnt everything he knows today about mechanics from his Father Herb (Who was not just a Farmer but also a Heavy Duty Mechanic). After Highschool, Mike attended Saskatchewan Polytechnic and completed the Electronics Technology program. This gave Mike a greater understanding of all Electronic systems. With a background in Mechanics and Electronics and a passion for BBQ, Mike is great at reviewing, building and modifying outdoor cook gear.

Jannah is focused on the health aspects of BBQ. She holds her Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Saskatchewan. During her studies she learnt about human anatomy and obtained a great understanding of what is required to keep a healthy body and mind. Jannah likes to bring balance to Mikes high fat meals (and temper), with healthy sides that actually taste great.

Currently Mike is rocking the following gear: Weber 22″ Kettle Premium, Broil King Regal S590 Pro, Traeger Ironwood 650 Pellet Grill, Yoder YS640S Pellet Grill, Yoder 24×48 Competition Charcoal Grill, Cuisinart Portable Gas Grill, Camp Chef SG24 WIFI, and some old homemade Offset. Mikes Angry BBQ shirts are made by Rushordertees.com

Author/Recipe Creator

Jeremy Pike

Jeremy is a writer and backyard BBQ enthusiast. He enjoys smoking and grilling for his friends, wife and their three kids just outside Charlotte, NC. He is working on refining his homemade barbecue sauce while constantly working to improve his techniques on the grill and smoker. When he isn’t writing about or smoking BBQ, he is likely writing about sports or whipping up something on the grill for his family.

Author/Recipe Creator

Eric Campbell

Eric has known Michael and Jannah since their days (and nights) at the University of Saskatchewan. Over the past several years, Eric has been dedicating his spare time to learning about and grilling different types of meat on his kamado grill, the Primo XL. After a class with BBQ Champion Rob Reinhardt, Eric has evolved from a BBQ hobbyist to an enthusiast. This elementary school principal spends his summers trying new recipes and grilling styles to perfect his weekly ‘Meat Sunday’ pictures for his friends. Eric is most proud of the many experimental chicken recipes that he has finally perfected for the complex pallets of his wife and two kids. The trick to finding a sweet, but not too spicy and not too tangy and a little bit charred chicken is all about patience and presentation. Stay tuned for more Kamado grilling tips and reviews from Eric.

Author/Recipe Creator

Steven Hudy

Steven (referred to as Hudy) has been a friend of Michael and Jannah’s since High School. Over the past 10 years Hudy has grown to love the culinary world. Hudy has taken various BBQ Grilling and Smoking classes from Rob Reinhardt of BBQ Class of Canada. He takes pride in making meals from scratch for his wife and kids. When Hudy is not grilling you can find him visiting friends and family, boating at the lake, or watching football with a Bohemian beer in hand. Hudy currently has a Camp Chef Woodwind and a Weber Kettle. Stay tuned for more Hudy recipes.

Author/Recipe Creator

Julie Harris

Julie Harris is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer. She loves to make tasty, satisfying recipes. Julie believes that being healthy includes eating foods you enjoy most. She has worked with patients with diabetes, eating disorders, and other chronic conditions. She has helped transform the way they think about food and their overall health. When she isn’t writing and working, you can find her in the kitchen or patio making something tasty to eat. Julie earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from California State University and a B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado.

Would you like to contribute to Angry BBQ?

We are always interested in hearing about new recipes, grilling or smoking tips and tricks from our BBQ friends. If you have expert knowledge in outdoor cooking and would like to share your knowledge, let us know! You can contact us through our contact page!

Happy grilling!

Mike and Jannah Haas