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My Top 3 Favorite BBQ Aprons – Which is the best BBQ apron for you?

When I think of barbecue and grilling accessories, I usually think about tools like spatulas, tongs, thermometers, and grill brushes. I seem to focus on the tools needed to care for my food and grill surfaces and I typically forget about myself and my clothing. This is where a good …

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By Brent Doud


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Best BBQ Aprons

When I think of barbecue and grilling accessories, I usually think about tools like spatulas, tongs, thermometers, and grill brushes. I seem to focus on the tools needed to care for my food and grill surfaces and I typically forget about myself and my clothing. This is where a good BBQ apron comes in. In my opinion, A good BBQ apron needs to be comfortable first and foremost. Next would be ease of use and accessibility. If it is not comfortable and easy to put on and take off then I most likely will not spend the time and effort to use it. Next, I would say storage and durability is important. No matter how long or short the walk is from the kitchen to the grill, I always need more hands to carry out the meat, spices and tools that I need for each cook.

12oz 100% Cotton
16oz Waxed Coated Canvas
12 oz waxed cotton canvas
12oz 100% Cotton
  • Adjustable Neck Straps
  • 10oz. 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric
  • Double-sewn edges and pockets
16oz Waxed Coated Canvas
  • Interchangeable Crossback Straps
  • 16oz Waxed Coated Canvas
  • Leather Trim
12 oz waxed cotton canvas
  • Interchangeable Crossback Straps
  • 12 oz waxed cotton canvas
  • Leather Trim

I have spent time using some of the biggest brands in the apron industry, and I have formed some opinions. Of course, everyone will have different needs in the end, but I hope that the information that I give you will assist you in picking what suits your needs best.

My BBQ Apron Testing

Let’s get started. I used a grill, smoker, and pizza oven in my apron testing. I smoked 16lbs of pork butt, 3lbs of salmon, 11lbs Ham and I experimented with some smoked salsa. On the grill, I prepared several steaks and some cedar plank salmon. In the pizza oven, I made several pizzas and some focaccia bread. This test lasted a couple of weeks and I took turns wearing each of the 5 aprons that I tested. In my review, I will only highlight the aprons that I liked and not mention any brand names for the aprons that did not make the top 3. I am doing this because there was nothing wrong with the other BBQ aprons, they were just basic grilling aprons. Nothing special, no differentiation from any other apron for grilling.

Most Comfortable BBQ Apron: Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron

I am not going to string you along any longer. The Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron gets my vote for the most comfortable BBQ apron I tried. While it is a basic apron, it was by far the easiest to wear of the aprons I tested. As I mentioned earlier, comfort and ease of use are what speak to me. I learned very quickly that I prefer the next strap over the cross-back design. I could easily hang the H&B Essential apron in my patio using the neck strap and it could be on my body is seconds.

The Hedley & Bennet Essential Apron is constructed from 10oz cotton canvas so it’s lightweight enough that it’s easy to slip on when you’re running out to the BBQ for a quick check and spritz. I prefer the standard style with the adjustable neck strap versus the cross-back style. The crossback may keep the apron a little more snug but it’s much harder to put on and take off. 

The straps on the Hedley & Bennet Essential Apron are very long. Long enough that I could wrap them around my waist and tie them in the front. If you don’t prefer to tie them in the front I guess you could cut the straps to your liking.

We also appreciate the attention to detail like the double-sewn edges and pockets for durability. The sewing on this H&B apron was top-notch. However, one of the things that detracted slightly was the pockets. The top pocket is too small for a cell phone. I prefer to hold my cell phone in the top pocket if possible, but that is not possible on the H&B Essential apron. I just feel the top pocket is safe from spills and any heat from the BBQ. The top pocket works perfectly for an instant-read thermometer. I would also like more pocket room and more straps to hand tools from.

Hedley & Bennet Essential Apron Specs

Dimensions:33″ x 30″ body, 43″ waist straps, up to 36″ neck strap
StrapAdjustable Neck Strap
Care Instructions:Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry or Tumble Dry Low. Do Not Soak. Low Iron as Needed.
Fabric Details:10oz. 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric
Lifetime Guarantee: Guarantee against any product failure that falls within intended use.
Size:One size Fits All
Water Resistant:No

What I Like…

  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Adjustable neck strap

  • Quality materials and well-stitched

  • Machine washable

What Makes Me Angry…

  • I’d like more (or bigger) more roomy pockets so I can carry more things between the kitchen and the grill.

  • Would be great if it had a strap to hang your eyeglasses from.

Most Durable: The Premium Grill Master Apron From The Apres Supply Co.

Working around the grill or smoker can be a dirty job. If you’re using wood or charcoal, there’s going to be ash. Plus you’ll always have some type of meat juices or grease. So a heavy-duty apron comes in handy. The Grill Master from Apres is made from 16oz waxed canvas. The Premium Grill Master apron from the Apres Supply Co. is our pick for the most durable BBQ apron thanks to its heavy-duty waxed canvas base. 

The Grill Master apron is not only durable, it packs plenty of functionality. It has three large leather pockets (which is a really nice touch), two leather loops (one with a D-ring), and it even comes with an attached bottle opener. No matter what you’re drinking having a bottle opener within reach at all times is perfect around the grill or smoker.

We liked the ample pockets and having the two loops is perfect for keeping a towel close by and for keeping a pair of tongs at hand. That’s especially nice if your pellet grill doesn’t have built-in tool hooks! The straps are quality and even hook on with metal clips into metal grommets on the apron.

Apres Grill Master Apron Specs:

Fabric:16oz Waxed Coated Canvas with Leather Trims
Pockets:2 Versatile Genuine Leather Pockets
Towel Loops:2 Brass Riveted Leather Towel Loops
Bottle Opener:1 Connected Bottle Opener
Straps:Interchangeable Crossback Straps
Size: One Size Fits All
Dimensions:27” wide x 33” tall
Water Resistant:Yes

What We Like…

  • Waxed canvas will stand up to the toughest messes around the grill and smoker

  • Big leather pockets and loops look good and give plenty of storage

  • Leather strap to hang my eyeglasses on

What Makes Us Angry…

  • The waxed canvas and metal hardware make this apron both quite heavy and stiff so it isn’t the most comfortable

  • Crossback style straps aren’t the quickest for putting aprons on or taking off

Durable & Light: Waxed Canvas Apron From Roosevelt Supply Co.

Roosevelt Supply’s waxed 12oz canvas apron is another heavy-duty apron designed to keep you protected from splashing sauces, grease, or meat juices all over your clothes. It’s lighter and less expensive than Apres Supply’s Grill Master which can make it more attractive. The lighter weight made this a bit more comfortable than the heavier BBQ aprons, but the waxed canvas will still keep the stains of your clothing.

The waxed canvas is high quality and it has nice leather accents that give it a quality look. It also has a leather strap for tongs or even eyeglasses plus nice pockets. This is certainly better than some of the basic aprons that we tested. I found the 12oz waxed canvas to be a good weight and not too stiff and heavy.

Roosevelt Supply’s Waxed 12oz Canvas Apron Specs

Material:12 oz waxed cotton canvas
Pockets: Three front pockets
Straps:Interchangeable Crossback Straps
Water Resistant:Yes

What We Like…

  • The upper pocket can fit a cell phone and has a leather strap for your eyeglasses.

  • Leather accents enhance the look of the apron

  • Waxed canvas will hold up around the grill and smoker

What Makes Us Angry…

  • Crossback style straps aren’t the quickest for putting aprons on or taking off

  • Would like to see some straps for BBQ tools or a towel.

Waxed Canvas Aprons Versus Cotton Aprons

You probably noticed that our most comfortable apron, the Hedley & Bennett apron, is made from standard cotton while our most durable (and runner-up) is made from waxed canvas. What’s the difference and why does it matter?

The biggest difference is that waxed canvas is waterproof. So if you splash meat juices or vinegar-based barbecue sauce, it’ll slide right off. A normal cotton apron could get wet and could soak through the apron to get your clothes wet.

The tradeoff is that care for a waxed canvas apron is more complex. You can throw a cotton apron in the washer and get it fairly clean despite any staining. You can’t just throw a waxed canvas apron in the washer and call it a day.

Apres Supply says that you should be spot-cleaning your apron as needed with cool water and a rag, never dry-cleaned, machine-washed, or machine-dried. Those processes can remove the wax from the apron, compromising its durability. Proper and gentle care will keep your apron durable for years

Also, for storage, you want to keep it in a cool and dry place. Too much heat can cause the wax to start to melt, and excess moisture can cause mold to grow.

What Are Your Apron Needs?

I hope the information I provided you can assist in your BBQ apron buying decision. Remember, everyone has different needs when it comes to BBQ aprons. Do you prefer comfort and ease of use like me, or do you need the heavy waxed canvas apron to protect you? Figure out what your specific needs are for the type of grilling that you do and it should be easy for you to pick a BBQ apron that will be perfect for you.

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