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Typhur InstaProbe Review

Late in March 2023, Typhur sent me their new InstaProbe instant-read thermometer to review. I’ve spent a few weeks using it both inside my kitchen and outside at my grill. I’ve gotten a great feel for how the InstaProbe behaves, and I can give you the full rundown and my …

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Typhur InstaProbe Review
Whoops. Overcooked the Chicken.

Late in March 2023, Typhur sent me their new InstaProbe instant-read thermometer to review. I’ve spent a few weeks using it both inside my kitchen and outside at my grill. I’ve gotten a great feel for how the InstaProbe behaves, and I can give you the full rundown and my honest opinion of this thermometer.

There’s no question that having a quality instant-read thermometer is a must-have for every home cook and backyard grillmaster. Everyone has a horror story either of their own or someone close to them about eating undercooked food. An instant-read thermometer like the Typhur InstaProbe removes all guesswork of whether your food is safe to eat or not. It also can help make sure you don’t overcook and dry out your food as well. One tool can help you avoid undercooking and drying out that same chicken breast.

So what sets the InstaProbe apart from the rest of the industry? Let’s dive in!

byb2-table__imageRating 9.7Rating 9.7Typhur InstaProbe
  • Readings in 0.75 sec
  • OLED Display
  • Magnetic Holder

Typhur Inc 

Typhur is a San Jose, California-based company that is “Powered by cooking science,” and it shows in its product lineup. Typhurs current product line is small but growing quickly. Currently their Sous Vide Station and the InstaProbe are packed to the gills with high-end technology to make sure home cooks are able to cook and grill with precision. From what we understand they will be launching an air fryer and oven in the near future. Typhur continues to launch new products including their Typhur Sync wireless meat thermometer that we just reviewed.


InstaProbe Overview

So let’s take a look at the specifications, features, performance, overall fit and finish, and the ownership experience of the InstaProbe.

Typhur InstaProbe Specifications

Operating Temp Range-4° to  122­­°F (-20° to 50°C)
Dimensions4.3L x 0.12D (inches)
Batteries2 x 1.5 volt AAA batteries (included)
Display SettingsFahrenheit or Celsius. 360° display rotation. Increments in 0.1°
Measurement SpeedFull accurate measurement in 0.75 seconds, increments every 0.15 seconds)
Temp Reading Range-58° to 572°F (-49.9 to 299.9°C)
Temp Reading AccuracyPlus or minus 0.5°F (0.3°C) between 04° and 248°F (-20° to 120°C) otherwise 1.8°F (1.0°C)
Display0.87H x 1.65W in inches; OLED, white numbers on black background.
Water Resistance RatingIP67
WarrantyOne year warranty
IncludedProbe, instructions, 2x AAA batteries

InstaProbe Performance

As detailed above, Typhur boasts that you will receive an accurate temperature reading in 0.75 seconds with a time constant of .15 seconds. The first time I used the thermometer, I was blown away by how quickly the OLED display updated. Not only does the InstaProbe react quickly, but it reacts accurately. It’s rated to be within 0.5°F (0.3°C) and claimed to be factory calibrated to 7 different temperature points – Based off my usage and tests, that’s accurate. You will see the temperature of your food changing as it changes. No needing to stand there and wait for your thermometer to respond.

So how does the InstaProbe react so quickly and accurately? I recently spoke with the Typhur team and was impressed to learn about their unique technology called DCTi (Direct Contact Thermocouple Integration). Essentially, they managed to solder the thermocouple sensor directly onto the tip of the probe, while filling the internal space of the probe by using thermopaste to maximize heat transfer efficiency – fostering a quick and accurate reading every time.

The readout shows up on an OLED screen towards the probe end of the device. It auto-rotates to accommodate whatever way you have to twist to put the probe into whatever you’re temping. The thermometer displays in 0.1-degree increments, and you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius in the battery compartment. It even shows your current battery level, so you’ll know when you’re running low, not caught off guard by the batteries running out suddenly. 

Typhur InstaProbe temping meat on the grill
No matter how bright the daylight it, you can see the display perfectly.

While other thermometers may boast in a backlit display, the InstaProbe has no need for that due to its OLED display. The background stays black, just like the body of the thermometer, and the readout shows up in white for an easy to read contrast regardless of the light level. The display will shut off in 30 seconds if left alone.

This OLED display is probably our favorite feature of the Typhur instant read thermometer.

byb2-table__imageRating 9.7Rating 9.7Typhur InstaProbe
  • Readings in 0.75 sec
  • OLED Display
  • Magnetic Holder

Overall Fit And Finish

The Typhur InstaProbe is the sleekest, most futuristic instant-read thermometer I’ve had the pleasure of using, and I have tested my fair share of instant reads from ThermoWorks, ChefsTemp and Javelin. When I first pulled the thermometer out of the packaging, I was struck by how much this looked to be out of a science fiction movie. At first, you can’t even be sure where the display is with how seamlessly it blends into the body of the thermometer. The thermometer body is shiny, so you do sometimes get a reflection, but it’s never enough to interfere with reading the display. Typhur made the InstaProbe with a smooth body but it’s not slippery so don’t worry that you’ll lose your grip.

You don’t even need to worry about getting the InstaProbe messy because it has an IP67 rating, meaning it can handle temporary submersion. 

Typhur InstaProbe Review on table

There is one slight drawback to the design. Most instant-read thermometers have the sharp end of the probe tuck into some sort of notch in the body of the thermometer or even some type of sheath to go over the probe. The InstaProbe does not, so if you like storing your thermometers in a drawer or tuck them into a pocket, you do need to be careful not to puncture anything (hands included.) 

However, Typhur did give the InstaProbe a storage option other than getting tucked into a drawer somewhere with an integrated magnet. That means you can put your thermometer on a vent hood for your stove, the metal shelf of your grill, or even your pellet hopper. I personally love putting it on my vent hood in the kitchen so it’s out of the way but easily accessed when I need it.

Typhur InstaProbe Magnetic Holder
Strong Magnet Holds On Range Hood

Speaking of easily accessed, the battery compartment is on the back of the InstaProbe and all it takes is a Phillips head screwdriver to access. The compartment also holds a single button for switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius display settings.

InstaProbe Add-On Features

The first main feature is the OLED display. There’s no worry about a backlight when the display itself is black and the numbers show up white. I can see that easily whether I’m in the sun, under a bright light in the kitchen, or in low-light of an oven or cooking late into the evening. 

Not only is the display bright and easy to read, but it auto-rotates as you swivel the thermometer around to get the best reading possible. No need to crane your neck to see whether your chicken is ready to pull out of the oven or off the grill!

I love the fact that this thermometer comes with an IP67 rating. While it’s not dishwasher safe, I can wipe it down with some soapy water to get any food residue or liquid splashes off without worrying about damaging the InstaProbe.

Finally, the InstaProbe is simply the fastest instant-read thermometer I’ve spent time around. There’s something satisfying about watching how quickly it increments. Perhaps that’s because I still remember as a kid my mom using one of those old analog meat thermometers and waiting for it to register the correct temperature. However, that 0.15-second time constant is the real deal. It’s not only fast to increment, it delivers the accurate temperature as quick if not quicker than any other I’ve used. Look our ThermoWorks. You have a real competitor here.

InstaProbe Ownership Experience

You can do all the research in the world and read about all the features a piece of equipment has, but it pales in comparison to hands-on experience. Thankfully, I’ve gotten that hands-on experience with the InstaProbe and can give you my personal thoughts, not conjecture based off feature lists.

The InstaProbe is easy and simple to use. It comes with a simple instruction sheet with visual diagrams for installing the included batteries, how to turn the thermometer on, and how to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Simply swing the probe out from the body of the thermometer and it will automatically turn on. The tip of the probe is what measures the temperature, so you’ll want to make sure you get that tip as close to the middle of whatever you’re temping to get the most accurate reading possible.

Typhur InstaProbe Review

The instruction sheet does have some hints if you’re worried something is wrong with your InstaProbe. In fact, I encountered one of those issues. Even in early to mid-April, North Carolina near Charlotte has seen temperatures around 80°F (and Michael has expressed his displeasure with that on a few occasions!) While I was working on a cooking session, I did leave my InstaProbe sitting on my pellet hopper longer than I should have. I got an error message stating that the thermometer was too hot and needed to cool down. I immediately took it inside and let it rest, and I have had no issues with it after that.

The one issue I found is that the probe does not rotate further than 180°. That means if you’re left handed, you will simply have to point the thermometer and probe straight in-line into whatever you’re temping. It’s not the biggest deal, but it can be awkward compared to the 90° angle right-handed users can take advantage of.

InstaProbe Accuracy Tests

It’s great and all to be told that the InstaProbe is accurate to within half a degree Fahrenheit, but it’s another thing to see it for yourself. So how can you do that at home? With ice water and boiling water tests. Here’s how it worked for me.

InstaProbe Boiling Water Test

I currently live in Mount Pleasant, NC. It’s about 600 feet above sea level. Elevation is an important variable to note because the boiling point of water decreases by one degree Fahrenheit every 500 feet above sea level. We are taught that water boils at 212°F (100°C) at sea level, so for me, water boils at 211°F. So how did the InstaProbe do with my pot of boiling water? 

Typhur InstaProbe Boiling Water Test

Darn well, as you can see. It got the reading quickly, and my hand only got hot because of needing to take a picture. 

InstaProbe Ice Water Test

This is also simple. I grabbed a mason jar, threw in some ice cubes, added cold water, and gave it a few minutes for the ice to go to work. Then I carefully put the probe in and got my reading of 32.3°F (0.17°C.) Quick and accurate.

Typhur InstaProbe Ice Water Test

Customer Care and Warranty

Typhur backs up the InstaProbe with a one-year limited warranty. You can reach out to their support via email and they promise a response within five business days.

Would We Recommend The Typhur InstaProbe?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time using and reviewing the InstaProbe. The combination of speed and accuracy makes this one of the best instant-read thermometers I’ve ever used. I would have no issues recommending this thermometer. The sleek design fits right in for people who love to have the latest and greatest cooking technology.

That speed can save you from burning your hands when working around high heat when you still need accurate measurements. It’s also reassuring to know that you can trust the readout and don’t have to worry about serving undercooked or overcooked food.

What We Like…

  • The 0.15 time constant delivering an accurate reading in 0.75 seconds
  • OLED display means you can use it no matter the lighting circumstances
  • IP67 rating means you can wash it when it gets messy
  • The magnet is perfect for putting it in easy-to-reach places when cooking

What Makes Us Angry…

  • The probe point being exposed could lead to getting stabbed if you aren’t careful

Wrapping It Up

Even though Typhur is relatively new to the instant-read thermometer game, they’ve developed an incredibly fast and accurate product that speaks to the company’s commitment to cooking science. It looks professional and performs for the professional. This is a great new product in the instant read thermometer field.

byb2-table__imageRating 9.7Rating 9.7Typhur InstaProbe
  • Readings in 0.75 sec
  • OLED Display
  • Magnetic Holder

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