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Typhur Sync Review

Here at Angry BBQ, we’ve said over and over again that the two most important indicators of your meat being done are internal temperature and tenderness. We will give you time ranges for different cuts of meat, but it’s much more important to know what temperature you’re trying to target …

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Typhur Sync Review

Here at Angry BBQ, we’ve said over and over again that the two most important indicators of your meat being done are internal temperature and tenderness. We will give you time ranges for different cuts of meat, but it’s much more important to know what temperature you’re trying to target and how close you are to it.

To help with tracking those internal temperatures, we use tools like instant-read thermometers and wireless meat thermometers. It’s a food safety issue when it comes to making sure we cook our food to a high enough temperature that food-borne bacteria are destroyed as well as ensuring the best possible finished product.

So when Typhur sent me the new Sync wireless meat thermometer, I was excited to put it to the test. I’ve gotten a chance to review multiple thermometers of this type, and I love the fact that the Sync is truly wireless so I don’t have to worry about tangled wires when storing or pinching those wires when I close my grill’s lid. 

I’m also a big fan of the Sync base being able to connect to the free Typhur app on my phone via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It ensures a stable connection no matter if I’ve got the base right next to me or if I have to run to the store for something I inevitably forgot.

In this review, I’m going to give you a rundown of the Sync’s features, its overall design, fit and finish, and my experience as an owner, and then wrap it all up with my thoughts. 

byb2-table__imageExtremely VersatileVersatileFireBoard Labs Spark
  • 2 Probes
  • Long-range, Bluetooth 5.4 connection: 400 feet range in open space, 65 feet range in closed space.
  • Dishwasher-friendly, 50 hours battery life.

Overview of Typhur

Typhur is based out of San Jose, California, and the company’s motto of “Aiming for #1 in Cooking Science” is true across the entirety of its lineup of products. We previously reviewed the InstaProbe instant-read thermometer which was incredibly fast and has a great OLED screen that you can see clearly no matter what time of day or the lighting. Typhur also has a full Sous Vide Station for precision cooking and the new Typhur Dome air fryer with a unique design to cook the most amount of food quicker than any other air fryer on the market.

Typhur Sync Unboxing

Watch my unboxing video of the new Typhur Sync and get a good idea what you get before you purchase.

Typhur Sync Overview & Specs

Whether you need to smoke two pork butts for a party, smoke a turkey for a holiday dinner, or reverse-sear some cowboy steaks, the Sync’s two probes will let you keep track of two temperatures with just one piece of technology and one app.

Specifications Table

Internal Temperature Range32°-212°F
Ambient Temperature Range32°-572°F (Though Typhur says the ambient sensor can withstand temps of up to 707°F within 2 minutes)
Temperature Reading AccuracyInternal – Plus or minus 0.5°F from 104°-212°F Ambient – Plus or minus 9°F
Dimensions, Base5.5 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches
Dimensions, Probe5.03L x 0.24 diameter
BatteryRechargeable via USB-C cable (included)
Battery Life, ProbesOnly claim by Typhur is that the probes can last for two hours on a two-minute charge. I had no issues with a six-plus hour smoking session.
Battery Life, Base50+ hours at room temperature on a 3-hour charge
Display Dimensions2.4 inch LCD display
Display SettingsCan switch between °F and °C in the app
BacklightLCD screen does not need backlight
Thermometer ConnectionBluetooth 5.4 and Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)
Bluetooth Range400 ft line of sight, 65 feet enclosed in an oven or grill
AppiOS and Android
WarrantyOne-year limited warranty against defects
IncludesBase, two probes, USB-C charging cable, user manual, warranty card

Typhur Sync Features

It should be to no one’s surprise that a company that boasts that it is “Aiming for #1 in Cooking Science” would put out a quality product packed full of features. The Sync is not an entry-level thermometer as the feature list will show.

Two Probes

Whether you’re smoking two pork butts or a whole chicken and need to temp both the breast meat and the thigh, the Typhur Sync allows you to do so with two probes. To make it easy for you to distinguish between the two, the probes are both color-coded (one black and one almost maroon) and labeled so you always know which probe corresponds to which temperature reading.

The probes themselves are made from stainless steel and Zirconia ceramic so they can hold up to the meat and the temperatures of your smoker or grill. As noted above, Typhur says that the ceramic portion of the probes is rated to handle temperatures up to 707°F, so you can definitely reverse-sear your thick steaks without having to remove the probes. There is also the standard safety notch that lets you know how far you have to insert the probe to protect the internal components of the probe.

Speaking of the internal components, that is one area where Typhur is setting the Sync apart from the rest of the wireless meat thermometer market. Each probe has six sensors to monitor the internal temperature of your meat plus the ambient sensor in the handle. This is why Typhur boasts that the Sync is accurate within half a degree, a level of accuracy that is usually reserved for instant-read thermometers, not wireless meat thermometers. That level of accuracy is number one in wireless meat thermometers and a game-changer.

As for cleanup, the probes themselves are IP67 waterproof-rated (resists sustained water ingress in shallow depths for 30 minutes or more) so you can even put them in your dishwasher. I always wash them by hand, but you have the convenience of putting them in your dishwasher after a multi-hour cook.


Typhur boasts that the base is essentially four devices in one, and it truly is. It serves as the charger for the two probes, it has a 2.4-inch display with touchscreen controls at the base of the display, it connects to the probes and your phone via Bluetooth, and it also connects to your Wi-Fi network so you can monitor your cooking session no matter where you are. The base also has an algorithm that estimates how long your food will take to cook as well as handle resting times. 

The Wi-Fi capability of the Sync is one of the best parts of this device. Even though it has a good Bluetooth range even with obstructions, you can go anywhere and monitor your food’s internal temperature. If you’ve got to run to the store because you forgot that one key ingredient for your dinner, you can still track the progress on the go.

The base can last for over 50 hours of usage just by charging it for three hours. Now I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had any smoking session that lasted that long. However, it does inspire confidence when you want to smoke a brisket overnight! 

I also like that the base does have some touchscreen controls so you can set target temperatures without having to use the app. The screen displays the current battery level of both the base and the probes which is nice as well. 

Typhur App

The Typhur app has plenty of functionality. It was quite easy to pair my Sync with the app via Bluetooth. The Device page allows you to select the Sync which then takes you to the overview of the device. It shows you the current temperature readouts of both probes for both the internal and ambient temperatures as well as the target temperature, the current battery level, and if it has an estimated time remaining. 

When you select a probe, you can access the full list of pre-set temperatures based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s guidelines for food safety. The list is broken down by what type of meat you’re cooking, including options for beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and fish. There’s also an “Other” option that includes different types of animals like mutton, venison, goat, and even kangaroo. 

All of the meat selections are then broken down by specific cuts. For instance, under beef, there are nine pre-loaded presets for steak options. If you’re cooking one of those steaks or perhaps a roast of some type, you can also select your preferred level of doneness.

You also have the option of creating your own custom cooks by selecting “Custom” and then selecting your desired temperature. This offers a great deal of flexibility to go along with all the pre-loaded options. 

While it sounds like there are a lot of options, and you’d be right in saying that, it never feels overwhelming to Typhur’s credit. It’s easy to navigate and use.

Typhur Sync Review

Typhur Sync Probes in Big Steaks

Okay, enough about the feature overview. What’s the Sync actually like? At first glance, it’s an amazing, easy-to-use wireless meat thermometer that also makes storage a breeze with no wires to worry about. 

What we all want to know is how good of a meat thermometer is it. Let’s break it down by accuracy, connectivity, the app’s functionality and user experience, and battery life.


I’ll admit, I was blown away when I saw Typhur saying that the Sync is accurate to within half a degree. Wireless meat thermometers are used to give us an idea of where our large cuts of meat are in relation to our temperature range for doneness so we can then check for tenderness.

Typically, we use instant-read thermometers for precision work due to their combination of accuracy and how quickly they read. Typhur evidently felt like the company could make a wireless meat thermometer that rivals the accuracy of any instant-read thermometer on the market by putting six temperature sensors to monitor the internal temperature throughout the probe. 

That’s absolutely unheard of in my experience. So I needed to put it to the test by testing the probes in boiling water and ice water. These probes are supposed to be able to go up to 212°F which is the boiling point of water at sea level. Now, for ever 500 feet you go above sea level, the boiling point drops a little less than a degree.

Where I live outside of Charlotte, NC, is 591 feet above sea level. That means my water should be boiling somewhere around 211°F. Now, if I was using just about any other wireless meat thermometer, I’d be happy with a readout of 209°F and up. However, I wanted accuracy, and the Sync delivered. I tested both probes and both read 211°F.

When I did the ice water test, I wanted to see a temperature right around 32°F due to the combination of ice and extremely cold water. Now mind you, a glass of ice water might be a bit higher so I also used a properly-calibrated instant-read thermometer with a similar degree of accuracy to the Sync to verify. Both the Sync and the instant-read thermometer returned readouts of 33°F.

Suffice it to say, the Sync is as advertised. I’ve never seen a wireless meat thermometer as accurate as Typhur boasts, and based on my testing, it is really that accurate.


I love it when a wireless meat thermometer has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality. It means I can take it on the go if I’m tailgating and camping because the Bluetooth will work everywhere as long as the Sync is charged. I also love Wi-Fi connectivity for ensuring a stable connection regardless of interference or if I have to leave.

I had no issues with my connection at any point during my use regardless of whether the lid on my grill was open or closed. I kept my base inside the house but fairly close to where my grill is located and never had any connection issues between the probes and the base. As far as the connection between the base and the Typhur app on my phone, it didn’t matter whether I was multiple rooms away from the base or outside the house, I never once suffered signal loss. 

App Functionality

So now that we’ve discussed how well the Sync connects to the app, we should discuss how the app itself performs. The user manual helps you set the app up quickly and easily with included QR codes for downloading the app. It’s quite easy to set up and get started.

Once you’ve got your Sync paired with your app, it’s easy to get started cooking. You’ll select your probe and then click on “Set Up Cook.” You’ll be able to cycle through the big library of included pre-set target temperatures based on USDA guidelines for food safety. It also has barbecue-specific pre-sets including brisket. 

If you want a custom temperature, you can do that as well through the “Set Up Cook” function. You’ll be able to scroll through and select your preferred temperature without any issues.

One major thing I did like about the app is that it stores your cooking sessions for review later complete with a graph that shows the progression of the internal temperature and ambient temperature as well as the target temperature. It can be quite helpful when you want to cook the same cut of meat and want to know how things went last time.

However, rather than being stored in the Devices tab of the app, you do need to navigate to the Profile tab and then select History. It feels like an extra step, but it does allow you to review it without having your Sync on. 

If you want to toggle between °F and °C display units on both the Sync and in the app, you also need to go over to the Profile tab of the app and then click on the Settings wheel to adjust the temperature units. It’s not a major issue, but you do need to do a little digging. The user manual just notes that you need to make the change in the app but not where. A little extra clarification could make a big difference if you are concerned with making changes like that.

I also didn’t like that the app doesn’t default to the Device page. Instead, it opens to an “Explore” page that has recipes for the Dome air fryer and the Sous Vide station. It’s handy if you have either of those pieces of equipment but it’s just an additional step if you’re trying to set up a cooking session with the Sync.

One other issue I had was when I went to wrap my chuck roasts. I removed the probes because the foil typically interferes with the connection. I’ve had this happen with other Bluetooth-based wireless meat thermometers, so I figured I would save myself a headache.

Unfortunately, when I removed the probes to wrap the chuck roasts, this triggered a switch from the cooking cycle to the resting phase. I reached out to Typhur Customer Service and received word that they will be launching a a new firmware update within the next couple of weeks that will resolve the issue. Nice to see a company that takes guidance from experts like us and incorporates them in their product updates.

Battery Life

The Sync can run for days on a single charge which is great if you’re doing a lot of work for a party. The probes automatically charge when inserted into the base so you don’t have to worry about them running low. The whole unit charges via the included USB-C cable, so as long as you’ve got a charging block, you’ll be good to go. 

I have had no issues with the unit running low on battery, and both the app and the base itself display the battery levels for all three pieces.

Overall Fit And Finish

This is easily the nicest-looking wireless meat thermometer I’ve worked with. The combination of silver and black looks quite nice. The screen is easy to read no matter the lighting condition thanks to it being an LCD screen, so no need for an extra backlight. The base’s kickstand is also nice so I can prop it up on my workspace for easy reading. 

One detail that I really appreciate is the distinctive T-style of the probe handles. Most probes are simply some version of rounded which can be hard to pull out if you’re wearing gloves. These probes are easy to get a handle on (please excuse the pun) which makes it easy when it’s time to remove them. 

Typhur Customer Service And Support

Typhur provides both a phone number and an email address in the user manual for you to reach out with questions or issues. The phone number, 1-888-838-6563, is for US-based customers. It does not connect you to a live person but instead prompts you to leave a message for someone to reach out to you directly.

You can also reach out via [email protected] with questions as well. When I emailed them, I had a confirmation response from Customer Support within two hours.

Typhur Sync Warranty

The Sync comes with a standard one-year limited warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.

Do We Recommend The Typhur Sync?

As I already said, I’ve never seen a truly wireless meat thermometer as accurate as the Typhur Sync. It rivals some of the very best instant-read thermometers for accuracy and blows pretty much every other competitor out of the water.

I love the look and the functionality of the Sync. The major drawback is the price tag, but with that top-of-the-line cost comes top-of-the-line quality. If you are concerned about getting the best results regardless of price, I absolutely recommend the Sync.

What We Like…

  • Unparalleled accuracy for a wireless meat thermometer
  • Fantastic connectivity thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability
  • Charging base has a large, easy-to-read screen that allows you to adjust target temperatures

What Makes Us Angry…

  • More expensive than most of the competitors
  • Some app settings are buried in odd places, but it’s not that big of a deal

Final Thoughts

A few minor quibbles aside about the Typhur app itself, the Typhur Sync is a phenomenal wireless meat thermometer. I’m still blown away by its accuracy which is on par with high-end instant-read thermometers.

While it may be one of the most expensive offerings on the market, you are able to monitor two separate temperatures with unparalleled accuracy. I have had zero connectivity issues either which speaks to the quality of connection the base has. Whether you’re cooking away from home and relying on Bluetooth or smoking at home and can monitor temperatures via Wi-Fi, you can do it with confidence.

If you are someone who wants the best performance monitoring two temperatures regardless of price tag and without the hassle of wires, I would absolutely recommend the Typhur Sync. You aren’t going to get a better performance than this in my experience. 

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